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Tactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) -T3K Strategy 1.1.7
Tactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) - Strategy & War isaThree-Kingdoms themed tactical strategy game with a uniquestyle,It will bring you back to the Three Kingdoms period. You willneedto recruit various famous generals and apply your strategy tomakeyour own history. GAME INTRODUCTION Since the uprising oftheYellow Scarves, civilians across the country have beensufferingfrom constant warfare.Heroes are emerging from acrossthecontinent, and you are the only savior to end the chaos…JoinTactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) - Strategy & War nowandrelive the heroic yet chaotic age! This is a battlefield ofbothstrength and intelligence.In this game, you can relive famousThreeKingdoms battles and recruit powerful heroes to form a team.Fightalongside your favorite generals to face off againstdifferentenemies. GAMES FEATURES - Novel artwork without rival Thistacticalchess game is easy to play and even easier to learn! Youdon't needgodlike reflexes or difficult techniques. You can excelat thisgame just with a tap of a finger! - Deploy strategies withthe tapof a finger You can play this tactical strategy game withjust onehand! You don't need godlike reactions or difficulttechniques tomaster it, all you need is your finger. - Use tacticsand deployyour army accordingly Don't underestimate simpleoperations. Eachmove requires planning, and each decision you makemight alter theresult. Big brains are behind the simple plays! -Diverse gamemechanisms allow you to make various plans Yourfamiliar heroes nowhave distinctive styles! Tactical Three Kingdoms(3 Kingdoms) -Strategy & War uses special art designs to giveeach hero aunique image, creating the most lasting impression! -Develop andtrain your heroes Develop your favorite heroes' levels,skills, andstats. Customize skill combinations to form the mostpowerfullineup. New victories await! CORE GAMEPLAY SPECIALSTORYLINE: Ourtailor-made storyline has a hint of humor. We bringyou an all newthree kingdoms experience! QUEST SYSTEM: Completedifferent queststo claim rich resources and prizes! ORGANIZEDHUNTING: Experienceancient hunting activities. Collect resources toupgrade yourheroes! REAL-TIME BATTLE: Face off against otherplayers across theglobe in real-time. Let’s see who has the bettergame sense, andwho can come up with the most ingenious plans! ARENABATTLES:Choose your favorite heroes to form a powerful squad. Faceoffagainst other players! ELITE BATTLES: Challenge strongenemies,plan meticulous tactics, and save the world by yourself!ENDLESSWARFARE: Gather your squad, make plans accordingly, andsurviveinfinite waves of enemies! TIPS Tactical Three Kingdoms(3Kingdoms) - Strategy & War is a free-to-play game. You dohavethe option to perform in-game purchases. This game requiresanetwork connection. CUSTOMERSUPPORT:[email protected] COMMUNITIES For moreinformationand updates on the game, please follow us on:Facebook: , Join ourFacebookand share our events to win Jade Dragons.Discord: , Join our discord server andenter yourplayer ID under the #newbies_free_jade channel, and youcan win 50Jade Dragons. Twitter:@Tactical3K
Flame Dragon Knights FDK (Official) - Strategy 1.1.32
The one and only officially authorized sequel to FlameDragonKnights, this turn-based strategy classic SRPG/TRPG has madeitsfirst appearance on mobile platforms. Enter this tacticalteamfight tactics game, experience the AAA character art designsaswell as exciting new story lines. New tactical heroes havejoinedthe original characters from the prequel in your adventures.PLAYNOW to GET 5 CRYSTALS and A 4★ tactical hero for FREE! THESTORY Inthe new Flame Dragon Knights team fighting tactics game, wereturnto Maraterra as the story unfolds… The awakening of the KeyofSpirits marks the return of ancient tactical heroes and theirfieryglory but also signifies the comeback of Great Fire Demon..Yunibrought Maraterra peace after it was set on fire, but not forlong.After being sealed in the Hall of Souls for forty years, theGreatFire Demon has stolen the Key of Mirrors and is searching fortheKey of Spirits. Once he finds and merges the two keys into one,hewill be able to descend upon Maraterra and carry out hispurgingplans. In order to save Maraterra, Yuni brought the Key ofSpiritsback to her homeland; she and entrusted it with YOU (theRoyalGuard family.) They placed hope on its divine power tosaveMaraterra from imminent danger... FEATURES ● Over 100tacticalheroes to collect! Heroes from the original game and alsonewheroes in this sequel! ● Upgrade, level up, and team upyourfighting heroes in order to strategize your battles! ● StoryMode:Use countless strategies to challenge over 150 stages with3difficulty levels ● Complete Quests: Complete daily, weeklyandmonthly original quests. ● PvP Arena Mode: Join the WORLDARENAauto chess mode to earn special heroes for special tactics. ●TrialTower Battles: Challenge the Tower floors and collectelementaryresources and emblems. ● Survival Mode: Hardcore modewhere youmust survive for more than 10 fights! ● Weekly Events:Conquerhighly difficult stages on unique special maps. ● If you area fanof TACTICAL TURN-BASED TRPG and SRPG games, chess games, autochessgames, heroes collections, or manga animes, you will LOVEthisgame. COMMUNITY ● EMAIL: [email protected] ● FACEBOOK: togetnews and updates: ●TWITTER:@FDKnights ● DISCORD to chat strategy:*Get 5 FREE CRYSTALS by joining ourDiscord group and entering yourplayer ID in the#newbies_free_crystals channel PLEASE NOTE ● FlameDragon Knights(FDK) is free to download and play, some in-appitems can also bepurchased for real money. In-app purchases can bedisabled throughyour device’s settings. ● Network connection isrequired forgameplay.
