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QuickCash 1.9
Earn Free Cash With Your Android In Just AFew Taps!You spend hundreds of hours using your mobile, but what if therewas an easy way to get paid for it? App companies are spendingBILLIONS of dollars every year to get people use their apps but yousee NONE of this money. QuickCash empowers YOU to change thatreality and claim that money back to your pocket. It offers a widevariety of simple and fast ways to leverage your social contacts(e.x. on Facebook or Whatsapp) to earn money and exchange it forPayPal cash or use it to recharge your mobile.QuickCash is a revolutionary way to make money with your mobile,fast and easy!★ What Is QuickCash? ★QuickCash is the most simple and fastest way to make money on yoursocial networks. We pay cash every time you or your friend installan app. The more friends get to download the apps you recommend themore cash you earn. We’ll also give you lots of fun and quick waysto post on your social networks and make money with just a fewtaps.★ How Much Can I Earn? ★You will make your first $5 in less than 5 minutes. A couple ofminutes each day will make you over a hundred dollars cash eachmonth.★ What To Do When I Didn't Receive My Coins? ★Due to proliferation of different partners we cooperate with, ithappens that you can miss some Coins once in a while. In case ithappens, please check what third-party offer wall the offer camefrom and contact them accordingly:Supersonic OfferOpen up the supersonic offer wall again and click "Missing Coins"at bottom of the screen.AarkiPlease fill out the following information and contact [email protected] the following info:1) Name:2) Offer Name:3) Date when the offer was completed:SuperrewardsGo to the offers page and click on the "Get Help" link. You will bere-directed to Click on the “?” help iconfor the offer in question and proceed to the offer inquiry page.Follow the steps.TrialPayGo to the app and search Earn Cash tab, click "Help". You will beredirected to a new window, find "Check Your Offer Status" andclick on it. Find the offer you didn't get Coins for and click"Report a Problem" next to it. If you don't see your offer, clickon "Contact Support" at the bottom of the window.★ How Do I Earn Coins? ★Remember to login every day and collect your daily rewards andCoins. There are a lot of fast free ways you can make money on yourmobile and get easy rewards with QuickCash for you and yourfriends:• Install new Android apps.• Recommend new apps to your friends.• Login in every day.• Invite your friends to install SocialCash.• Fill in invitation codes.★ How Does It Work? ★1. Install QuickCash on your Android.2. Fulfill in-app tasks and collect your free Coin rewards.3. Exchange Coins you earn for the real-life money viaPayPal.Recommend Apps to Your Friends and Earn Money Fast and Easy!The More Coins You Collect, The More Money You Earn!**Please, remember that you can receive Coins only if it's thefirst time the app is installed on your or your friend'sdevice.**What Users Say:‘I made my first $10 in just a few minutes! It’s an amazinglysimple and fun app to use and make money on mobile.’‘I didn’t have to put much effort really; just a few clicks and myfriends basically made real cash for me. There’s no catch, theyreally pay for your social contacts trying new apps’Stay Connected!Facebook: User Community: