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Just Bowling - 3D Bowling Game 3.9
Fantastic 3D bowling game! Become a World Champion in JustBowlingusing strategic plays! A fantastic experience awaits you inthisaction-packed bowling game! There are over 30 bowling balls,andvarious themed alleys like Toy Land, and Space Station! _____▶Easyand simple control -Select a pitch between straight and curve,pulland release to throw the ball! ▶Multiplayer -Play againstplayersfrom all over the world in real time and become a bowlingchampion!▶Stage Play -Clear the stages with strategic play and gethugerewards! ▶3D physics engine -Use your extraordinary skillstoprecisely hit the pins! ▶Language support -English,Korean,Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Bahasa Indonesian, Spanish,Italian,Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Dutch, Thai, Japanese, Malay,Chinese(Traditional) _____ Having problem enjoying the game?Pleasecontact the customer center below. -CustomerService:https://sites.google.com/view/nbone-topbowling/home/support-FacebookFan Page : https://www.facebook.com/Justbowling3d/
Mob Busters: Divine Destroyer 2.019
Game introduction Genre: Rogue-like deck-building card game Thereare various card decks for each character! Build your own deck bycollecting various cards from your adventure. . You can choose yourroute strategically for a safer travel. Defeat monsters blockingyour way and continue your adventure. Features - User friendlygameplay - Various monsters - Hundreds of cards to collect -Acquire enhancements, cards, and items that are useful in battlefrom bases and merchant stages. - Upon clearing each boss, you willreceive a holy relic.