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Shiny Chain 2.2.3
With this application you will be able to take control of yourshiny chain in an intuitive and effective way. It shows diversedata, very useful in your adventure, such as percentage of shinys,ivs and hidden ability, in each stage of the chain. Share yourhunts with your friends! FEATURES ● Single counter to keep track ofyour shiny chain in Sun and Moon. ● Double counter, if you alsowant to record how many PP has the opponent spent already. You willbe able to know how many they have left. Prevent your enemy fromusing struggle and an unexpected end of the chain! ● Useful data: -% shiny - % hidden ability - minimum maxIVs ● Save the chaininformation when you are done to keep track of your achievements. ●Languages: English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian,Portuguese, French, Korean. PRO VERSION ● Game editions: Let's Go,Ultra Sun & Moon, Sun & Moon, Alpha & Omega, X & Y,Black & White. ● No ads. ● Register as many chains as you want.● Choose method, game edition and shiny charm option to customizethe percentages in each case. ★Twitter:
Medieval Clicker Blacksmith - Best Idle Tap Games 1.6.4
Medieval Clicker Blacksmith – Fantasy clicker and tap game.Over500.000 downloads so far! Welcome to the first MedievalClickeradventure, a game where you’ll be able to craft the mostepicfantasy weapons ever as a talented blacksmith! Wield theLegendaryHammer and join Talkor the medieval blacksmith and herdaughterVala in this adventure forging the most rare materialsandtherefore, crafting amazing medieval weapons. Click and tap!Thatwill be the only way your blacksmith will be able to forgeepicmedieval weapons nonstop! Discover fragments of the story ineachmission your blacksmith takes in this adventure, they will takeyouto an amazing medieval fantasy world. Each level, ingots willbetougher to craft, but your blacksmith will be able to producemorecomplex and rare weapons. Don’t forget to craft the mostepiclegendary weapons! FEATURES ● This game is a clicker game andit isbased in a single input. Click with one finger, two or as manyasyou need so your blacksmith can craft epic medieval weapons asfastas he can! ● Prestige system to accelerate the progress oftheclicker game ● Multiple materials to forge, tons of epicmedievalweapons to discover ● 6 new weapons per material,includingLegendary Weapons! (Legendary Weapons take some time togetdiscovered, so don’t be discouraged, you will eventuallyforgethem!) ● An amazing gallery, so you can enjoy all the weaponsyoucraft through the adventure whenever you want. ● Epic storythatwill make you feel inside this medieval fantasy world and makethisadventure more real! ● Tons of upgrades for your blacksmithhammer,materials, etc to make your game experience even better! ●Twocharacters, Talkor and Vala, with some really nice skins! ●Loadsof achievements to be completed Clicker games: Clicker gamesareone of the most easy path learning games. These kind of gamesarevery addicting, so prepare yourselves to tap the screen ofyourdevice hundreds of times! In this particular game, the fasteryoutap, the faster you will make medieval weapons, and earnmoneyfaster. That way, you will increase the abilities ofyourblacksmith and progress in your adventure. So remember! Clickandtap! That is the anthem of Medieval Clicker Game! Become themostepic and legendary blacksmith in this fantasy clickeradventuregame!
