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My City : Newborn baby
Delivery room, Dr. office, baby store, hundreds of accessories andclothing
My City : Babysitter
Become a babysitter for a day!
My City : Orphan House
Family Adopt game with love!
My City - Boat adventures
Take a cruise, go fishing, get treasures and much more!
My City: Apartment Dollhouse
Enjoy city games! Visit a playhouse and meet neighbors! Fun dollgames for kids!
My City : Bank
Your very own bank
My City : Ski Resort
Exciting winter locations! Ski slopes, igloo hidden cave and more!
My City : Popstar
Be a SUPER STAR and play in front of a huge crowd!
My City : Animal Shelter
Fun Animal Game for Kids. Play Vet. Rescue & Wash Cute Pets
My City : Mansion
Live a life of the Rich and Famous
My City : Office
Adventures at Work
My City : High School
Your school Your rules!
My City : Pajama Party
Create Your own parties, Anywhere!
My Town Mini World - 3D Games
Play and discover My Town online 3D World! Create your owncharacter & have fun!
My City : Wedding Party
Create and plan the perfect wedding
My City : Grandparents Home 2.0.0
My Town Games Ltd
Welcome to My City: Grandparents Home, where Grandma and Grandpaare waiting just for you! This game has lots of exciting rooms andlocations for you to play in. Swim in the backyard pool, helpGrandad in the garage, prepare tea parties in the living room anddiscover what is hidden in the basement. With lots of excitingrooms, amazing clothing and fun new characters, My City:Grandparents Home is the perfect pretend play game where you cancreate your own adventures and play-out your own stories! Over 100million kids have played our games world wide! Creative Games KidsLove to Play Think of this game as a fully interactive dollhouse inwhich you can touch and interact with almost every object you see.With fun characters and highly detailed locations, kids canrole-play by creating and playing out their own stories. Easyenough for a 3-year old to play with, exciting enough for a 9-yearold to enjoy! Game features: - This game has 8 new locations forkids to explore, role-play and layout their own stories. - ExploreGrandma and Grandpa's Cool Backyard, Awesome Garage, Cozy Rooms andtry to find the Mysterious Basement! - 20 Characters included inthis game, feel free to take them to other games. The options areendless! - Play as you want, stress-free games, Extremely highplayability. - Kids Safe. No 3rd party Ads and IAP. Pay once andget free updates forever. - Connects with other My City games: AllMy City games connect together allowing kids to share charactersbetween our games. More Games, More Story Options, More Fun. Agegroup 4-12: Easy enough for 4 year olds to play and super excitingfor 12 year to enjoy. Play Together: We support multi touch so kidscan play together with friends and family on the same screen! Welove making children games, if you like what we do and want to sendus ideas and suggestions for our next games of My City you can doso here: Facebook - Twitter - Love our games? Leave us a nicereview on the app store, we read them all!
My City : After School
Explore & Play your way
My City : Jail House
Create your own adventures and stories everyday!
My City : Wildlife Camping
Create your very own wildlife adventure
My City: Police Game for Kids
A Police Game for Kids - Be a Police Officer in this Police Game byMy Town
My City : Election Day
Kids role-play fun stories
Baby Town : Kids Coloring Book 1.0
Kids Coloring Book is an Easy Coloring book game for kids.Ourcoloring book is packed with lots of fun coloring pages andwithmany themes, sounds and colors any child would enjoy. It iseasyenough for toddlers and preschool kids to start coloringandfriendly enough for older kids to learn about colors andgetcreative. We focused the game on lots of day to day objectswhichkids see around them. With lots of coloring tools andcreativepages to color, this game will entertain your child formany hours.Check out some of the Kids Coloring Book featuresincluded in thisapp when you download it. Game Features: *Over 120excitingcoloring pages to color. *8 themes of pictures to color inthebook. Color Animals, Dinosaurs, Vehicles, Underwater,Food,Holidays, Fairy Tales and My Town People. *Easy coloring bookand afun toddlers game for 2 - 4 years old. *Over 100 colors tochoosefrom 7 coloring tools. *Coloring tools include Crayons,PaintBrushes, Spray Cans, Paint Buckets, Patterns andGlitters!*Inspiring music that plays along while you color. *Youcan saveyour coloring progress and pick up where you left off. *AdsFree,Kid safe. RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP Kids 2 - 8: Baby Town and MyTowngames are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.ABOUTMY TOWN and BABY TOWN My Town Games studio designs the BABYTOWNproduct line which is specifically designed for younger kidsthatpromote creativity and open-ended play for your children alloverthe world. Loved by children and parents alike, Baby Towngamesintroduce environments and experiences for hours of creativityandplay. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania andthePhilippines. For more information, please visit
