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Data Usage Hotspot Monitor - NeoData 2.7.4
NeoData shows the amount of data used, easy and accurate with justone click instead of logging in to My Operator Mobile Hotspot UsageMonitor: ✔ Keep track of your hotspot usage with out having to loginto Operator account. ✔ Set Limits for Mobile Hotspot usage. Trackhotspot usage and share your internet at home consciously. Controlyour wireless data plan: ✔ Exclude free apps(zero rated apps) fromthe counter data plan. ✔ Data Tracker: Monitor your data usage onmobile, Wi-Fi, roaming, 3G, 4G. ✔ Data plan usage: Set up alarmsfor the usage of your plan. ✔ Widget of Real time plan usage ontask bar and screen. ✔ Daily Data Usage indicators Dual SIM phonessupport Android 6-9. (Support removed by Google on Android 10) ✔Dual SIM App. You can control each plan individually. Manage eachSIM data usage, for example, you can separate your phone billaccording to your needs: business/personal; For travellers;International SIM/local SIM; Prepaid/Pospaid etc. Monitor yournetwork coverage. Network usage monitor. ✔ Shows to the operatorswhen and where network downtime and mobile internet problems arehappening. Works for Vodafone, ATT, Cricket, Movistar, Verizon.Screen Time. Usage Phone. ✔ Monitor and get real time reports onhow much time you spend on your smartphone and on your favoriteapps. Phone Usage and digital detox. Please, contacting us at:[email protected]
Recarga AT&T, Telcel, Movistar - Coverage Maps 1.1.1-release
Online recharge for any operator from Mexico. Get an easy rechargefor you or someone else’s phone credit or data and check theperformance of the internet package inside the app though thefeature Coverage Maps. Fill in your number, it will be rechargedautomatically with the amount of your choice. Support your lovedones the easy way! Features: - Recarga App weighs only 3MB,approximately equivalent to 3 selfies. - Check your DataConsumption of your Recharge. - It has the highest securitystandards in the market, with the TRUST WEB seal, PCI SecurityStandars Council. - Receive your online recharge instantly from thecompanies: Telcel, Movistar, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Iusacell,Unefon, Nextel, Weex, Tuenti. Monitor your network coverage.Network usage monitor. - Shows to the operators when and wherenetwork downtime and mobile internet problems are happening. Worksfor Telcel, ATT and Movistar. - Support 24/7. We will help youalways. Please send us an email for any doubt or issue:[email protected]