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LCARS UI 2.3.33
If you have any questions, please read thisfirst: Roddenberry's contract includes a clause allowing any companyable to create functioning technology to use the name. As such, Ihave created a functioning UI. Unfortunately that wasn't enough tosave me from a takedown request, so this will be gone soon. I havestarted work on a replacement app, the SCIFI UI which will coverUIs from other shows instead.I have included many layouts, and intend to do more.Currently it uses your device's sensors (so it is a workingTricorder in a sense) and detects nearby Wifi hotspots. Has a builtin web browser which converts pages into the theme of the app. AnAlert Condition screen, an Okudagram (from the original movies)generator. You can use your Android device as a remote for aconnected (via Wifi/3g) Windows PC. An auto-destruct timer (alsoshows the stardate) a periodic table of elements, a fullyfunctional graphing calculator and various other animations fromthe show. Most screens (the non-interactive ones) can be used as alive wallpaper. It also supports Jellybean's DayDream mode, andhomescreen widgetsI have added voice recognition to control most of the screens. Butdue to the nature of Android's Voice Recognition API, it requires asecond Android device to act as the microphone to work in real timelike the video.See or for moreinformation, or click Captain's Log from within the appitself.Note for those of you saying it's not a homescreen: The definitionof the term UI just means something the user interacts with. Itdoes not mean "Homescreen for android" (Seriously, look it up). Idon't know how you came to the conclusion that it did mean thatwhen I have screenshots, video, and an in-depth description. Noneof which mention the word homescreen. It is a UI, not a homescreen.I made another app that is just a homescreen, called the LCARSlauncher
LCARS Dialer 2.0.2
WARNING: Google has blocked the ability forthird party apps to answer phone calls in new versions of Android,as such, this app no longer functions properly on 5.0 and higher.That's why it's not available for newer devices.If you have any questions, please read this first: is the dialer add-on for the LCARS UI app. It has been made asa stand-alone APK to:-keep a lot of permissions separate from the main app which doesnot need them-to make it less crash-prone (errors in the main app won't effectthe dialer)-to reduce bloat (a dialer doesn't need the code for the games, forexample)-This also means devices that can't download this dialer, can stilldownload the main apk (ie: Blackberry Playbook)Purchase and installation of the LCARS UI version 96 (FORK) orhigher is required to use this app.Please contact me with suggestions/complaints instead of puttingthem in the reviews, as many complaints posted have been fixedalready. In some cases even before the complaint was posted. Othertimes, the functionality is intentional. If you can't follow thispolite request, you can't expect me to follow yours.Features:-LCARS themed dialer/contact list-block specific contacts, or all unknown callers-speak the caller's contact info when they call-send SMS messages and short emails-forward SMS messages and missed calls to your email-allow you to reply to those emails from another device/computer,and it'll forward the response to the originating phonenumberHTC blocks third-party apps from answering calls, as such thedialer cannot be used properly on their phones. Please contact HTCif you want that to change.
Sci-fi watchfaces 1.6
A collection of screens from various sci-fi formatted to run onsmartwatches
SCI-FI UI 0.0.53
A continuation of my LCARS UI but covering a wider variety offranchises
Unitology Hallucination logoless
A livewallpaper based on the hallucinations you see on the screensin Dead Space
A launcher designed by the programmer of the LCARS UI app