Baby Town: Preschool Math Zoo 1.11
Math zoo has 9 preschool math learning activities designed toteachyour child basic math skills such as counting, learning towritenumbers and understanding of numbers orders. We use animalsandpositive reinforcement to keep kids engaged while learningandenjoying simple math lessons. The game will also help yourchildrento develop important skills such as creativity, motorskills,coordination, attention and memory. Our game is suitableforchildren ages 3 to 5 and deals with subjects related withnumbersfrom 1 to 10. Game Features: -Learn to count similarobjects-Understand the order of numbers -Determine least andlargestnumbers -Learn how to write numbers from 1 to 10 -Customizeyourown aquarium and make your fish happy when you finish -yourmathactivities as a reward. -Inspiring music that plays along whileyoulearn and play. -Ads Free, Kid safe. RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP Kids2 -5: Baby Town and My Town games are safe to play even whenparentsare out of the room. ABOUT MY TOWN and BABY TOWN My TownGamesstudio designs the BABY TOWN product line which isspecificallydesigned for younger kids that promote creativity andopen-endedplay for your children all over the world. Loved bychildren andparents alike, Baby Town games introduce environmentsandexperiences for hours of creativity and play. The companyhasoffices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. Formoreinformation, please visit
My City: NewYork Trip
NYC Family Trip! Broadway shows, Central Park and Fashion! Playtogether!
My City : Airport
Just like a real airport with tons of stuff to play and discover.
My City : Hotel 2.0.0
My Town Games Ltd
Prepare yourselves for the best holiday in My City: Hotel games!Discover the lobby and check-in to experience why those who visitthe hotel refuse to check-out! Discover the restaurant and listento music, take a nap in the Family room, VIP room or Honeymoonsuite or indulge in wellness. Hang out at the spa to experiencerest and relaxation at its finest. Make sure to also find your wayto the rooftop and be amazed at the biggest pool ever to hit MyCity! What are you waiting for? Book your next trip for theholidays and travel to My City: Hotel to make sure the fun andadventure never stops! My City : Hotel games features: * 20Characters you can move between our games, more games means morecharacters to play with! * 8 exciting new locations: - Reception/Lobby : Before you discover the hotel, take a trip and enter thehotel lobby and reception to check in for your holiday. - VIP room:You can relax here, have a jacuzzi, or have a drink. - Family room: Here you can relax with your family before going to the spa. -Honeymoon suite : Adults can sleep here and they can see thebeautiful view from this Hotel room. - Restaurant : Dine at therestaurant and listen to music. Grab the guitar or play the pianoand serenade friends and guests. - Spa reception : Before you gowellness, you can play here with your friends. - Spa: Discover thebeauty salon and wellness facilities, including a relaxing massageat the spa. - Rooftop : You can play with friends in the swimmingpool. With a pool that big, nobody will travel to the beach again!* Roleplay with family and friends, dress up in various clothing,and discover every room in My City : Hotel. * Get help from friendsto solve puzzles and discover hidden items throughout every room. *Learning has never been this fun in these hotel games for girls andboys! * Discover non-stop fun, create all sorts of stories andstretch the limits of your imagination here in My City: Hotel whereyour virtual family awaits! Over 100 million kids have played ourgames world wide! Creative Games Kids Love to Play Think of thisgame as a fully interactive dollhouse in which you can touch andinteract with almost every object you see. With fun characters andhighly detailed locations, kids can role-play by creating andplaying out their own stories. Easy enough for a 5-year old to playwith, exciting enough for a 12-year old to enjoy! - Play as youwant, stress-free games, Extremely high playability. - Kids Safe.No 3rd party Ads and IAP. Pay once and get free updates forever. -Connects with other My City games: All My City games connecttogether allowing kids to share characters between our games. MoreGames, More Story Options, More Fun. Age group 4-12: Easy enoughfor 4 year olds to play and super exciting for 12 year to enjoy.Play Together: We support multi touch so kids can play togetherwith friends and family on the same screen! We love making childrengames, if you like what we do and want to send us ideas andsuggestions for our next games of My City you can do so here:Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Love our games? Leave us anice review on the app store, we read them all!
My City : London
Pack your bags kids, we are flying to London City and it is goingto be fun!