Burger Tycoon - Incremental Idle Games Simulator 1.0.2
One of the best fast food evolution games! Merge burger menustoincrease your income and unlock more expectacularhamburgers!Become the best chef and manager in this evolutionsimulator. Aperfect idle game where you can discover tons fast foodmenus! Tryit out! Manage your whole restaurant in one of the bestevolutiongames. Merge burger menus to discover new fast food. Inthis idlegame there are more than 45 types of burger menus tounlock! Tips:● While your burger menus wait in your restaurant theywill giveyou money. ● Increase your dolar income with better menus.● Eachtime you merge a hamburger menu you earn experience. ● Growyourrestaurant leveling up. ● Improve your productivity with powerups.In-App purchases: Burger Tycoon - Incremental Idle GamesSimulator,contains some In-App purchases. However, the game can becompletedwithout them. Let’s keep in touch! We’d love to hear fromyou!Please write us to [email protected] for anyinquiries,questions or feedback. Follow us: Twitter:@NoxfallStudiosInstagram: @noxfallstudios Facebook: NoxfallStudios
Kawaii Merge Plants 1.1.1
One of the most relaxing evolution games! Merge plants to increaseyour sun income and expand your terrarium! Just chill in thislovely evolution simulator. A perfect idle game where you candiscover tons of cute plants! Try it out! Manage your wholeterrarium in one of the best evolution games. Merge plants todiscover new lovely plants. In this idle game there are more than45 types of cute plants you can grow! Tips: ● While plants wait inyour garden they will greet you with suns. ● Increase your sunincome with better lovely plants. ● Each time you merge a plant youearn experience. ● Grow your terrarium leveling up. ● Improve yourproductivity with power ups. In-App purchases: Kawaii Plants - BestEvolution Simulator Games, contains some In-App purchases. However,the game can be completed without them. Let’s keep in touch! We’dlove to hear from you! Please write us [email protected] for any inquiries, questions orfeedback. Follow us: Twitter: @NoxfallStudios Instagram:@noxfallstudios Facebook: NoxfallStudios
Hatch Dinosaur Eggs - Jurassic World Clicker Games 1.0.10
Hatch Dinosaur Eggs! Collect dinosaurs in this jurassic parkgame!There are a lot of dino types available! Are you able to hatchthelegendary dragons? Try it out! Dive into a deep andincrediblejurassic world made into a clicker & collection game.Manycreatures inhabit this place, from common ones to their mostepicevolutions and never seen before creatures! And as we all know,adino is born when an egg hatches so… get ready for the fun andtohave an incredible collection of creatures! As you progress inthisclicker game, you will obtain different creatures, and maybeyou'llfind a legendary egg! And who knows, rumor has it that therearemythic creatures at the end of this adventure... Features:Morethan 50 dino egg to hatch in this clicker game and add toyourcollection Each egg you hatch contains a different jurassicdino.Don't worry because you will not get two exact same dino, wewantyou to enjoy this game to the fullest! Common, rare,epic,legendary and maybe a mythical egg to hatch into an amazingdino!You may hatch an egg and find one of the 4 legendary dragons,eachone of a different element: water, air, fire and earth, do notstaywithout them! Gallery to take a look at any dino creaturesyouhatch whenever you want! Clicker games are one of the mosteasypath learning games. These kind of games are very addicting,soprepare yourselves to tap the screen of your device hundredsoftimes! In this particular game, the faster you tap, the fasteryouwill hatch an egg to discover new creatures to make yourcollectionlarger! So remember! Click, tap and make a collection!That is theanthem of Dino Egg Hatch Clicker Game! Follow us in oursocialmedia for insight on future releases! Twitter:@NoxfallStudiosFacebook:
Bunny Pancake Kitty Milkshake - Kawaii Cute Games 1.5.8
Bunny Pancake Kitty Milkshake. One of the best arcade games offurrycute animals and kawaii food! Give the pancakes to the bunnyand themilkshakes to the kitten to make them chubby until theyexplode ofadorable cuteness! Try it out! Gameplay Bunny Pancake isa verysimple kawaii food game but yet challenging. You can playwith furrycute animals and make them all nice and chubby! Thereare multipleanimals to make chubby, that are: Bunny, Bear, Lion,Kitty, Horse(check out this chubby one haha), Pig and much more.There are alsomany kinds of different desserts, so you must beaware of whichkawaii food each of the cute animals likes best.Kawaii Cute Games,are very simple to play: move your fingerleft/right to serve thecorrect kawaii food to your furry cuteanimals, that way they willget more chubby. Discard the food theydon’t like by moving yourfinger up/down. Grab power ups give you aboost! Make the highestscore so you can be in world’s top 5!! Wehave very competitiveplayers so far!! Will you be able to surpassthem? But be careful,power ups sometimes look like cute food youwould discard if youdon’t pay attention: power ups have an orangeglow around them, sowhenever your furry cute animals get thisfood, think fast and don’thesitate, feed them the power up! Thesespecial kawaii food are:Muffin, Red velvet and Doughnut! Each gameyou play you will earngold coins!! Customize Use your gold coins!