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Mindwell : Mood & Sleep Lab 1.1.1
Sometimes meditation can fall flat; making our mind wandercausingus to miss the benefits of daily practice. By combiningcustom(Isochronic) tones, and custom (Solfeggio) frequencies,Mindwellsynchronizes with your brainwaves to bring added benefit toyourmeditation. We've created a series of these highly customizedwavesto help you achieve a variety of mental states such asalertness,calmness, sleep, and emotional balance. We even havewaves tosupport specific moods and goals. Features: *Mindwell’spatent-pending MoodShift to take you to a better place*Personalized Daily Meditation program created just for you *SleepLab with everything you need for a great night’s sleep * Over350meditations and guides with ancient Isochronic tones andSolfeggioFrequencies * Playlist creation to create and sharepersonalizedmeditation programs * Sleep stories to relax and sootheany time ofthe day * Affirmations to create healthy, happy thoughts* Stats totrack meditation minutes and progression towards mindfuland moodgoals Mindwell's meditations last anywhere from 60 secondsto 30minutes; making it so everyone has time for a quick refresh.Unlikeother meditation apps, Mindwell's meditation topics are forbothpowering down AND charging up. Some of our topics include:*Sleeping Better * Going Full Thrust * Improving Relationships*Turning on Positive Thinking * Supercharging your Career*Understanding and Quitting Destructive Behavior * MeetingLife'sChallenges * Positive Mindset Workouts * Stopping Anxiety andWorry* Coping with Fear * Powering up for College * Coping withGrief *Embracing one's self ...and many more! Additionally, we haveasleep library including beloved classic stories from novels suchasThe Secret Garden, Siddhartha, Three Men in a Boat and TomSawyer.If you're into something a little different, Mindwell alsoincludesa series of ASMR tracks which were created to tingle yourspinewhile lulling you into a sense calm. Get the newest generationofMindfulness apps today! – Download Mindwell now.SubscriptionPricing and Terms: Mindwell offers an annualsubscription for$49.99/year. These prices are for United Statescustomers. Pricingin other countries may vary and actual chargesmay be converted toyour local currency depending on your country ofresidence. VISITUS: PAYMENTPOLICY: PRIVACYPOLICY: TERMS OFSERVICE: GENERALINQUIRIES:[email protected]
Brainwell Mind & Brain Trainer 3.4.4
Brainwell is one of the best brain trainer app for Android devices,offering brain games to train your brain and test your mind andmemory skills. With 50-plus scientifically designed games, it’s oneof the best brain training app in the Google Play store. DownloadBrainwell to play memory games, brain exercises, and fun brainworkout challenges, and to train your mind and memory for cognitivefunction. Brainwell is filled with brain trainer games for kids andadults – and personalized training challenges – based on advancedneuroscience research. It’s one of the best app offering brainexercises for multiple cognitive functions and memory exercise.Each day, get a brain workout and play around while you train yourbrain and challenge your memory. With our 7-day free trial, you canget full access to Brainwell’s collection of more than 50 braintraining games and exciting personalized mind and memory brainexercises. Become a subscriber to never miss a day of training!Brainwell Features - Test your logic, mind and memory skills,mental math, and more with Brainwell, one of the best app to trainyour brain daily and give it a challenging brain workout. Brainwellis a brain trainer for kids and adults based on advancedneuroscience and developed under the leadership of a team ofexperts in neuroscience and neuropsychology. Play Brainwell to getthe following brain training features: - Based on InnovativeNeuroscience - Our brain-training game was created under thedirection of an expert scientific team, headed by ElkhononGoldberg, Ph.D., Diplomate of the American Board of ProfessionalPsychology in Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Professor inthe Department of Neurology, NYU School of Medicine. This uniqueteam had the support of an international advisory board, whichincluded neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, and cognitivescientists from leading colleges and universities throughout theworld. - Train Multiple Areas of the Brain - Brainwell’s brainexercises train your brain with fun memory and mind games, criticalthinking brain workouts, and language training challenges. Theapp’s memory tests are meant to let you have fun while you playgames that train your brain and offer visual stimulation as well asproblem-solving workouts. - Brain Training On the Go - Kids andadults find that Brainwell offers many fun, and challenging, braintrainer puzzles and games that are fun to play on smartphones,tablets, and even PCs. - New Brain Trainer Games Daily - Challengeyour mind and memory and work on training your brain daily, withone of the best apps for Android – Brainwell! Our personalizedbrain teaser puzzles and games test your IQ each day and help youchallenge your memory. - Track Your Performance - Track your BrainFactor score and measure your performance with quizzes and brainexercises in Brainwell. - Challenge Friends and Share BrainwellScores Kids and adults can connect through social media to compareBrainwell scores and challenge others brain testers to mind andmemory questions. See how you measure up in your age group afteryou play each mind or memory challenge! Brainwell is a fun memoryand brain trainer app that lets you challenge multiple cognitivefunctions, powered by the knowledge of neuropsychology andcognitive neuroscience. Download Brainwell today to test yourlogic, train your mind and memory, and play fun brain exercises.