My Town Home: Family Playhouse
6+ rooms to explore! Role play house games & meet a sweetfamily and cute pets!
My Town: Neighborhood games
School is out! Explore the neighborhood after school in this dollhouse game
My Town Farm Animal game
Enjoy a Farm life - Be a Farmer, drive Tractor, Harvest & takecare of Animals
My Town: Stores Dress up game
Run your own fashion store in My Town! A Doll house Girls Game todress up
My Town: Shopping Mall Game
Shopping in the Mall never stops in this Shopping Game for Girls
My Town - Build a City Life
Customize town & Run a city life - Play together with friendsall the city games
My Town: Friends house game
Explore and play with friends! Mini games are waiting for you!
My Town: Wedding day girl game 7.00.06
Become the best wedding planner My Town has ever had! Play dress upgames and plan a fantasy wedding day as you like! My Town Weddingplanner game is not like other girls games! We offer a lot ofoptions for kids to role play. Enjoy cake decorating games, choosea bride dress and arrange a wedding day party with DJ anddecorations! Our My Town Wedding game offers 6 different locations!Create your marriage game story with no rules and make sure youexplore all dollhouse rooms to meet all characters! My Towndollhouse games can be so fun! Play and discover all opportunitiesin this girls game! WEDDING DAY ARRIVES – SHE SAID „YES“! Yourto-do list is full of so many wedding planning tasks! Visit a dressup store and have fun playing dress up games for girls! Choose aperfect bride dress up your character or a perfect outfit for abridegroom. Can you find a bride dress that suits your dollperfectly before you go to a wedding salon? There are many weddingdress design options for you. You can choose your favorite weddingdress and role play as a bride. Play dress up games for girls andhave fun customizing your character! My Town dollhouse game for allkids in the world! MY TOWN WEDDING PLANNER GAME Wedding bells areringing! When you choose a bride dress and a suit for a lovingcouple, make sure that the wedding salon is prepared for a bigmarriage game ceremony! Choose from 6 cute wedding day venues,bring your friends and family and create stories involving many MyTown dollhouse characters. Will the bride say YES? Visit My Townmarriage game and find out! EXPLORE DOLLHOUSE ROOMS AND ENJOY CAKEDECORATING GAMES Make sure that DJ arrives at a wedding salon ontime and that the wedding salon is decorated nicely! What flavor doyou pick for the wedding cake? Play cake decorating games anddecorate cake beautifully. Choose a wedding cake you like and addall decorations on. Chose perfect flowers from the florist so thebride dress can shine when the princess arrives at a wedding salon!Buy gifts for a wedding day in the dollhouse gift shop. But nicepresent for a lovely couple in this marriage game. Enjoy My Townwedding planer game – fun girls game! Girls can experience adifferent dollhouse story every time they play a wedding plannergame. Visit a rooftop location on the 100th floor and have a bigdollhouse party in this girls game! MY TOWN WEDDING GAME FEATURES:- Play as if you were a wedding planner - 6 Different locations inthis dollhouse girls game: gift & flower shop, rooftop and more- Play dress up games for girls – find a perfect bride dress - 14Characters to role play: a bride & groom, family and guests -Create your own wedding game story - Every time you start thisgirls game, it's a different wedding game - Make sure that WeddingSalon looks amazing in this marriage game - Fun Cake decoratinggames - Choose a different bride dress and completely change themakeup - A perfect girls game for all who likes fashion and dressup games - Amazing marriage game for girls - Plan your Wedding Day!MY TOWN WEDDING GAME RECOMMENDED AGE My Town Wedding Planner Game -Amazing girls game for 4-12. My Town dollhouse games are safe toplay even when parents are out of the room. Enjoy this wedding gamealone or with friends! ABOUT MY TOWN DOLLHOUSE The My Town Gamesstudio designs digital dollhouse games for girls and boys thatpromote creativity and open-ended play for all children worldwide.The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and thePhilippines. For more help visit
My Town: Grandparents Fun Game 7.00.03
My Town: Grandparents includes safe and fun educational games forkids about daily life and housekeeping. My Town: Grandparents is adigital version of a classical toy doll house. Laugh with yourvirtual family, plant plants, clean up, dress up, and discover theMy Town: Grandparents doll house. It’s always a fun day when youget to visit your My Town Granny and Grandpa! How fun to check outwhere your dad grew up and explore his old room! Do it yourselfwood-carving with Grandpa and we know it’s always fun to cooksomething homemade with Granny. There are so many stories for yourchildren to make up in My Town: Grandparents. Let them show you allthe souvenirs their Granny and Grandpa brought back from theirAfrica vacation, or let them learn about gardening by spending timeoutside with Granny. Spend quality time with