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Castle Epic Defender: AFK RPG
Epic heroes with unique abilities. Tons of weapons. Lots of enemiesand bosses.
Home Defender: Infinite Planet War 0.3
Our home planet is in danger! Hundreds of asteroids are leadingtowards our home and someone has to protect us! Start your newmission as the protector of planets in gravity based endless runnerGravity Planet Defender: Astro Catastro. Move your shield aroundthe orbit and fight asteroids’ shower that is constantlythreatening our planet. But fear not! Whenever you will beoverwhelmed by asteroids and some of those would hit the planet,you can start all over again! Enjoy fast and easy to pick up actiongame, wherever you are. Find your favorite planet and reach thehighest of scores. Key Features: • Fast and entertaining gameplay •Planets and meteorites are affected by gravity • Satisfying physics• Music that will pump you up! • Endless gameplay • Level-up yourskill and unlock new planets • Easy to play, hard to master • Showyour friends that you are the best by beating them in theleaderboard
Hyper Racing: Retro Speed 3D 0.3
One of the best free racing games 2021 is finally available onAndroid! Get ready for the arcade racer experience set in a retrolandscape of cyberspace Miami in the 80s. Beat your highscores andother competitors in breath-taking racing in sport cars. FEATURING:- Classic retro arcade graphics (chase that 80s sun on the horizon)- Extreme racing car games - Racer challenges to beat - Expensiverace cars - Mindblowing power-ups Play racing games in cyberspacewith graphics inspired by 80s movies. It's the classic arcade gameexperience remade for mobile devices - the nostalgia is real! Pickyour own racing car to dominate the competition. Beat other racersin classic muscle cars, sport racing cars, and even experimentalvehicles! Gather power-ups that will send you racing forwardleaving your opponents in a trail of flames. Use them for youradvantage in the race - you'll gonna need it! Race against theopponents and dodge all of the obstacles on your road. This classicarcade game requires absolute skill and lightning-fast reflexes -you can play it in short sessions, but get ready for a real racingchallenge! Download now if you're looking for racing games thatdon't need wifi. Buckle up - become the top racer of the biggestarcade hit of 2021!
Shooting Storm: Battle Royale
"Unique experience in shooting games genre is here! Choose onefrom7 epic ships with different special abilities, dozens ofadd-onsand drones to aid you. Merge 10 unique weapons to createtons ofawesome gun combinations. Enjoy exciting adventure in storymode ordominate opponents in the Arena! UNLOCK AND UPGRADE SHIPSShootyour enemies using a variety of ships with stunningabilitiescreating a lot of unique ways to play the game. Shields,rockets,teleports. Its all there. Collect resources and upgradeyour shipto make it even stronger. COMBINE WEAPONS Get your handson epicweapons and mix them up to create the best combinations.Ever triedfiring a triple laser weapon? Ever heard of a rapid fireshotgun?Create your own bullet hell with craziest guns you couldimagine.CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHIP WITH ADD-ONS You want the awesome lookor youwant the damage? Why not both! Collect many amazing, coollookingadd-ons with lots of bonuses and use them to create your ownbeststrategy. TEAM UP WITH DRONES Pick up friendly AI droneswithawesome abilities to help you out on your adventure. Shootinggamewith drones is the best experience! More bullets, more fun.STORYMODE Start your adventure in exciting story mode withmanychallenging stages. Fight with incoming waves of deadlymonstersand bosses. Are you able to survive? ARENA MODE Join theArena tochallenge other ships and show them you're the best! Thisexcitingmode offers an unique experience to dodge, destroy and bethe lastman standing in the arena covered with bullets. Download itforFREE now and enjoy the most challenging game among bestarcadegames!"