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Antivirus Free - Virus Cleaner
★ Fast and Professional, Antivirus Freegives you the most effective dual-engine protection - CompletelyFree!Highlights:►Professional engine: Professional search algorithm both ondevice and Cloud enables rapid scanning and in-depth virusdetection.►Lightweight and low power consumption: Consumes very fewphone memory and power.Features:►ONE-TAP SCANOne simple tap to start the scan, which takes only a couple secondsto finish.►CLOUD SCANCloud engine rapidly reacts to latest threats, keeping your phonesafe all the time►REAL-TIME PROTECTIONThe scan is automatically initiated when an app is installed,keeping your devices safe.
Secret Box - Hide files
Features:✓Hide private files/foldersPut your secret files or folders into a private directory whereonly you can access with correct password✓Restore hidden files /foldersHidden files and folders can be moved back to a normal localdirectory and become visible again.✓Use as a simple file browserSecret box can also work as a normal file browser for accessingyour mobile file system (browse, rename, delete files…)All features are totally free!Please contact us at [email protected] if you have anyquestions or suggestions.