Kumu's Adventure
Start your journey in a far future continent, where magic and techrule the world. Explore the dangerous wilderness with your team ofheroes. Kumu's Adventure is a strategic rogue-lite RPG with fastand fun turn-based combat and evolving exploration. Build andimprove your camp and equip your leader and your heroes in order todiscover the truth of the ancient Immet Empire ruins and free theland from the evil Sartre Tribe. PLAY NOW TO GET 100 EMERALDS forFREE!* TURN-BASED STRATEGY BATTLE Control your heroes in randomgenerated battlefields, the fast and fun battle system is easy toplay but hard to master. Each Hero, Monster and Boss has a full setof abilities and talents, which can change in every newexploration. Unleash the tech power of special battle chips for aneven deeper battle experience. IDLE CAMP MANAGEMENT Build youroperations base camp, thanks to the advanced technology you will beable to improve your equipment and the one of your heroes. Increaseefficiency and setup the production priorities to maximise youroutcomes. ROGUE-LITE EXPLORATION Explore the wilderness with yourheroes in random generated maps, each time different. Full ofdeadly dangers, puzzling quests and unusual events, it's also themost exciting (and rewarding) experience for your team. Beat theMap boss to advance in your adventure and gain great loot! But becareful, your SUV can run out of gasoline in the middle of nowhere…FEATURES ● 5 Heroes (and counting), dozens of monsters and Bosses ●7 Story Chapters (and more to come) to discover the truth of thefallen Immet Empire, going far in a wild, unknown continent ● Levelup and upgrade your base camp, craft your equipments ● Use Hundredsof different equipment, artifacts, power chips, and more to upgradeand personalize your team tactics ● If you are a fan of TACTICALTURN-BASED RPG, Rogue-lite experience and idle games, you will LOVEKumu’s Adventure! COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT ● EMAIL:[email protected] ● FACEBOOK to get news, events and updates: ● VK: to get news, eventsand updates: ● DISCORD community: *Get 100 FREE EMERALDS by joining ourDiscord community and entering your player ID in the#newbies_free_emeralds channel (server player ID can be found in the game settings page, in the bottomleft corner. Privacy Policy: of Service: PLEASE NOTE ●Kumu’s Adventure is currently in beta testing, under heavydevelopment and with fast updates, don’t lose the chance to giveyour feedback from your game experience ● Kumu’s Adventure is freeto download and play, some in-app items can also be purchased forreal money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’ssettings. ● Network connection is required to play
Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena 1.19.26
Arena Tactics - Tactical PVP!
Enter the Arena with your myths for turn-based fast-paced tacticalPVP Fights!
Kumu's Arena
TURN-BASED STRATEGY BATTLE Control your Heroes on the squaredbattlefield, with obstacles or special terrains, different in eachbattle. Every Hero has a full set of abilities, stats and aspecific playstyle. GLORY ROAD & BATTLE PASS Fight and progressin the game to unlock rewards, Heroes, Game Modes and specialprizes UNLOCK AND UPGRADE HEROES Dozen Heroes to collect, upgradeand level up for multiple strategies and special powers FEATURES> 18 Heroes (and counting) > Multiple PvP and PvE Game Modesto be unlocked: 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and more > Unlock, Level up andupgrade your Heroes > If you are a fan of TACTICAL TURN-BASEDPVP GAMES you will LOVE Kumu's Arena! COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT >EMAIL: [email protected] > FACEBOOK to get news, events andupdates: > VK: to get news,events and updates: > DISCORDcommunity: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: PLEASE NOTE > Kumu'sArena is currently in beta testing, under heavy development andwith fast updates, don't lose the chance to give your feedback fromyour game experience > Kumu's Arena is free to download andplay, some in-app items can also be purchased for real money.In-app purchases can be disabled through your devices settings.> Network connection is required to play