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GPS Navigation: Road Map Route 2.11
GPS Navigation: Road Map Route is a new powerful, reliable anduser-friendly gps app. Containing all features including gps,navigation and maps for driving directions. Best gps app tonavigate and explore new and best routes for a trip. This is thereal directions guide and route finder. GPS Navigation: Road MapRoute. Find out shortest route! Navigate route through the city ondifferent routes via voice navigation using its navigation featurewhich allow users to input voice instead typing while driving andset waypoints in this free GPS app and get directions in the speakmap and gives live maps navigation and transport. Set currentlocation for your destination direction maps and work location todrive every day and navigation with voice directions and trafficmaps with its traffic updates. This app helps the user to see theroute with accurate directions, which is very helpful to navigateto the destination step by step with a detailed guide. Users canalso use voice to navigate and find the route. Just speak and voicenavigation for your routes. Features of GPS Navigation: Road MapRoute: · GPS route planner – Route finder will plan the shortestroute for driving, running, walk, ride or transit. It willcalculate the distance and time between any two locations on themap. Gps navigation app also helps to find the nearby places ofvarious types, such as food points, fuel stations, hospitals orstores. · Satellite Map – Get a view of the map as a satellite viewlike 3d map. Having zoom for a more clear view and avoid trafficjams! · Different map types – You can choose different types ofmaps as you like, such as typical Map, terrain Map and satelliteview Map. · Current Location – Get information about your currentlocation on the map instantly and also get your address withsharing options to your friends easily. Plan your trips and executethem right on time with no hassle and anywhere in the world withvoice gps driving directions, gps and map. This gps will help usersin finding the routes via route finder selecting from differentlocations, turning on the gps navigation and finally listening tothe voice directions and travelling around without any realdifficulties. Gps Navigation: Road Map Route is for you withamazing & helpful map, satellite view, voice navigation &best earth map features. Map navigate app determines your currentlocation & show satellite and 3D view of this location and youcan search any place on a satellite world map. Explore the worldgps map navigate, get route navigation and gps tracking with mapand satellite earth feature. Gps Navigation will help you to planthe shortest route for driving, running, walk, ride or transit.Live navigation to the destination step by step. One of the bestgps apps for traveling and driving using map.
Photo Video Maker & Music App 1.4.30
Photo Video Maker & Music App lets you create, edit and shareamazing videos, slideshows and stories with your pictures. Addfilters, effects, text and create your personalized files. Bestmovie & slideshow maker with all features, trim & cut, blurbackground and no crop, add music, effects, filters and themes!Professional video editor tools Photo Video Maker & Music App& king master editor provides the best tools for you to easilycreate collage videos from your photos and music extremely easyKing Master Cutter & Video Trimmer Cut and trim to the lengthyou need. Edit them with music and after that, will haveoutstanding quality. Once you are satisfied with the result, exportyour file in HD. It will only takes you a few seconds! Photo VideoSlideshow Maker - Compressor & Converter Free files combinerapp, merge & splice photos to create slideshow and collages. Atthe end, choose resolution to compress and convert your file in HD.Video Editor - Glitch video effects You can edit in an artistic wayeasily with this stunning glitch video maker with music. This appallows you add cool effects & filters to your file. Start yourpsychedelic journey with glitch effect. If you are a fan of glitchart, you can not skip the experience of trying it. Music, Soundeffects & Recorder Add your own voice like a recorder Videoeditor application with Vlog music. Adding music to video likeVinkle Speed Control - Cropper Adjust video speed with filters andeffects. Speed up or add slow motion. Crop to remove watermark orany unwanted part. Add text to video, many fonts & stylessupported. It all depends on your creativity! Collage & PhotoVideo Editor & Maker Lots of stylish layouts. Unique 100+filters & colorful backgrounds, blur background. Share yourcreativity! Create your movie with music using all the tools thatthe app provides and save it to your phone. You can combine videoclips together, as birthday/wedding surprises or for other specialoccasions, celebrations, and festivals After that, you will be ableto share your work through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Whatare you waiting for? Now transform pictures into stunning eventsvideos with just a few clicks. Download this Photo Video Maker& Music App app for free now and create beautiful mv videoslideshows & collages to treasure those special occasions inyour life.
