Natalya Shorokh Apps

Mimizavr stickers 1.0.3
Cute Mimizavr dino in full emotions range.28shades of green for all kind of messengers: whatsapp,viber,telegram, vk, fb messenger and hangouts.
Mimizaur: Magic Teeth Brushing Timer 1.4.1
The child learns to brush his teeth with pleasure. Thanks toshortcartoons in the middle of brushing, children brush theirteethlonger and more thoroughly. The app keeps the child interestedforseveral weeks - long enough for morning and evening brushingtobecome a habit. Most suitable for children 3-6 years old.Butaccording to reviews, older children, as well as teenagers andevensome adults enjoy using the application. The app allows youtocreate separate accounts for each child and adult. You can setthetimer for one- and two-minute brushing. How magic works: - Acuteand curious protagonist Mimizaur, whose adventures areinterestingto follow - 28 motivating cartoons - a new one in themiddle ofeach brushing - Funny music "Zyumba-Kakazyumba" speciallyforbrushing your teeth - Each brushing is markedwithsuper-achievements - The child only needs toothbrush and pasteNomore "I will not", now your children themselves run to fetchatoothbrush every morning and every evening. An educationalfamilyapplication for brushing your teeth. Games for girls and boys3-5years old. Clean teeth without the hassle and coercion. Oralcare.Tooth brush and fun. Without advertising.