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PDF Viewer & Reader - Free PDF Expert for Android 1.0
PDF Viewer & PDF Reader: Best way to download, manage &editPDFs / documents. The free PDF reader : search, create,covert,merge and save the PDF files. This free pdf expert reader&viewer used by over millions users with new style. PDF Viewerbestpdf reader for android tablet that supports to read pdfformat,simply, PDF Viewing for Android. PDF Viewer & PDFReader: Fastpdf viewer and lightest. PDF Reader makes readingextremely fast.PDF Viewing for Android with PDF editor & PDFconverter withdocuments Viewer. The PDF Reader app with PDFediting for all PDFdocuments with Simple, powerful PDF reader. Oneplace to manage allyour docs and tasks. PDF Reader 2020 is freeand reliable to a pdfreader, pdf viewer and pdf editor. Annotate,Sign, Fill Forms, MergeDocuments and Redact Content like a PDFExpert all in one. PDFexpert Reader helps you manage and read allthe ebooks on your phonefor free. Best PDF reader and editor toview, annotate, fill formsand sign PDF Files. PDF Viewer & PDFReader: Read, Edit, ReducePDF file size, Merge PDF, PDF Converterand more functions. PDFReader for Android 2020 is a simple andeasy to manage and view PDFfile. Free PDF expert reader & PDFViewer to read PDF files anddocuments for your Android. PDF Vieweris a pdf reading app. It canhelp you to easily view your pdffiles. PDF Reader, PDF Annotator& Editor. Fast PDF rendering& cloud sync. The best PDF appon any device you have forreading, editing, and signing PDFs! PDFReader help you manage andread all the pdf files on your phone.Read, annotate, convert &edit PDF files for Free Compact &Stable Android optimizedviewer with no sign in. (PDF, TXT) PDFReader & Editor which iscompletely free and reliable for yourAndroid phone. Download thesuper light, fast, easy to use PDFReader! It's just smaller insize! PDF file reader and PDF converterPDF download and PDF viewerwith ebook reader. The PDF Reader – WordViewer & Ebook readerapp with edit pdf all documents. This PDFReader supports basictables, lists ,images and text but if you wanta smallsize,clear,functional Pdf Reader app that lets you open aPDFexpert from dropbox, the web, gmail ,other email attachmentsoryour local file system then this will get the job done. PDFReader- search, create, edit, convert and save the PDF filesquickly.Simple yet Best PDF Viewer. Read PDF files easily just taptap anddone. An easy-to-use PDF reader which allows you to view,annotate,and protect PDF. Key Features • Fast and stableperformance •Zoom-in and Zoom-out for perfect vision • Bookmarkoption •Outline/Thumbnail list • Jump to Page/Text Search If youhave anyproblems installing or using the application, pleasecontact theteam developed applications via maile-mail:[email protected]. We will contact you and solve theproblemas soon as possible. If you like our app, please help us 5starreview. Thank you
Caller Name, SMS & Call Announcer ID & Flesh Alert 1.5
Call announcer App & SMS announcer identify caller &announce it loudly. Caller Name Announcer introduces incoming calland messages announcer name very clear and loud. Caller NameAnnouncer App Identify Call & SMS Sender Name and Let KnowLoudly who is Contacting You without even seeing a screen. BestIncoming Caller Name Announcer & Speaker to Identify Call &SMS Sender Name, Caller ID, Call Talker All in One. Caller NameAnnouncer & SMS speaker Pro. Best caller ID OR name talkerannouncer need for every phone. Call & SMS announcer App is Thebest hands-free app to announce calls and SMS with flashlightalerts any where any time. It Speaks incoming caller name and smssender name very Loud efficiently. Caller ID Speaker announcesloudly who is Calling or who has done SMS you before you look atthe phone. Free Caller Name Announcer to hear who is calling whenyou can’t see the screen during Driving, Jogging, Playing and evenlying at your couch. Call and SMS Announcer announces caller nameof the person who is calling without checking for the screen everytime. Download # 1 Call Announcer Now For Being Completely TensionFree Feel Free to Contact us at: [email protected]