Translate App Image & Text 3.5
Translate App Image & Text The free translate app is all in foryour language translation. Translate your conversation in 100+languages! Remove the language barrier with the best translatorapp. Now, communication with foreigners is no problem, just tapinto the conversation and translate it into your native languagewith this free translator. Probably, you will prefer to voicetranslator onto text translate, so you can get both features withone tap. Translator app translates your PDF, voice, image, or photofiles! For a PDF translator: scan your file and fast translate textinto the desired language. The camera translator will take a phototo scan the text and have text translation in any language.Translate App Image & Text is an awesome tool for androiddevices that make your life smart. Photo translator: Just tap tocamera translator button and take a photo to make the translation.Text translator: Select the translate language button from the homescreen and input text for translation. Language selection: Sourceand translated language to get a translation. Change language is sosimple and easy with this translation application. The freetranslation app also has a unique feature of voice translation.Just speak text will auto type and translate. One can translate anycountry's language to another country's language. Camera translatoris also another best feature, one can easily translate photos ortranslate images in other languages. Translate text or speech isthe need of everyone. This free speech translation app also helpsto improve your learning skills. During travelling, you can speakto translate and a text translator will assist you to talk withunknown people. Feature of Translate App Image & Text is givenbelow: ✅ Language translator to translate texts in more than 100languages. ✅Voice Translation with high accuracy of voicerecognition. ✅Get history for your translated text. ✅Add voicetranslations to favorites and share with family, friends, andunknown people. Multiple translations: ✅Easy English to Frenchtranslator & French to English translation. ✅ Simple English toRussian translator & Russian to English translation. ✅SmoothEnglish to German translator & German to English translation.✅Smart English to Italian translator & Italian to Englishtranslation. ✅Accurate English to Korean translator & Korean toEnglish translation. ✅ Quick English to Portuguese translator &Portuguese to English translation. ✅Best English to Chinesetranslator & Chinese to English translation. ✅Efficient Englishto Turkish translator & Turkish to English translation. ✅RapidEnglish to Afrikaans translator & Afrikaans to Englishtranslation. ✅Good English to Hindi translator & Hindi toEnglish translation. ✅Useful English to Indonesian translator &Indonesian to English translation. ✅Amazing English to Thaitranslator & Thai to English translation. ✅Accurate English toVietnamese translator & Vietnamese to English translation. ✅Smart English to Ukrainian translator & Ukrainian to Englishtranslation.
Whats Web Dual QR Code Scanner 1.37
Whats web dual QR code scanner app automatically updates and syncsall the chat from your linked Whatsapp account with QR codescanner. Using it, you can read all the messages and replay themeasily and you can open two accounts on the same device. Whats webscanner is a powerful tool to clean and backup received and sentmedia via Whatsapp. Is the easiest and fastest application to opena chat messenger application on your mobile and control anotheraccount with the same device. This app allows you to see anyone’smessages on your phone after scanning the QR Code Do you want touse two web accounts on the same device 📱? Do you want to sendmessages without saving the number on your mobile📱? Do you want tosave your friend's WhatsApp status and use them later? It quicklyscans any bar code and decodes the barcode into the information itencapsulates. It is a very accurate bar code reader. ⚡Features ofthis whats web dual QR code scanner: ⚡ 1 Recover deleted WhatsAppmessages. 2 Use direct chat to send messages 💬 to your friendswithout saving their phone numbers in Whats App. 3 Save phonememory by cleaning old WhatsApp junk photos & videos. 4Download & save any status in what's app web. How to useWhatsApp Web scanner? Follow the below-mentioned steps to start aneasy scanner with the clone method scan on your device to seewhat's on your device. 1. Start the Whats Web scan app on yourphone and switch the tab. Wait until the QR code appears 2. StartWhatsApp on another phone 3. Open the menu on the right in the"Chats" tab on your mobile phone and select the menu item "WhatsAppWeb" 4. Scan the QR code with the mobile phone camera 5. Theconnection is made 6. Done from now! You will receive all yourmessages on your phone 🌟Quotes and status: 100+ category latestWhatsApp status. 🌟 👫 Friendship 💁‍♀‍ Girl's attitude 💏 In Love 🚫Breakup 🎊 Festival 😔 Sad 📚 Study 💃 Romantic 👨 Father’s Day🤱Mother’s Day 👳 Panjabi 😉 Motivational 🎂 Birthday 💖 Valentines 🎈New Year 🎆 Diwali ☪ Eid 💕 Anniversary 🎅 Christmas 😎 Attitude 🙍Emotional Disclaimer: Whats Web Scanner is not an official WhatsAppapplication and not associated with WhatsApp Inc. 🙏 Thank you 🙏
