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Brian the Ball VR Demo 1.1.2
Brian the Ball is a VR adventure that takesadvantage of Head Mounted Unit technology. Grab a Google Cardboardor a Durovis Dive headset and enjoy this game!No controller needed! Just your phone, your google cardboard (orother vr headset) and your wobbly bobbly head! I would recommendsitting in a swivel chair while playing, or standing somewherewhere you can turn around freely.This game is developed by me in my spare time and I hope toexpand the game to many more levels! At the moment, the game isquite short but your donation helps to fund the design of morelevels and more adventure!If you would like to donate to the project, please check out thekickstarter page! do hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoy makingit and I hope you will stick around to take Brian on moreadventures.In the first chapter, we meet Brian. Brian starts off on aroutine journey through the forest to get back to his village. Butthe trail is perilous and full of danger!In the upcoming chapter of Brian the Ball, Brian discovers hisvillage has been decimated by a forest fire. Brian will have to beextra careful navigating through tricky terrain and avoidingdangers at every turn. He will have to outrun a huge forest fire ina thrilling scene to cap off the chapter!The launch of the first 3 chapters of the game is scheduled forlate January of this year with more levels to be addedcontinuously!
Shout! 1.3
Chat with people from all over the globe!Having troubles finding someone to chat to? Try zooming out andlook for other people around the globe.This app is built by a very small company called MossJrproductions. When I say small, I mean it's just me. A lot of loveand care has gone into creating this, and I know it will one day bemuch better than what it is today. If you like Shout! then pleaseleave a good rating!Thank you so much for downloading my app!
Dogecoin Blaster Wow! 1.0
Many dig, such blast! Dogecoin game manyfun!Like it? Why not donatedogecoin?DJPj4rEQHCmjXH58xnDwHszaXT2GEgXiUt