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QR & Barcode Scanner - X2 2.1
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QR X2 is an essential barcode and QR code scanner for everyAndroiddevice. This is also the QR code reader - the only freebarcodescanner you need. QR X2 can scan and read all kinds of QRcodes /barcodes including text, url, Wifi, product, contact,calendar,email, location and many other formats. QR X2 is extremelyeasy touse for everyone, with fast and automatic scanning, no needtopress any buttons. You can use QR X2to scan barcodes of productsinstores, supermarkets and compare with online prices to savemoney.Helping you to search the origin and information ofproductsquickly and easily. QR X2 - The fastest QR and barcodescanner. TRYNOW!