MobileIdea Studio Apps

Super App Manager 1.0
The best app manager application in android!Features:-App Uninstaller. It makes uninstaller apps so easy.-App Installer. Scan all the apk files in SD card, you caninstaller the app quickly.-App to SD card. Move the apps to SD card, save the memory.-App Risk Scan. Scan all the apps, to report the risk.
Super Smart Booster 1.1.28
Smart Booster kill tasks automatically, speedup your device, save your battery!You just need to install it, then immediately you see the devicegets much faster!Main features:► Root Free: For not rooted device, use Accessibility to help forcestop apps (since Jelly Bean).► Auto Boost : Kill the application immediately when you left it inbackground.► One-Tap Boost Widget support► Fast cache cleaner: one click to clean cache► History eraser: Can erase your browser history, Clipboard data,Google Play search history, call history, SMS/MMS► Memory Used : Show used and total memory of your device.► Running Apps: Show current running apps and the memory eachused.► Ignore list: Apps checked in ignore list will not be killedautomatically.► Uninstall system apps: Can uninstall system apps. (needroot)► Hibernate apps: Can disable and enable apps. (need root)Language support:English, Français, Русский,Hungaria, 中文Enable Accessibility Services:Go to [System Settings -> Accessibility -> Smart Booster-> ON], and finish it by tapping [OK] in the followingpop-up.You may receive a warning during the process. Tap [OK] when it'sneed to. The small warning pop-up is a regular reminder for any apprequesting for Accessibility services, Smart Booster will NEVERcollect any personal information.☆Rooted device:For rooted device, apps killed by Smart Booster will also be forcestopped. Killed apps will never auto start again unless you launchit manually !
Call Blocker & Call Logs Backup
Block unwanted calls, Backup & restore your call logs. Allfree!
Video Compressor - Fast Compress Video & Photo
Fast compress videos, reduce video size, convert to MP4. Batchimage compressor.
Super Backup & Restore
The fastest data backup & restore tool on android!(Apps/Contacts/SMS/Call logs)
Screenshot & Screen Recorder 1.2.84
This app provides an easy way to take and edit screenshots! Capturescreen by one touch! Easily record your screen as a high qualityvideo - Support recording screen as video - Display camera previewwindow while recording screen - Click the notification bar to takescreenshots - Shake the phone to take screenshots - Double clickoverlay icon (Floating button) to take screenshots - Supportcapture web page screenshots - Support quick settings since AndroidNougat - Share screenshots - Painting on the screenshot - Addmosaic - Add text - Add stickers - Browse and edit all historyscreenshots
Call Recorder
Perfectly record the phone call voices to mp3 files. Block unwantedcalls!
Easy AppLock &Hide Photo/Video
Lock your apps, encrypt and hide your photos & videos
Easy Share :WiFi File Transfer
Transfer apps, photos, videos, and music via WiFi without mobiledata!