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Nokia Health Mate
TOTAL HEALTH TRACKINGCreating a healthy lifestyle starts with knowing where youstand.Health Mate lets you view a complete history of your health data,including activity, sleep, weight, and more, so you can see trends,track progress, and improve over time.Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get more active, monitorblood pressure, or even sleep better, Health Mate is there to coachyou every step of the wayOur complete ecosystem of products can transform how you take careof yourself and your family. By seeing actionable health insightsall in one app, plus coaching programs to help motivate you, HealthMate can empower anyone to take control of their wellness.GET MORE ACTIVE— Activity tracking: Know where you stand and get inspired to movemore. (data from Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Nokiatrackers)— Leaderboard motivation: Link friends and family and experiencethe definition of “healthy competition”— Badges: Get rewarded for your progressFOLLOW HEART HEALTH— Heart rate: Monitor to improve strength or keep on top of knownissues— Blood pressure: Get a picture of your overall cardiovascularhealth— Pulse wave velocity: Know more about the health of yourarteriesHeart data comes via our Blood Pressure Monitors, heart rate andactivity watch (Steel HR), and our Body Cardio scaleSLEEP BETTER— Sleep cycles: Know your light & deep sleep cycles, as well assleep interruptions to feel rested and improve your long-termhealth.— Smart Wake-Up™: Wake up at the optimal point in your sleepcycle— Monitor your sleep via our range of activity & sleep trackingdevicesMASTER WEIGHT MANAGEMENT— Weight, BMI, and Full Body Composition, plus weight trends forinsight.— Set goals and track progress— Get motivation with in-app rewards— Can log manually, or have information auto-sync via our connectedscales rangeGO FURTHER WITH COACHING & WELLNESS PROGRAMSFollow a variety of programs designed to help you achieve yourhealth goals.— Sleep smarter: See how getting more consistent sleep can improvehealth and support weight loss efforts.— Better body: Learn all about body composition and discover newways to lose fat — forever in this 6-week program.— Pregnancy tracker: Get personalized obstetrician-reviewed advice,tips, and weight tracking throughout pregnancy.PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERSHealth Mate links with 100+ top health and fitness apps includingGoogle Fit, Samsung Health, Nike, RunKeeper, Weight Watchers,LoseIt! & MyFitnessPal.
Nokia ATLAS SDT allows ROMs to view their WOs through their mobiledevices! This app offers the simplest, easiest, most convenient wayfor ROMs to check and update WOs. Features: 1- View WO information(WO reference number, status, site A, site A code, creator,supplier, customer, project, description). 2- View site information(A & B) and details (site name, site code, customer, zone,city, location, zip code, longitude, latitude, site address, sitecontact, and comment of the site). 3- Acknowledge WOs and setmilestones to be sent to SubCo SPOC. 4- Exchange documents withSubCOs through a document management module where you can uploadand download. 5- Accept, reject and edit contingencies. 6- Viewservices and their items. 7- Receive notifications for thefollowing actions: (SubCO SPOC Accepted WO, Rejected WO, SubmittedContingency in WO, and Attached Document to WO). 8- Receive helpguides per page. 9- SDT application cover more function of servicedelivery team.
Nokia Digital Assistant 1.7.7
Nokia Digital Assistant brings your telco operations to thenextlevel. The first digital assistant in the industry thatprovidesthe right information about your network at yourfingertips. Italso provides the best answers to your queries aboutyour ownnetwork or Nokia products in general, all through aconversationalinterface with reduced learning curve. Nokia DigitalAssistant isconnected to multiple sources of information making itthe perfectplace to get insightful information without the fuss ofaccessingdifferent systems. On top of that, it can easily beconnected toyour most complex network systems, reducing the timeand effort toget the day-to-day information required for youractivities.Imagine having all information you need to manage yournetwork injust one place! Nokia Digital Assistant is anever-evolvingsolution that offers a unique and intuitive experiencefor everyuser of a Telco Enterprise. Try Nokia Digital Assistantnow andtake the full advantage of your network! Note thatleveraging NokiaDigital Assistant requires an approved account atNokia CorporateSupport Portal(see
Nokia WiFi 3.220112.00
The Nokia WiFi app lets you to quickly setup and easily manage yourNokia WiFi Beacon units (purchased separately). Use the app in yourhome for quick insights to get the most out of your Nokia WiFinetwork. The first real time mesh Wi-Fi solution that allows youenjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi speed and coverage throughout your home.The Nokia WiFi network is self-optimizing against interferences inreal time to avoid disruptions. You can do the following with yourNokia WiFi app: • Set up your Beacon units in just a few minutes •Manage internet access for connected devices • Quickly create andshare a guest network • Easily check each devices’ connection speedin your network • Automatically update your network at scheduledtimes • Simple interface that shows which devices have connectionproblems We want to hear your feedback on how we can improve,feature requests, or general comments! Please contact us [email protected] Hardware Compatibility Nokia WiFi supporteddevices (these devices can be used as a root device/gateway) withthe Nokia WiFi mobile app: • Nokia WiFi Beacons 1, 1.1, 2, 3 ,6 •Nokia WiFi Gateway 3 • Nokia FastMile 4G, 5G Gateways 3,3.1,3.2 •Some CSP provided ONTs (modems/gateways): G-140W-C, G-140W-H,G-240W-G, G-240W-J, G-0425G-A, G-0425G-B, G-1425G-A, G-1425G-B,G-2425G-A, G-2425G-B, G-2426G-A, G-2426G-B, XS-2426G-A, XS-2426G-BNote: Support of these devices is dependent on the CSP and firmwareversion Supported languages • English • Chinese Simplified •Chinese Traditional • Danish • Dutch • Finnish • French • German •Japanese • Polish • Portuguese • Russian • Spanish • Swedish • Thai• Turkish • Ukrainian
Nokia Wireless
Nokia Wireless brings wireless broadband to homes.
Nokia Learn 21.11
Discover -> Download -> Interact -> Learn With thesignificant technological change that 5G brings, people will needeffective ways to enhance their knowledge & skills at the pointof need. Nokia Learn provides instant access to micro-learningcontent ensuring learning is available as and when it is mostneeded.​​ Effective learning is delivered though videos, documentsand Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced experience.
Nokia Customer Insights Mobile 21.09.2
Customer Insights mobile app is intended forauthorizedcommunication service providers personnel.
ATLAS Subco Portal V1.
ATLAS SubCo allows Nokia subcontractor technicians to work onWOsassigned through mobile! The app provides the mostsimple,convenient, easy-to-use way for a technician to check andupdateWOs. Features: 1- View WO information (WO reference number,site Acode, customer, project, status, Nokia contact, receiveddate,accepted date, start date, and end date of the WO). 2- Viewsiteinfo (A & B) details (site name, site code, customer,zone,city, location, zip code, longitude, latitude, site address,sitecontact, and comment of the site). 3- Acknowledge WOs andsetmilestones to be sent to SubCo SPOCs. 4- Exchange documentswithSDT through a document management module: upload and download.5-Add and delete contingencies. 6- View services and their items.7-Receive notifications for the following actions: (SDT sent WOtoSubCo, SPOC assigned milestones, contingencies, and WOstotechnician, SPOC sent a text notification to a technician,SPOCdeleted all data of ATLAS from a technician's profile). 8-Workoffline after saving WO. 9- Receive help, which is providedperpage for guidance.
Nokia RAS Geolocation 2.0.4
Nokia RAS Geolocation is an application that servesGPSfunctionality for public use, whereas for Nokia EmployeesandContractors it is additional layer of security.