Fast Doc Scanner HD : Cam Scan, PDF Scan, QR Scan 11.0.0
Fast Document Scanner HD: Cam Scan, PDF Scan, QR Scan is arecommended app to scan all types of documents. Doc Scanner app isa Business tool for you. Fast Document Scanner app have multifeatures to help the users to enjoy best results. Doc Scanner appprovides high resolution camera scanner. Free Download documentScanner app pro from Google Play Store to get HD Quality images andfast scanner from your Mobile Camera. How to use Document ScannerPro App: 1. Attach document you need to scan from Gallery or photofrom Camera. 2. Set the Area of document you need to scan androtate it to correct direction. 3. Apply Photo Filters or effectswith multi modes: Magic, Original, Gray scale, Black & Whiteetc. 4. Press OK button and now you can manage your Scanneddocuments easily! Document Scanner with PDF Creator is beautifulapp for FAST SCAN. Fast Scan by Free Document Scanner HD with PDFScanning. Simple Scan - Free PDF Scanner App. Quick Scan and ClearScan by Free Document Scanner App and get easy PDF Scanning. DocScanner and Phone PDF Creator are compulsory mobile app. Smart Scanand PDF Document Scanner having Multi featured Camera Scanner app.Adobe Scan PDF & Letter head maker with OCR. Get Genius Scan byPDF Converter and Doc Scanner. Smart Document Scanner PDF Creatorworked as Tiny Scanner and PDF Scanner App. Download Smart DocScanner and Free PDF Scanner App. Tap Scanner App to get PDF.Document Scanner Pro providing Fast Scanner and Free PDF Scan.Notepad PDF Scanner App feature has Scan, save & share allDocs. Free files Scanning is available after Smart Scan and PDFScanner. Turbo Scan scan's documents & receipts in PDF. Scanmaster document scanner & pdf scanner app for you. PDF DocumentScanner giving you Fast Scan PDF Converter OCR Text Scanner App.Camera Scanner Scan Documents used as Rapid Scanner. If you are agenius than you have to use our genuine Document scanner pro app of2020. You will be glad to know that this app has QR Code reader andQR Code Scanner 2020. In the Document Scanner app QR code readerfeature is very important for you. Now you can scan all type of QRand Barcodes by this Doc Scanner pro app. Also, you can share thisscanned QR code info to your friends and family. Now we are makingthis Document scanner to Brand name because we have much morefeatures all in one app. The Currency Converter or currencyExchange is the basic need of every person in his profession andbusiness. Document Scanner pro app is a user friendly and simplecurrency converter. Document scanner pro app has also best featurenamed text Scanner. Text scanner is a smart camera scanner. TextScanner is used to scan or extract the text from PDF, png, docs orany type of image. If you want to get some Text from a big content,you can do this by Document Scanner app. Document Scanner app Scanthe pdf with the help of OCR. Free Doc Scanner App Can Simple ScanPDF & Business Card with OCR. Use it as Fast Scanner and forFree PDF Scan. TurboScan Dynamically scan all documents &receipts in PDF. Camera Scanner or Image Scanner provides GeniusScanned images in PDF format. Scan Documents with this RapidScanner. Best Qualities of Document scanner: Simple Scanner Clearscanner PDF scanner Fast scanner Free scanner Photo editor Textscanner Image scanner QR Code Reader Currency Converter If you haveany problems installing or using the application, please contactthe team developed applications via mail e-mail:[email protected]. We will contact you and solve the problemas soon as possible. If you like our app, please help us 5 starreview. Thank you
Translate: Language Translator 2.5
Language translator app can translate voice, text and image into100+ languages.
QR Scanner - QR Code Generator 3.1
Barcode scanner & QR reader with an advanced feature of QR& barcode generator.
Call Announcer & SMS Announcer 1.4
Caller name announcer to speak call & SMS sender name &read SMS content freely.
All Language Translator Voice 5.8
Easily convert any text, voice, document & conversations into100+ languages.
