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Cribbage Club 17
*** Special introductory price...on sale for alimited time ***Cribbage is one of the most popular card games of all time, andnow you can play on your Android device. Cribbage Club is a fun,easy to play Cribbage game that you can enjoy anywhere! Whetheryou're just learning, or an experienced player, Cribbage Club hassomething to offer everyone.Featuring:+ Elsa, Jack, and Anne: 3 computer opponents of varying skillsand abilities.+ Complete instructions with game rules and a glossary of Cribbageterms.+ For beginners, a tutorial mode to help learn to play.+ Saves your progress, so you can resume at any time.+ Game statistics for each difficulty level.+ Your choice of backgrounds and card backs, so you can customizethe look of the game.+ Manual or automatic scoring.+ For expert players, you may play with Muggins scoring!
Quotables - word scramble game 1.9.4
Rearrange the letters to solve the puzzle.
Cribbage Club (free cribbage app and board) 3.2.9
Cribbage, or Crib, (much like Solitaire, Hearts, or Spades) is aclassic card and board game many of us remember playing with ourGrandpa. And now you can play our free cribbage card game on yourAndroid device. Cribbage ClubTM is a fun, easy to play cribbagegame that you can enjoy anywhere! Whether you're just learning therules, or a cribbage pro, Cribbage Club has something to offereveryone. Looking for a cribbage board? Included with Cribbage Clubis a free cribbage travel board for those times when you want toplay with your own cards and just need a cribbage board to keepscore! ****************************** Now available: multiplayercribbage! Play Cribbage Club Online against real opponents.****************************** Featuring: ● Elsa, Jack, and Anne:play with 3 computer friends of varying skills and abilities; Elsais a beginner, but Anne is a Cribbage Pro! ● Complete instructionswith game rules and a glossary of Cribbage terms. ● For beginners,a tutorial mode to help learn to play classic Cribbage. ● Savesyour progress, so you can resume at any time. ● Game statistics foreach difficulty level. ● Manual or automatic scoring of your criband hand. ● For expert players, you may play with Muggins scoring!● Google Play Achievements. ● Classic Cribbage Board. ● BonusCribbage Solitaire game. ● Online or offline play. Extras makeCribbage Club(TM) the Ultimate Cribbage Game!: ✔ New!: MultiplayerCribbage Club Online (beta). Play against other people. ✔ CribbageSquares Solitaire: take a break from regular Cribbage and try thisCribbage Solitaire game when you want a quick distraction. It's afun way to think about scoring Cribbage hands whether you arelearning to play, or already a Crib expert. ✔ Crib Discard Analyzer✔ Cribbage Hand Calculator to settle arguments when playingcribbage. ✔ Cribbage Travel Board - peg board to track your scorewhen you want to play Cribage with your own deck of cards, butdon't have a cribbage board available.
Solitaire Buddy Gold 1.2.5
A collection of solitaire games, including Klondike, Spider,Freecell and more.
String of Words 1.5.2
Make a chain of words to solve each word connect game.
Farkle High Seas (dice game) 1.2.9
Sail between islands and trade goods in this unique pirate Farkledice game.
Revball - circle pinball 2.0.2
Fast and fun way to fill a few minutes playing circle pong.
Fierce Towers - tower defense 1.7
Defend the colony against alien drones in this tower defense game!
Speed NB: The Card Game Race 1.0.4
Speed is a card game of fast reflexes. Are you fast enough?
Spades Brigade 1.0.8
Learn to play Spades with this sleek retro version of theclassiccard game.