● Dress all your furrycute animals with adorable clothes! You havehats, glasses, hairs,capes and much more!! ● Unlock new animals togive them thebreakfast food they love! ● Unlock new backgrounds tocustomize yourrestaurant anyway you want! You have a lot ofthemes: japanes,medieval, spring, summer, snowy, christmas and alot more! We’ve hadso much fun making Bunny Pancake Game becausefirst, we love furrycute animals when they get chubby, second, welove kawaii food (whodoesn’t like a warm delicious pancake??)Third, we decided all thedesserts would be cute and sugar free.Why? Because we wanted tohaha! We hope you love one of ours bestkawaii games! Follow us inour social media for insight on futurereleases! Twitter:@NoxfallStudios Facebook:
Alchemy Clicker - Potion Games Idle Fantasy Rpg 1.1.1
An epic fantasy rpg clicker! In this medieval clicker you will takepart in the adventure as an Alchemist from the Enclave and brewdifferent kinds of potions along your journey. Become a masterpotion maker through multiple levels and completing tasks! Jointhem! How to play? Medieval Clicker Alchemy is really easy to playincremental fantasy clicker, just tap or click the screen of yoursmartphone to brew hundreds of potions! You will start the game asZantras, he is an old school pal, living proof of an epic legend ashe likes to call himself. As you progress in this tap game, newmaterials and potions will be unlocked. Don’t forget to upgradematerials. The more you do, the more money potions will be soldfor. Your abilities can also be upgraded, you must be strong inorder to defeat the epic boss missions! Tip: Take intoconsideration that the more potions you brew of the same kind asyou tap the harder they will be to craft. But don’t worry aboutthis now, you won’t need to brew that many potions to continue onyour adventure. Time Vortex: This is our prestige system. When youuse a Time Vortex stone, you will go back in time and start fromlevel 1. The cool thing is that you will earn Evolution stoneswhich can be used to upgrade some epic abilities permanently! Nicelooking fantasy medieval theme! Improve your alchemy like a rpggame! Other interesting facts: – Global Ranking! – How to earnranking points: 1 point = 1 potion crafted – There are 3 kinds ofmissions: gold taxes, potion brewing, and stabilization. You canmake a reroll if you want to change the mission you got. Features!● Clicker games are based on a single input. Tap with one finger,two or as many as you need so your alchemists can craft potions asfast as they can! ● Prestige system to accelerate the progress ofthe game with Time Vortex Stones. ● Multiple ingredients todiscover, tons of epic potions to craft. ● 4 Alchemists with theirown skins. ● Loads of different ingredients: You will discover 1new ingredient per phase, and that will unlock 1, 2, 3 or even 4new potion recipes to craft depending on how far you got in youradventure! ● Incremental clicker games are mean to become tougheras you progress in your adventure, but much more fun! ● A galleryin the form of a recipe book, so you can enjoy all the potions youcraft through your adventure whenever you want. ● An epic storywhich will make you feel as though you are inside this medievalfantasy world, making the adventure more real! ● Dozens of upgradesfor your alchemists, ingredients and potions to make your gameexperience even better! ● Incremental tap game! The difficultyincreases each phase you complete. ● Achievement panel We hope youenjoy Medieval Clicker Alchemy and become the best alchemist ever!!Any feedback will be very welcomed! Clicker games, an epic fantasyrpg! Tap and discover tons of incredible potions in thisincremental game! Follow us in our social media for insight onfuture releases! Twitter: @NoxfallStudios Facebook: Instagram: @noxfallstudios
1 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer 1.0.18