your virtual family.FEATURES ⦁ 9 exciting places to explore, including a garden whereyou and your Granny will enjoy gardening with more than 20different flowers and vegetables, Do it yourself wood-carving withGrandpa and discover dad’s childhood bedroom! ⦁ You can play with14 new characters and new clothes are also available - how fun tomeet Dad’s best friend and chat with Grandpa’s neighbors! ⦁ You cango into the kitchen and eat something delicious homemade and youwill learn how to make an omelet. ⦁ If you can imagine it, you canmake it. Everything is possible with Granny and Grandpa. ⦁ Digitalversion of a classical toy doll house. ⦁ Safe and fun educationalgames for kids about daily life and housekeeping. RECOMMENDED AGEGROUP Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parentsare out of the room. ABOUT MY TOWN The My Town Games studio designsdigital doll house games that promote creativity and open endedplay for your children all over the world. Loved by children andparents alike, My Town games introduce environments and experiencesfor hours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel,Spain, Romania, and the Philippines. For more information, pleasevisit
My Town: Preschool kids game
the perfect school game for preschool & kindergarten kids tolearn & play school
My Town: Police Games for kids
Explore the Police Station and protect city! Be a Policeman andenjoy cop games!
My Town : Museum - History
A museum is open! Visit Dinosaurs and Science for kids
My Town: Halloween Ghost Game
Create your Halloween game story! Explore the Haunted house - enjoyscary games!
My Town : Shopping Mall
Come meet Santa at the Mall. Dollhouse dressup pretend play gamefor kids
My Town : Stores 1.73
My Town Games Ltd
A new mall has opened in My Town! Imagine all the stories yourchildren can make up with more than 6 different locations toexplore. Dress up in the latest fashions in our clothing store, orpick up ingredients for tonight’s dinner in the supermarket. MyTown : Stores is a fully interactive game providing hours ofeducation and entertainment. With no time limits or high scores toachieve, the only limit in My Town is your own imagination!FEATURES: *6 areas to explore including a huge supermarket withover 67 items to buy, play with or eat, a candy store where you canmake popcorn, pick up some gum and find ALL the sweets you canpossibly imagine, a clothing store to dress up the family in 87 ofthe most fashionable looks and even a food truck! *New charactersto play with *Your favorite characters return from My Town : Hometo shop with you RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP Kids 4-12: My Town games aresafe to play even when parents are out of the room. ABOUT MY TOWNThe My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games thatpromote creativity and open ended play for your children all overthe world. Loved by children and parents alike, My Town gamesintroduce environments and experiences for hours of imaginativeplay. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and thePhilippines. For more information, please visit
My Town : Hotel 1.18
My Town Games Ltd
How fun to pack your suitcase and go on a hotel adventure! Withmany rooms to explore, there are new adventures to be had for hoursat the My Town : Hotel. Have fun at the hotel pool and then headback to the grand suite for a bit of relaxation time before pickingout new outfits to wear to dinner at the hotel restaurant, whereyou can sip on taste fruit juice. Be sure to visit the biggesthotel playroom before you check out! Will you make up a pirateadventure, play with the dollhouse or dress up in many of the newclothes available at the hotel? Perhaps you’ll assist the hotelcleaning staff clean the spider webs around the corners of thehotel. There’s one cleaning lady to find who does NOT like spiders!FEATURES: *NEW extra special feature! We’ve added EMOTIONS to allthe characters, so now you can make each person laugh, cry, smilesimply by double tapping on their face, or long pressing onthem…they can mimic how YOU are feeling! *Brand new clothing andcostumes that you can take out of your suitcase. *All newcharacters have been added and you can even play with ones you’veloved from previous games now in the hotel. RECOMMENDED AGE GROUPKids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are outof the room. ABOUT MY TOWN The My Town Games studio designs digitaldollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open ended playfor your children all over the world. Loved by children and parentsalike, My Town games introduce environments and experiences forhours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel,Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, pleasevisit
Firefighter: Fire Truck games
Pilot the helicopter, drive a Fire truck as Firefighter or anambulance car!
My Town: Car Repair - Mechanic
Fix cars in your own garage & be a mechanic in My Town - CarRepair Game
My Town: Fun Park kids game
Run your own Theme Park! The perfect Amusement Park Game for Kids
My City : Kids Club House
Kids role-play fun stories