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King of Thrones 1.0.6
The time has come to show who is the Ruler of the World. Conquernew territories to expand your Kingdom and defeat other players inepic real-time battles. Strong army force is essential for ensuringpeace! Shape the land, build your Kingdom, train a powerful army.Play with millions of online players from all over the world. Mylord, our Kingdom is in your hands now. Lead us to the Glory andVictory! ************ GAME FEATURES ************ BUILD AND EXPANDYOUR KINGDOM * Develop your Kingdom to rule! Upgrade buildings,research technology to strengthen your Kingdom! * Resourceproduction and collection is the key to fuel your war machine! *High technology will benefit you with more power! COMBATS ANDTROOPS * Real time and magnificent combat scene displays! * Variouscombat mode on the vast world map! * Mighty special troops forDragon,Elven,Medusa,Titan and Phoenix! WONDERFUL AND DIVERSE EVENTS* Alliance Crystal Caves * Alliance War * Dragon Summoner * DarkKnight FORGE ALLIANCE WITH OTHER RULERS * Forge a great Alliance tostart massive epic fights! * Alliance will provide you with morepower! * Help between Alliance members WAR AND PEACE * Peace shallbe kept but war always comes first! * Use resource properly to fuelyour war machine! * Command your troops to crash the enemy on thevast world map! * Deploy the troops with strategy mind to take thebenefit! MULTI-PLAYERS PLAYING * Millions of other players areonline to chat, play and fight! * Cooperate with other players inthe multiplayer battles! ***************************************CONTACT US: Having any problems or suggestions?You can reach us [email protected] Notice: A network connection is required toplay. Free to play, however some game items can also be purchasedfor real money. Glory and victory awaits you in the game, my lord!
Age of Kingdoms : Forge Empires 1.4.10
The best battle strategy game.Play with millions of onlineplayersfrom all over the world! Strong army force is essentialforensuring peace! Shape the land, build your Kingdom, trainapowerful army. Wisdom is the key to win this great war! Mylord,our Kingdom is in your hands now. Lead us to the Glory andVictory!************ GAME FEATURES ************ Multiplayer onlinegame -Millions of other players are online to chat, play and fight!-Cooperate with other players in the multiplayer battles! -Buildyour own kingdom,find more allies and fight for yourempire!Diverse troops and real battle scenes - Exclusiveperformance foreach Swordsman,Archer,Cavalry and Catapult -Legendary troops:Dragon,Pegasus,Medusa,Elven,Griffin and Phoenix Avariety of waysto fight - Take a separate adventure to get hugerewards - Team upwith other players to explore Buried Treasure forGems,Devices andmuch more items! Wonderful and diverse events toparticipate -Dragon Tamer: Eliminate the dragon to win the rewardof victory -Alliance Crystal Caves: Alliance fights for crystalcaves to getthe gem rewards - Dragon Summoner: Summon dragon andwin the battle- Dark Knight: Defend the alliance castle,team upwith otherplayers to defeat the dark knight - Alliance War:Competing forterritory with other alliances,dominate the newcontinent - Arena:Challenge other players to rise in rank and claimeternal glory!Forge allinaces with other players - Create analliance where youcan get help from members, and obtain exclusivegifts - Assist eachother to defeat the enemy in empire war -Participate in alliancechallenge with alliance members to getrewards Real-time tradingsystem - Trade resources in a real-timeonline market*************************************** CONTACT US:Having anyproblems or suggestions?You can reach us [email protected]: A network connection is required toplay. Free to play,however some game items can also be purchasedfor real money.