1, 2 BLAME! is an online multiplayer game where Agents unmask theKiller. Find the clues, equip and use items to acquire additionalabilities, debate who’s the impostor and solve the mystery! Agents:If your role is Agent, you must patrol the mansion and find all theclues that the enemy has laid out. Try to find out who the Killermay be! Killers and Accomplices: If, on the other hand you are theKiller (or Accomplice), use all your tricks to deceive otherplayers and take charge of the situation! Finish off the Agentsbefore they catch you, otherwise you will meet a sticky end! Items:On your way through the Mansion, you will find very useful itemssuch as the Bulletproof vest, the Master key or the First aid kit(who knows what may happen if you use it over a dead body). Equipthose items to acquire additional abilities. Charactercustomization: Character customization is one of the strongestfeatures in 1, 2 BLAME! Collect a wide variety of cosmetics fromhairstyles to epic pets. You can also press “Random”… and laugh orcry depending on the result! Features: - Multiplayer online gamefor 7-10 players - Public Matches where you can play with otherpeople worldwide - Private Matches with extreme parametercustomization so you can make it your own - Exclusive Game Modesthat change every week - Great variety of skins to customize yourcharacter in a unique way - Equippable items that grant youadditional abilities - Chat with other players using the in-gamevoice chat - Season Pass with limited edition skins and rewards -Double Round Debate: vote on the most suspicious player and thendecide if you lock them up or neutralize them to end the game Thisgame is under constant development and new maps, tasks, items andfeatures await you. 1 2 BLAME is a game for all friends and familyto enjoy together! Find the killer among us! Follow us in oursocial media for insight on future releases! Twitter: @12BLAME_GameInstagram: Facebook:
Merge Dungeon - Combine, Upgrade Level and Fusion 1.0.7
Incremental mythology creatures game! Merged creatures will giveyousouls and gold. Combine a slime with another slime to invokeaskeleton and earn even more souls! Collect and discoverpowerfulcreatures of the norse mythology, greek mythology, egyptmythologyand more! Fusion a wyvern, orgre, powerful giants, siren,dragons,behemoth for grinding to a higher realm. Upgrade yourmythologycreatures to discover new and more powerful beings. Becomethe mostpowerful villain in this incremental game! A perfectincrementalgame where you can discover tons of amazing creatures!Try it out!Merge monsters to discover new awesome beasts. There aremore than45 types of monsters to unlock! Features: ● While yourcreaturewaits in your dungeon it will give you souls. ● Increaseyour soulincome with better creatures. ● Each time you combine acreatureyou earn experience. ● Grow your dungeon leveling up. ●Improveyour productivity with power ups. ● Be the best villainevolvingyour monsters to conquer the world! Let’s keep in touch!We’d loveto hear from you! Please write us [email protected] forany inquiries, questions or feedback.Follow us: Twitter:@NoxfallStudios Instagram: @noxfallstudiosFacebook: NoxfallStudios
Kawaii Kitty - Cat Breeds Clicker Simulator Games 1.0.2
Kawaii Kitty Kitties and furries are awaiting you to collectthem!Will you be able to discover the legendary neko kitty? Try itout!There are a bunch of different backgrounds in which wool ballsareplaced. Each wool ball conceals a unique furry cute kitty foryouto discover! 🧶 From the most average cats to fantasycoloredbeautiful kitties! 😎 First step: choose a category (common,rare,epic…) and a random wool ball will appear. Step two: Keeptappingthe screen or swiping your finger until you unravel thewhole woolball… and a wonderful cute cat will appear before youreyes! Noticethat categories will unlock as you progress in thisgame, so keepdiscovering new kitties until you get to the most epicand rare catspecies!! Don’t worry, as all cats are unique, and youwill neverget the same one. 👆This game is a clicker game or tapgame: itconsists on tapping the screen of your smartphone nonstop.It alsoworks fine swiping your finger over the wool ball! It isbased in asingle input. Click with one finger, two or as many asyou need soyour wool balls unravel faster! The time that a woolball needs tounravel will diminish with every movement. The fasteryou tap, thebetter!. 😍We want you to enjoy this game to thefullest! Make useof your power ups in this tap game to speed upprogress. The odderthe cat you want to unravel is, the longer itwill take you. Getand accumulate power ups to progress much fasterand collect allthe cats in this tap game! 👍 Features: ● More than50 cats tounlock ● Common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical rangeof catsthat appear in the game ● Cats that will unlock as youprogress inthe adventure ● Power ups that you can use to multiplythe amountof clicks you do! ● Gallery to take a look at all thefurry kittiesyou have unlocked whenever you want! Follow us:Twitter:@NoxfallStudios Instagram: @noxfallstudios Facebook:NoxfallStudios