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Mobile Legends: Pocket
Official Mobile Legends:Bang Bang Guide! HD Wallpapers andHeroVoices! Ingame Battle history and analysis! Emblems andequipmentsimulator! Players gathering here and talking about MLBB!Morefeatures are waiting for you to discover! This is an officialguideand assistant for Mobile Legends:Bang Bang players. [Heroinfogathers here] You will find the latest and hottest hero info inML:Pocket. Hero guides, videos, wallpapers .etc [Ingame Battles]Awhole page to show your ingame battle history and analysis.Comeand compete with your friends. [Wallpapers and Voices] Thefirsttime, ML official released HD wallpapers to download freely.Andthe first time to provide heroes voices out of MLBB [Videosandnews] Explore which MLBB hero to use and how to use in thisAPP.You will see a lot of wonderful videos and news. [Simulator]Emblemand equipment simulator of MLBB. With simulators, you cancustomizeany emblems or builds you are interested. [Community &Chat] Aplace to discover ML news, arts and talk with other players.
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Join your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against realhuman opponents, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Choose your favoriteheroes and build the perfect team with your comrades-in-arms!10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning, jungling, towerrushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games inthe palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit! Mobile Legends:Bang Bang, outstanding MOBA game on mobile. Smash and outplay yourenemies with teammates to achieve the final victory! Your phonethirsts for battle! Features: 1. Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 BattlesReal-time 5v5 battles against real opponents. Fight over 3 lanes totake the enemy’s tower. 4 jungle areas. 18 defense towers. 2 WildBosses. Complete reproductions of classic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5,Human vs. Human battles. A triumphant return to genuine MOBAgameplay. 2. Win with Teamwork & Strategy Block damage, controlthe enemy, and heal teammates! Choose from Tanks, Mages, Marksmen,Assassins, Supports, etc. to anchor your team or be match MVP! Newheroes are constantly being released! 3. Fair Fights, Carry YourTeam to Victory Just like classic MOBAs, there is no hero trainingor paying for stats. Winners and losers are decided based on skilland ability on this fair and balanced platform for competitivegaming. Play to Win, not Pay to Win. 4. Simple Controls, Easy toMaster With a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on theright, 2 fingers are all you need to become a master! Autolock andtarget sifting allow you to last hit to your heart’s content. Nevermiss! And a convenient tap-to-equip system lets you focus on thethrill of battle! 5. 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute MatchesMatchmaking only takes 10 seconds, and battles last 10 minutes,glossing over the quiet early-game leveling up and jumping rightinto intense battles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming,and more thrilling action and fist-pumping victories. At any place,at any moment, just pick up your phone, fire up the game, andimmerse yourself in heart-pounding MOBA competition. 6. SmartOffline AI Assistance In most MOBAs, a dropped connection meanshanging your team out to dry, but with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’spowerful reconnection system, if you get dropped, you can be backin the battle in seconds. And while you’re offline, your characterwill be controlled by our AI system to avoid a 5-on-4 situation.PLEASE NOTE! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is free to download andplay, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.If you do not want to use this feature, please set up passwordprotection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Storeapp. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you mustbe at least 12 years of age to play or download Mobile Legends:Bang Bang. Contact Us You can get customer service assistance viathe [Contact Us] button in the game to help you with any problemsyou may encounter while playing. You can also find us on thefollowing platforms. We welcome all of your Mobile Legends: BangBang thoughts and suggestions: Customer Service Email:[email protected] Instagram: @mobilelegendsgameYouTube:
Mobile Legends: Adventure 1.1.206
