Mousetrap Games Apps

Run the Beat 1.0.12
Love running games? Play tapping, running game. Run and jump!
Shape Up! 1.0.2
Combine colorful blocks with same shape for endless matching fun!
Sword of Glory Roguelite Slash 1.420
Roguelite action slasher, customize & upgrade your hero tofight battle arenas.
Train Station Tycoon Transport 0.11.130
Build your train station empire. Simulator of a city railwaytransport tycoon!
Rocat Jumpurr - Hilarious Mons 1.1.2
Be a cat. Have a bazooka. Discover the purr fun of blowing stuffup. In space!
96%: Family Quiz 4.0.4
96% Quiz is a collection of over 500 questions answered byrespondents.
Cards Up! 2.0.3
Match and merge playing cards!
Merge Money 1.0.0
Merge money and fill the piggy bank!
Car Wash Run 1.0.0
Wash and tune your car on the run!
Grab a Crab! 1.0.0
Roll the Ball and Grab the Crab!
Colorway 1.0.1
Run and avoid the obstacles using your color super power!
Grow, Shrink, Run! 1.0.1
Grow or shrink to overcome obstacles!
Stadium Runner
Pitch Invasion!
Screw In! 0.1.4
The rules of the game are simple: tight up all the screws!Becareful to not go too deep!
Shaky Ride 1.0.1
Crazy train ride!
Pool Cleaner 1.1.1
Rleaxing ASMR pool cleaning simulator!
Pop Dash 0.1.0
You know this satisfying fidget pop & push toys? Now you canpopit while dashing through puzzle levels!
Fall and Roll 1.0.3
Fall to hit the bottom and get the treasure!
Face Wars 0.1.0
Beat the enemy in a crazy food throwing battle!
Cut and Multiply 1.0.1
Cut the ropes and multiply the marbles!
Bee Merge - Honey Hex Puzzle 1.3.1
Dive into Bee-hive and merge honey puzzles in a satisfying andrelaxing game!
Dino Diner 1.0.0
Merge food and feed the Dino!
Pocket Cute Cats 0.5.5
You now own multiple special cat sanctuaries, it's time to collectcats!
JOIST - Cosmic Game 1.0.2
Rotate the joist to stay alive!
Draw and Fall 1.0.0
Draw a safe way to the bottom of the level!
Aqua Balls 1.0.1
Crazy marble race!
Bounce Dash 3D 1.0.0
Jump and dash through whole level!
Zipline Slide 0.1.10
Slide across the level! Avoid obstacles and collect collectibles.
Eco Island 1.1.3
Collect all trash, recycle waste and clean the world!
Ladder Surfer 1.0.1
Collect, stack and ride the ladder!
Color Pencil Slide 1.0.0
Collect and stack color pencils modules to finish the run!
Trainy Trains 1.0.11
Merge Railway Tracks
Juicy Slide! 1.0.0
Relaxing Puzzle Sliding Game
Green Thumb: Gardening & Farm 0.10.2
Grow your dream garden. Relax, take care of your plants, build andlevel up!
Office Wrecker 1.0.0
Get your revenge: destroy, earn, upgrade and... destroy WHOLEOFFICE!
Heroes of Dima - Battle Royale 0.5.28
Survive the fight against amazing and unique fantasy enemies!
Crazy Shopping Spree 1.0.0
Buy everything you can carry, as quick as you can!
Firefighters Run 1.0.0
Put out the fires and save the inhabitants!
Pick It Out: Block Puzzle Game 0.14.4
Pick up the block puzzle game. Match the pieces to organize them onboard.
Bounce Factory 1.0.0
Satisfying Arcade Clicker Game
Rooms of Dread Sweeper Game 1.0.1
Sweep rooms, classic gameplay like mines to relax.
Bouncy Maze 0.1.10
Hyper Casual Puzzle- three shots to reach the star!
My Dream Room Decorate Design
Decorate your dream room. Use your design skills and make yourhousea home.
Merge Pack: Match Pairs! 1.0.1
Match various items in pairs and organize them!
Blind Rank 0.1.13
Rank without knowing what's next!