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Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall 5.51
Look no further for your Android firewall. Mobiwol NoRootFirewallcan be used to save battery, reduce data usage so you staywithinyour data plan, and secure your privacy by limiting thenetworkaccess permissions required by apps. With Mobiwol No RootFirewallyou can - * Take Control Of Your Mobile Apps * EasilyAllow/BlockApp Connectivity * Block background app activity * BeAlerted WhenNew Apps Access the Internet Secure your phone ortablet, withreliable Android firewall protection - No ROOT accessrequired!Regain control of your mobile device and what is beingaccessed andshared with the world. Features List Android firewallprotectionwith **NO** ROOT REQUIRED!! Automatic launch on devicestart upAutomatically identifies applications currently installedon yourmobile device Identifies and Notifies when newly installedappsaccess the Web Set Allow/Block, on a per-application basisDisablebackground activity for selected apps Get full datausagevisibility Install Mobiwol No Root Firewall for SimplifiedAndroidSecurity IMPORTANT: In the last update, a NEW NOTIFICATIONICON wasadded for STABILITY. We are working on finding a way toretain thestability without the icon, but please be aware that THISIS NOT ANISSUE. ***FAQS*** Why does Mobiwol No Root Firewall showas ifusing a VPN connection? This is superficial. We've usedtechnologyavailable to us from within the VPN packaging moduleoffered byAndroid to be able to gain visibility to yourapplications' networkactivities and apply firewall rules withouthaving to ask for rootpermissions like other Android Firewall apps.However, no actualVPN connection is being made, no data is beingsent externally byour application, and we do not tamper with thesecurity of yourpersonal data, so you can continue using your appswith peace ofmind, and confidence that you will not end up with ahigher thanusual data bill at the end of the month.---------------------- WhyCan't I accept the VPN Prompt? You willneed to select the checkboxfirst and then the button becomesenabled. If you are havingproblems selecting the checkbox, it islikely that you have anotherapp that creates an overlay on theactive screen that is preventingyou from selecting the checkbox.These two threads explain theproblem further and give some examplesof apps that dothis- moreFAQs go to does Mobiwol top the data usage chart?It’s an illusion.Mobiwol uses your device’s VPN package to create afirewall. Asevery data packet sent or received by your apps passesthrough theVPN, all the incoming and outgoing data traffic getsattributed toMobiwol. The good part, however, is that Mobiwol nowcomes with itsown Data Usage feature which allows you to check datausage foreach app. To view the usage, choose Data Usage from thehomescreen. Have a question not answered here? for more answers to top questionsaboutMobiwol - the original root-free Android firewall.***VOLUNTEERSNEEDED TO TRANSLATE MOBIWOL*** Thanks to everyone whohas alreadycontributed to our translation project! We'll soon bereleasing anupdate with localization for Russian, Spanish,Portuguese, Italian,German, Turkish, Hungarian and Swedish. Want tohelp us expand thatlist? We still need volunteers to QA completedtranslations andhelp us complete the remaining languages. Help usmake Mobiwol thebest Android Firewall by helping us make itavailable in yourlanguage. Join our translation project on CrowdIn-