Mobile Legends: Adventure is an epic Idle RPG where all the MLBBheroes reunite. Train your squad of 5 and battle fearsome monsters!Battle your way through Campaign and Tower of Babel! Solve thepuzzles of Akashic Ruins and Labyrinth! Embark on a new adventureon the Land of Dawn! Features: 1. Carefree Idle Gameplay Idle andbattle to get great resources! Carefree upgrades & RelaxingGameplay Deploy your squad and heroes will battle for youautomatically! Idle to get rewards! Spend 10 minutes a day and youcan join this fantastic adventure! 2. Abundant Strategies to Choosefrom Mobile Legends: Adventure offers tens of Heroes of 6 differentPowers. Show us your unique line-up and strategy! Collect andupgrade Emblems and Equipment, suit up and power up! You can enjoythis game with just a few taps! 3. Endless Stages to ChallengeCampaign, Labyrinth, Tower of Babel...All kinds of battles arewaiting for you! Collect, develop and battle! Power up to challengestronger Bosses! 4. Challenge Players from Around the Globe Enterthe Arena to challenge other players! Create a Guild with yourfriends and challenge Guild Boss together! 5. Unlock the LegendStart the adventure on the Land of Dawn with Layla, reveal thelittle-known truth of the history and witness the Eternal War ofLight and Darkness! 6. A Licensed Game Based off MLBB MobileLegends: Adventure is the official sequel to Mobile Legends: BangBang! Elaborately reworked Heroes will bring you a differentexperience in this new Idle game! Contact Us:[email protected] Community: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Reddit: VK: Discord: Privacy Policy: Term ofService:
Sweet Crossing:
Moonton's first casual io game! A casual candy-eating snakegame!Sweet Crossing: is a casual snake game. Differentfromtraditional snake games, the game enables you to enjoy morefunwith its 2.5D graphics. Enjoy a pure moment of bliss withthesmooth gameplay and a variety of cute characters! "SweetHome""mode is available now" Build your own unique town! Plan thelayoutof your town at will. Whether you want to build a lovely townor amagnificent city, it's all possible here! 1. SmoothGamingExperience Smooth gameplay! No lag issues or performanceproblems.Download right now and start to play! 2. Grow by EatingSweets Inthe game, you keep hunting for various kinds of food andbuffs toget higher score. Making opponents crash into your tailthenswallowing their remains is the best way to grab tons ofscores!Keep it up! 3. Unlock Adorable Skin A tried-and-true game tokillyour boredom! Penguin, rabbit, puppy, and more animalcharacters tochoose from. Various animal characters plus tailskins. 4. BuildYour Way to the Top Multiple ways to rank up to thetop! Eatingsweets, getting BUFFs, defeating other players... Whichstrategywould you choose to win? We'll be appreciated to hearyourfeedbacks/suggestions to help us make a better game. Ourfriendlysupport team is always ready to help. Please contact us viaemail:[email protected]
アカシッククロニクル~黎明の黙示録 1.1.206
気づいたら強くなってる異世界RPG、絶賛配信中! 新規7日間ログインで無料SSRが貰える! 簡単操作のハイクオリティ放置系RPG。黎明の地が破滅の危機に瀕したとき、伝説の「黙示録」が再び世に現れた…。 これは、世界を救うための戦いの物語である。【未知なる世界の冒険】 - 広大なフィールドから闘技場、城下町の酒場まで、未知なる大陸を冒険しよう。 -白熱のバトル、100人を超える英雄たちの冒険譚、黎明の地の物語を体験しよう。 【手軽かつ戦略性の高いバトル】 -7つのタイプのヒーローを編成し、最強チームを作ろう。 - 5つのクラス、さまざまなスキルや装備、多様な組み合わせを試そう。 -ユニークな采配で格上の敵に打ち勝とう。 【放置しても勝てる、手放しでバトル】 - オフラインでも素敵な報酬を獲得! -オートプレイで手軽に勝利! - 初心者に優しい簡単操作! 【たくさんの報酬、無課金でも勝てる】 -7日間のログインでSSRヒーローなどの豪華報酬が貰える。 - 多彩なゲームモードで様々な報酬を手に入れよう。 -物語を進めながら大量の報酬を獲得しよう。 【簡単フレンド登録、みんなで冒険】 - ワンステップでフレンド登録。 -フリーチャットで新たなフレンドを作ろう。 - フレンドとギルドを作り、ギルドバトルに挑もう!「アカシッククロニクル~黎明の黙示録」はこんなあなたに向いています! - ファンタジーに満ちた異世界を冒険したい -じっくりRPGをプレイする時間が無い - 複雑なシステムが苦手 - 無料で遊べるゲームを探している 【公式Twitter】
심포니 오브 에픽 1.1.206
낯선 세계와 흐릿한 시선. 깨어나니 공기에 피 냄새가 섞여 있다. 2000년간 기다렸던 평화를 위해, 최후의전쟁이다가온다. 지휘자님은 경계 분명한 각 진영을 화려한 심포니로 이끌어 갈 자로서 환상적인 이(異)세계 모험을 체험하게될것입니다! [심포니 오브 에픽] : 어느 새 갑자기 강해지는 판타지 RPG! 지휘자님이 스토리 감상할 새레벨업!지휘자님이 파트너 모집할 새 장비뚝! 지휘자님이 최강덱 꾸미는 새 캐시백! 끝이 보이지 않는 심연부터 하늘을뚫을바벨탑까지 이 모든 것이 지휘자님의 심포니 속에서 탄생합니다! 심플하고 심쿵한 심포니 오브 에픽. 여기에서 멋진세상을만들어가세요^ ^ 게임 소개 1.심플하다! 게임 성장! 스트레스 없이 강해지는 세상! 눈 깜박할 사이에레벌업하고자동전투로 푸짐한 보상까지! 지휘자님 그냥 내비둬요~ 2. 심취한다! 전략 배틀! 손맛이 있는 세상! 6대진영과 수백명의 영웅! 간단한 클릭으로 최강덱 완성! 지휘자님 그냥 터치해요~ 3. 신비하다! 무한 던전! 전투, 던전,바벨탑 등다양한 콘텐츠! 지휘자님이 더 강한 보스에 도전할 수 있도록 노력합시다! 4. 심장 뛴다! 경기 모드! 재미있는아레나시스템과 초강력 길드전! 지휘자님이 어서 친구들을 초대해 함께 해보세요~ 5. 웅대하다! 판타지 스토리! 깜짝 놀랄만한역사! 숨겨져 있던 진실! 지휘자님, 귀여운 레일라와 같이 여명 대륙으로 출발하세요! ————————————————■스마트폰 앱 접근 권한 안내 앱 이용 시 아래와 같은 서비스를 제공하기 위해 접근 권한을 요청하고 있습니다.[필수적접근 권한] - 사진/미디어/파일 : 사진 및 동영상 저장 / 게임의 설정과 캐시 저장, 1:1 문의 응대 지원[선택적접근 권한] ※ 접근 권한에 동의하지 않아도 게임 서비스 이용이 가능합니다. [접근권한 철회방법] - 운영체제6.0이상 : 설정 > 어플리케이션 관리자 > 앱 선택 > 권한 > 접근권한 철회 가능 -운영체제6.0 미만 : 운영체제를 업그레이드하여 접근권한을 철회하거나 앱을 삭제