Free Language Translator App - Voice Translate Pro 1.13
All language translator app is a beautiful Translation app foryou.All languages translator is free with multiple learningfeatures.All language translator free best for travelers andvisitors ofwhole world. All language translation the basic need oflegends.Translate English to Spanish is now easy. Translation appfree forall. Translator app free to know how about allcountries.Translator keyboard is available in this app. Translatealllanguage by voice typing and camera translation. Translate alltypeof languages. All language dictionary app free with bestqualitygraphics. All language dictionary free download fromplaystore.Speech text camera translator with talking translator.Easylanguage translator free app 2020. Free translation for smartuser.Global translation with Multi language translator. Thistranslatoris instant all language translator and voice translator.Fastlanguage translator app used to translate any countrylanguage.Learn with talking translator. Speak and translatelanguagesunique. Language translate and communicate every language.Text andvoice translate is very easy and fast translator. Multilanguagetranslator supported 100+ languages. Voice translator isvery greatfeature of this translator app. Universal translator is afreetranslator 2020. Speak and translate via voice typing ofalllanguage. Language Translator OCR & Language Learningforall.Language Translator app to translate all languages. Learnalllanguages with talking Translator. Quick Translate of voicetypingLanguage translator. Free voice, Foto and Smart cameratranslator.Translator for text, blogs, web pages and photo.speakand translatevoice translator and interpreter. Fast and easy alllanguagetranslator with chat translator. Multi language translatortotranslate documents. Image to text Translator by smartcameratranslation. The best Language learning app for booksReading. Alllanguage Translator Application Features: Fast and easyalllanguage translator. Translator For all Languages. Photo andCameraTranslator. All Language Dictionary. Excellent Pronounces ofall.Full Screen Translation. User Friendly Interface. AllLanguageVoice Translator. Some of the languages are: Irish,Azerbaijani,Amharic, Albanian, Armenian, Yiddish, Igbo, Uighur,Galician,Kannada, Kinyarwanda, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Nepali, Hausa,Pashto,Basque, Hawaiian, Punjabi, Gujarat, Khmer, Kurdish, Xhosa,Corsica,Javanese, Georgian, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Zulu, ScottishGaelic,Sunda, Cebuano, Sotho, Somali, Tagalog, Tajik, Tatar,Chewah,Frisian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Uzbek, Esperanto, Oriya,Kazakh,Marathi, Malagasy, Malayalam, Myanmar, Mongolian, Mon,Yoruba, Lao,Luxembourgish, Arabic (العربية), Bengali (বাংলা) ,Bulgarian(Български), Bosnian (Bosanski), Cantonese (TraditionalChinese),Hrvatski, Czech ( Čeština), Denmark (Dansk),Netherlands(Nederlands), , Estonia (Eesti), Fiji, Philippines,Finra Suomi,French (Français), Germany (Deutsch), Greece(Ελληνικά), Creole,Hebrew , Hungarian (Majar), Iceland,(Indonesian), Italian ,Japanese, Korean (Latvian), Lithuanian(Lietuvių), Madagascar,Malay (Melayu), Maltese (Il-Malti),Norwegian (Norsk), Persian(فارسی), Polish (Polski), Portuguese(Português), Romanian (Română)Russian ( Русский), Samoan,Serbian-Cyrillic (Cрпски-ћирилица),Serbian-Latin (Srpski-latinica),Slovak (Slovenčina), Slovenian(Slovenščina), Spanish (Español),Swedish (Svenska), Tahitian,Tamil (தமிழ்), Telugu (తెలుగు), Thai(ไทย), Tongan, Turkish,Afrikaans, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Dutch,English, Estonian,Fijian, Filipino, Finnish, German, Greek,Haitian, Hindi, Miao(White Mon), Swahili, Queretaro Otomi,Characters), Ukrainian,Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yucatek Maya,Icelandic , Maori, andTonga.
QR Barcode Scanner & Generator 3.3
QR code scanner with advanced features of price scanner & QRbarcode generator.
PDF Reader - PDF Viewer 3.7
PDF viewer & book reader for reading, sharing & viewing allyour PDF documents.
Wifi master: Wifi password key
Unlock wifi anywhere with wifi password key using wifi master:wifipassword key
Air horn, Fart & Haircut Prank
Explore weird sound pranks, Fart sounds & air horn soundsforendless laughter.
HD Video Player All Format
Play all format videos using an HD video player withequalizer,subtitle & more.