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Railway bridge Halloween (Pro)
Continued exciting puzzle game "Railway bridge Halloween"
Lucky slingshot (Free)
The new game of the popular destinations. If you like to shoot aslingshot, split design and use with different abilities, then thisgame is for you. "Why do not people fly like birds?" We answer thisquestion, our ninja fly as high as you decide. This game developsfine motor skills of hands, develops strategic thinking and allowsyou to feel the taste of victory from defeat enemies. Variouslevels, a variety of clans, the unique ability to pleasantlysurprise you and pulled into a fascinating game world. Download nowand have fun! Thank you for your good comments))
Christmas bridge (Pro)
Building bridges in Christmas. The magic is in your hands.
A maze puzzle 2D - Slider 1.3
New exciting 2D maze is a puzzle game from the makers of railwaybridges. This game is designed for all age groups. Walk through themaze of color control points. Every next level more difficult, andthe playing field more and more. In online mode, each passed levelincreases your ranking in the game statistics. Do not miss thecolor control points that the ball came to the finish line. It isimportant that the ball went through all the control points,otherwise the level will not be counted. The rating will bedisplayed only in the online mode. Just when the internet you canuse the tip of the passage level. But that's not all. You caneasily skip any level that you do not like. In our game easyoperation and simple interface. Nice colors and anything extra thatcan distract you from the game. To control the ball, only a lighttouch and hold your finger on it in the right direction field. Theball easily slides into the maze and passes control points. Levelsquite a lot, for a long time to plunge into the game world ofamazing puzzles. Puzzle game suitable for both children and adults.Developing game teaches children of all ages to look for a solutionthat will lead the ball to the finish line. The game will enticeand boys and girls. Parents themselves can play, compete with thechildren, who will pass more levels. The game is conducted on-linestatistics rankings, the more levels will pass, the higher yourscore. Also, you can perform tasks - achieve. Do you want to havefun - take the exit in the maze)) do not give up ... The gamedevelops great reaction, memory, fine motor skills of hands,logical thinking. Be careful, be first, be the best. A fascinatingand amazing maze will teach you to find your way in any situation.Bored on the way to school or work? Are you waiting for friends whoare late? Maybe you're stuck in a "traffic jam"? Or, your turn willnot soon? Pick yourself up a great game puzzle. Maze puzzle is ableto carry away to the wonderful world of gaming. New levels arewaiting for you. Is free! Download Now! Play anytime and anywhere!Enjoy! Thanks for the good ratings and reviews!
Remove the colored blocks Free 1.2
We present you the game in the genre of puzzle Match-3 "Remove thecolored blocks." The game "Remove colored blocks" is gainingpopularity and is waiting for his new fans. Removal of coloredblocks - this is a simple form of the game. It will help you tohave a good time, relax and unwind from the brain. In this game, asimple one-touch control. The game interface is simple andintuitive for both children and adults. Calm pastel colors Tonswill be pleasing to the eye and your vision will be fine. Clean thescreen thoroughly and get maximum points. The essence of the gameis to pop the squares of the same color that are close by. Onetouch of a finger, will remove the colored blocks in an amount of 3pieces. These boxes will be removed and other blocks will fall. Youneed to remove all the blocks from the field! This game is suitableand for those who like games to train brain activity, logical andmathematical games, as well as other games of this genre, you willconstantly play the colored blocks in a few hours! The game willentice and boys and girls. Parents themselves can play and competewith children who are more remove the colored squares and who earnmore points. If you like to play the classic game to remove coloredblocks, squares, balls, gems or bubbles you will enjoy the game,"Remove the colored blocks!" Try to start the game, and you willsee that this is not enough, you want to clear the screen, but itis more complicated than it seems. Bored on the way to school orwork? Are you waiting for friends who are late? Maybe you're stuckin a "traffic jam"? Or, your turn will not be in the near future?Take a fascinating game. Game Match 3: ColorBlocks will take you tothe wonderful world of games. Colored blocks are waiting for you.Download now! Play anytime and anywhere! Enjoy! Thanks for the goodratings and reviews!
Slice (Free) 0.4
Slice 2D puzzle - a physical game in which you need to cut the boxto clear the field! This is one of the best games to have a goodtime. Slice 2D puzzle - an exciting game and an interesting puzzle.Cut objects to clear the field, a smaller number of moves to getthe highest score. The game uses physics engine as close aspossible to the real world. So far, the game contains 20 levels.This game is suitable and for those who like games to train brainactivity, logical and mathematical games, as well as other games ofthis genre, you will constantly play the slice for a few hours toimprove your score! The game will entice and boys and girls.Parents themselves can play and compete with your children, whowill pass more levels with the maximum number of stars. If you liketo play the classic game of cutting blocks, boxes, balls or fruityou will enjoy the game "Slice"! Try to start the game, and youwill see that this is not enough, you will want to go through thegame completely, but it is more complicated than it seems. Bored onthe way to school or work? Are you waiting for friends who arelate? Maybe you're stuck in a "traffic jam"? Or, your turn will notbe in the near future? Take a fascinating game. Game Slice 2Dpuzzle game takes you into the wonderful world of games. New levelsare waiting for you. Download now! Play anytime and anywhere!Enjoy! Thanks for the good ratings and reviews!
Sudoku (free)
SUDOKU excellent developing brain. Beat the game can be atdifferentlevels of complexity. Sudoku is very popular andcontinues to pleasefans of puzzles. Sudoku is very popular forAndroid. Many species ofthis Japanese puzzle. We offer you theclassic Sudoku. The rules arevery simple. In a typical 9x9 Sudokugrid, there are nine rows ofnine columns and nine 3x3 boxes. Thegoal is to fill the grid withnumbers from 1 to 9 so that eachnumber from 1 to 9 appears onlyonce in each row, each column andeach 3x3 box. Previously, thiswonderful game has been availableonly in magazines and newspapersall over the world. But in theinformation age, it is now availablefor all advanced users ofsmartphones, tablets and other theinnovative technology. Sudokusolution not only develops mentalabilities, but also is a greatpastime. Download Now! Play anytimeand anywhere! Enjoy! Thanks forthe good ratings and reviews!
Railway bridge - build bridges
Like railroad simulators? Build bridges!
Frozen bridges (Free)
This is an interesting puzzle game for those who love designandconstruction . The essence of the game is very simple andcleareven to a child - you have to build a bridge , driving avehicle inwhich you have chosen will get to the next level . Needto build asuccessful bridge , using a variety of designs : theroadbed ,ropes and props. If you do it right , your machine willrush onthrough the drifts and icy prigrady . Construction of thebridge -it is responsible , and without knowledge of the physicallaws cannot do here . Complexity increases from level to level ,passingeach of which offers the player access to new transport.Fullversion of the game contains 46 levels and 5 differentmachines.Each of them has its landscape , its road and its bridge,whichshould be built, to pave the way to your rover forward towardsnewadventures . Try to pass the first level and you'll see thatthat'snot enough , and all the fun is waiting for you ahead.
Railway bridge (Pro)
Game type of bridge construction with cool game physics.
Amazing puzzle 3D Slider 1.9.3
There are many labyrinths. There are more than 1000 levels.Passthem all. Simple operation. An educational game for childrenandadults. Trains thinking in three-dimensional space. Confusedway.Difficult route.
Frozen bridges (Pro)
building bridges with different physics and a variety of transport