My Recharge Pvt. Ltd Apps

my recharge old apps 5.0
MyRecharge FCP 1.6
MyRecharge Franchise Portal
MyRecharge Stockist 4.6
By using this App,Stockist can sale products to members,MembersRepurchase Order Dispatch,Member Joining Order Dispatch etc.
MyRecharge Top Up Franchise 1.0
We are a team of professionals working towards the betterment ofourservices and the industry as well. Coming from differentverticalsof life, we have a combined experience of over 15 yearsin betweenus. Our technology team is well supported by an able andprogressiveadministration and marketing divisions. We are focusedto give thebest to our Distributors so as they can rely on us forall theirneeds and necessities. We have adopted one of the highendtechnologies available in the industry to provide best servicetoour customers without compromising on quality. We assure that atalltimes you will have our prompt services. We are seeking todelivernext generation services to consumers, Rural and Urban, byofferinga compelling business opportunity.
My Recharge With Live Supports 12.5
My Recharge for all type of Mobile and Dth recharge.
My Recharge Simbio 13.1
My Recharge all Services in this App
My Recharge Product Franchise 2.0
We are seeking to deliver next generation services to consumers,Rural and Urban