True Caller ID Name & Location 1.26
📞 True Id Caller Name & Location 📞 ✆ True ID Caller Name&Address is for Caller Location & Unknown caller ✆ =>True IDCaller name & address 📍location, True ID Caller name&address app automatically safeguards you from the knownspammers ina region once you download the app in your device. 🔎True ID Callerdoes not upload your phonebook to make it public orsearchable.🔎 ☎True ID Caller Name & Address- this app isidentify calls, SMS,unknown caller, who’s calling you, True IDcaller name and address& mobile number tracker, unknowncaller's location, address,find caller information on map, STD& ISD code, know youraddress with location. Quick find callerContacts, Phone numberlookup and True Caller Name Address. ☎ TrueID Caller name &address app offers powerful phone call featuresfor Bank Call, youcan also find STD code, ISD code, Number Locator,Robo calls, Getcontact. True Id Caller Name & address tracksthe name andaddress, location of the caller at the time of theincoming call.True ID Caller, address, location is multi-lingual.☎️True IDCaller name & address App Key Features : ☎️ ◆ Noweasily setthe Caller ID with Picture in True ID Caller app ◆ SearchPeople& Place in True ID Caller name & address app ◆Quicksearching unknown number in true id caller app ◆ True IDCallername & address describe who is calling even withoutdataconnectivity ◆ Protect 👤 yourself from spammers by True IDCallername & address app ◆ Record Calls in True ID Caller name&address app ◆ True ID caller Back Up Your Contacts, callhistory,messages and settings for Google Drive ◆ Automaticallyidentifymost of the unknown SMS in True ID Caller name &address app ◆Easily Search ISD & STD Number Code for variouscountries inTrue ID Caller name & address app ◆ Caller screendisplaydecorates the caller screen with call screen themes ◆ TrueIDCaller Name & Location application is totally free andveryuseful too ◆ Free Chat with your friends and family on TrueIDCaller Show Caller ID app ◆ Enjoy sending & 🚫blockingtextmessages with funny messages Note: - We View the caller ID andthelocation of the number on a multi-billion database. Once theresultis found, you can add it directly to your phone's contacts.Findout who called, their address, city, state, carrier and more,youcan also see the tags and comments on the phone numbers.We alsodonot sell, share data with any third party applicationand/ororganisation. * Up to 📱Android 6.0 versions requestpermission onSMS, Phone, Contacts and Draw over other apps. -Caller ID app willnot show the actual Mobile Number Locator / GPSlocation of thecaller. All location information is at State / Citylevel only.
Status Saver for Whatsapp GIF 1.35
Are you hunting for a free status saver app that can save WhatsAppstatus easily? Let me tell you that you have definitely found yourapplication! Never miss any Whatsapp story you want to save! Thereis no need to take a screenshot or ask your friend to send you avideo. Whatsapp status saver app will download WhatsApp imageseasily and quickly. You can easily save your desired WhatsAppstatus images, gifs, and videos to your Android device gallery, andyou can also share and forward all statuses to other socialnetworks. Status downloader for WhatsApp has its own built-in mediaplayer, so you can play all your desired saved status videos. Storysaver for WhatsApp is an awesome app that saves status andseparates videos and images, so you can easily find and forwardthem. It doesn't even take tons of time to download it. Statussaver for WhatsApp has an awesome feature that you can save storieswithout using the network. Easy & Simple: Status saver forWhatsapp is simple and easy to understand and use. Repost Status:User can repost statuses of photos and videos that are downloadedfrom WhatsApp. One-click and the item is in the gallery. Share wastories: If your friends and family post a status and you want toshare it with others, you can do it using a feature of this app.Offline: Saving story for WhatsApp app is an easy, fast, andawesome app. Once you look at the status then you can save theWhatsApp status while you are offline. Install this story saver andstatus downloader to save WhatsApp story and make your lifecomfortable. How to use it: Open Whatsapp App, tap, and see thedesired story. Open this Story Saver app for Whatsapp. Click on anyimage or video to view. Click the save button to save the desiredimages and videos. The image/video is instantly saved to yourgallery. You see! Fast, intuitive, and easy to use. Download theapp and start enjoying it! Disclaimer: Status saver for Whatsapp isnot associated with Whatsapp App. It is a tool for downloadingWhatsapp status videos and images. We respect the copyright of theowners. So please DO NOT download or repost the videos, photos, andmedia clips without the owners' permission.
