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Fly THIS! 1.7.6
Fly THIS! is an addictive game of explosive airplane actionthatwill challenge your inner air traffic controller. The sequel totheaward winning Conduct THIS! takes players to the skies in araceagainst time to bring passengers safely to their destinationbydrawing flight paths and avoiding collisions inincreasinglychallenging action-puzzles. Mastering air traffic hasnever lookedthis good and been this fun. Upgrade your airport andpurchase newplanes for your fleet as your little airline expandsits reach tofar away destinations. • Control planes in a beautiful3D world •Simple and intuitive gameplay for everyone • Transportpassengers,earn coins and unlock new airplanes • Progress throughexoticislands with unique themes • Fantastic soundtrack bycomposerMikkel Gemzøe • From the Award winning team that broughtyouConduct THIS!
Unlikely Soccer 1.2
A soccer player has gone rampant, running of the soccer fieldtoscore goals all around the neighbourhood. Race through theathletestrack, run through gardens and even barge into peopleskitchens!How far can you go? Rise the ranks of offbeat famoussoccer-playersand earn shiny new trophies for all your destructivedeeds alongthe way! Unlikely Soccer is a wacky runner game thatmight not haveall that much to do with real soccer after all. Getout there andkick down some hedges, juggle with cabbage and scoregoals on doghouses! But watch out for the wiener dogs!
Super Supermarket 1.1
RACE through supermarkets! COLLECT as many groceries as youcan!UPGRADE your cart and WIN a spot on the local or globalshoppinglist! - Slide & jump through a new unique supermarketeverytime you play! - Upgradable and customisable shopping carts!-Compete with friends, your country or the world in thedailyhighscore shopping list! - A realistic shopping simulation(notreally)
 Northplay Presents the whackiest runner you’ve everseen:In Super Supermarket you live out your dream of rushingthrough astore with your trusty shopping cart in a race againstothercustomers and clumsy retail interior. Collect as manygroceries,goodie bags, credit cards, coupons and scratchcards asyou can in afast-paced journey towards commercial nirvana andultimate shoppingdomination.
Headland 1.2.5
FIGHT FOR YOUR IMAGINATION A powerful force shatters theimagination core from Nor’s Headland. With his robot friends he hasto find the fragments and fight to regain his limitless creativity.Headland is a fast paced action adventure game from the awardwinning studio Northplay. Experience a completely new take on theaction adventure genre built entirely around mobile. SWIPE, TAP,FIGHT, UPGRADE, EXPLORE Fight a host of monsters in our uniqueswipe-and-tap-based combat system. Unlock new weapons in arenas andupgrade them using resources gathered on your journey. Tap througha story full of vivid characters and explore a big beautifulimaginary world. NO MICROTRANSACTIONS Headland is a game that youcan finish. No microtransactions, ads or retention mechanics. Thegame is free to download featuring the first 45 minutes ofgameplay. The rest of the game is unlocked through a singlepurchase. The full game features 5+ hours of rich story-driven andaction packed gameplay with an ending.
Planet Life 3.1
In Planet Life you are born again as a planet. Being a planetinspace can be very lonely, but fortunately there is life outthere.Search the corners of the universe, for new friends, who willhelpyou on your quest to become a happy little place to live.Manageyour resources, and upgrade tools to advance. Fight your waydown adeep deep dungeon leading to the core of yourself, and gaintherespect of mysterious space gods. NOW WITH PURCHASABLEBROCCOLICHAPTER! Featuring: - A ghastly stock exchange - A preciousgoldfish - More dungeons! - More friends! - An evil quiz show -Morespace travel
Conduct AR! - Train Action 1.2.1
Conduct AR! is an epic augmented reality game of explosiverailwayaction. Set in the old west you journey through dioramaworlds thatunfold right in front of you. Commanding trains,switching tracksand avoiding collisions, playing out in reality onthe table infront of you. Look over and around landscapes, solvespatialpuzzles and keep the situation under control to become theultimateconductor in the Wild West. • Conduct trains in beautifulaugmentedreality on a surface right in front of you, powered byAndroid'sARCore • Challenging action puzzles that require you tomove aroundyour device to explore the world. • Simple and intuitivegameplayfor everyone, just tap to start/stop trains and controlswitches. •Transport passengers on time, earn stars and progressthrough ajourney through the old west. • A standalone experiencebased onthe popular Conduct THIS!, winner of the InternationalMobileGaming Awards and played by more than 3 million people. •Fantasticsoundtrack by composer Simon Kölle.
Conduct THIS! – Train Action 2.9.1
Conduct THIS! is an explosive train railway action puzzle game thatwill challenge your inner conductor! Set in a stunning world, withincredibly simple controls, use your brain to race against time andbring passengers safely to their destination. Command trains,switch tracks and avoid collisions in increasingly challengingaction puzzles. As you progress you unlock new trains, gain accessto new beautiful and mysterious regions and earn awards. • Conducttrains in beautiful low-poly 3D worlds • Simple and intuitivegameplay for everyone, just tap to start/stop trains and controlswitches • Transport passengers, earn coins and unlock new themedregions • Unlock trains found in the real world, such as the FrenchTGV and Japanese Shinkansen, to expand your train collection •Seriously challenging puzzles in clever levels that will push youto the limit • Earn awards for completing regions and marvel atyour success in the company HQ • Share your most explosive crasheswith your friends • Fantastic soundtrack by composer Simon Kölle •Winner of the International Mobile Gaming Awards in the category ofBest Quickplay game. “The low-poly visuals are gorgeous, the musicis incredibly well done, and the puzzles themselves are clever andchallenging.” – AppAdvice “Conduct THIS! is one of the freshbreaths of air and originality that the App Store needs from timeto time” – Applesfera “Conduct This is a gorgeous-challenging gameof skill, what feels like such a Transport Tycoon on Red Bull” –Check App