New Logical Generation Apps

Trade Contract Simulator 1.1.0
Unofficial trade contract simulator.All craftable weapons within each rarity and collection.Choose ten items of the same quality and get one item from the nexthigher quality.Check the approximate price of weapon, which you have just crafteddirectly in the application.This application features the opportunity to make you able tocraft the weapon of your dreams.Enjoy the excitement!
Opening Cases Simulator 1.9
The Opening Cases Simulator is back!Get out the gambling passion by opening cases in thisapplication.All cases and capsules with Stattrak items included.All types of knives included.Store your items in the Inventory.Check the approximate prices directly in the application.Check the price and rarities you have opened.Check the content of each case and capsule.Prices are updated regularly.High Quality!How to play:-Swipe down within container to see its content and back up tohide it.-Touch on upper arrow to check current stats and swipe up to hideit.-Click on the bag to open a inventory.-Click on the info button to check all the statistics.-Touch back button of your device to get out of the container orinventory.What's coming!-adding more achievements-larger inventory