Likely Indian Like Short Video 1.17
Likely - Indian Short Video HD provides 30-second video with afreestoryline. Download WhatsApp status in Hindi. Status videoforWhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook function allows you todownloadthe short video status. Likely is a short video maker and afreestoryline that allows you to download WhatsApp status andcreateamazing videos with the most popular videos in 2021. Youcandownload all kinds of videos, and share them directly inSocialMedia Via your WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, TikTok, orothermedia network Likely Video Status for WhatsApp app serves avarietyof short 30-second status videos which is suitable to postonWhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram Status. Likely Video Statusisalso powered by professional video editing tools ofhigh-qualityvideos, video status maker, which let you trim, cut,copy and mergevideos with ease, and add animated texts, themes,music to videos,and share status video with full-screen videostatus. 🎬 Categoriesof Likely - Indian Short Video HD:- ❤️ Lovevideo status 🎥 Maxstatus video 👍 Taka tak video status 🎂 Happybirthday video status📱 Full-screen video status 😍 Good morningvideo status 🤪 Funnyvideo status ⌚15-second video status 😔 Sadstatus video 💏 Dreamvideos ⚽ Snacks status video 🔥 Trending status😎 Attitude videostatus 👳 Punjabi status video 💖 Likee video status💃 Dance - Partyvideo status 📤 Devotional video status 🤳 Selfievideo status 🎬Comedy & entertainment video status 🙏 Wishes& quotes videostatus 🥺 Greetings video status 💁‍ Dialogue videostatus ✨ Rap songstatus video 🥰 Wedding video status 🌙 Good nightvideo status Bestshort videos app to enjoy 😜 the most viral &trending shortvideos in your own language that you can watchanytime anywhere.Find & share the best videos with your friendsand family inseconds. 🔥 Best Popular Videos 2021: This video statuscategoryshows to most popular on WhatsApp status videos arecurrentlytrending in India & other countries and are beingpopular bymultiple people. 👫 Share your Private Story: Download& sharestatus video in high, normal & low quality with yourfriendsand other social networks and people. 📥 Fast Download forVideoStatus: Our high-speed server gives you a fastdownloadingexperience. Download unlimited status video for free.Oncedownloaded, you can show your favorite video to your friendsandfamily by sharing it through WhatsApp and Facebook. 🙏 Thanksforjoin us!! 🙏
Screen Mirroring View: TV Cast 2.0
🖥 Screen Mirroring for All TV Cast smartphone screen inreal-timewith HD quality to any device.🖥 Screen Mirroring app workson yoursmart TV and play video from Mobile screen with share mobilescreenvideo on TV display. Screen mirroring assistant app helps toopenwindow in smart TV screen display from your phone. InScreenmirroring app is also available new addition features asWhatswebScanner With screen mirroring you can cast to second screenthrowwireless and Wi-Fi network and connect phone dongles withsmart TVmirroring assistant. 🌟 DEVICES SUPPORTED 🌟 - Most smart TVslikeSamsung, LG, Sony, TCL, etc. - Google Chromecast, AmazonFireStick, Fire TV & Roku TV and other DLNA Receivers&wireless adapters. 🌟 FEATURES 🌟 ◉ Your Android device and yourwebbrowser device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.◉Easily access your media files on the phone, including 📷photos,music, video players… ◉ Control TV remotely with your phone:adjustvolume, pause, forward, rewind video with no delay. ◉ Smallphonescreen to big TV screen in HD. ◉ Screen Mirroring for AllTVsharing with web browsers screen mirroring to play games. ◉ScreenMirroring app is the easiest and most versatile screensharingtool. 👫 Share your Photos, Videos, Games, YouTube videos,Websites,whatsweb Scanner. Any Apps, presentations and documentswith yourfriends & family. ◉ Support video, music - audio castandslideshow casting on your big TV screen display. Please do notuseVPN, Proxy, VLANS and Subnets. ⚡️ USE ⚡️ ❶ TV and phone shouldbeconnected to the same WiFi network. ❷ Enable mirror cast Displayonyour Smart TV. ❸ Enable Wireless Display option on your phone.❹Click Select button and choose your TV. ❺ Play video on yourTVScreen. ❻ Enjoy! 👫 Share your screen on any Smart TV,gamingconsole,📲 smartphone or tablet. To stream web to tv fromsmartphone is very dependent on WiFi network and streamingdevice.**Please ensure that your phone and streaming device areconnectedto the same WiFi. And the format of the media is supportedbystreaming device. **This app always requireshardware/softwaresupported phones to connect & worksuccessfully. If you haveenjoyed your experience with this screenmirroring for smart TV,rate us on play store 🙏 Enjoy 🙏