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2048 – logic puzzle-game for your brain with cats 1.7.2
Classic 2048 game is addictive, fun and simple number puzzlegamewhich has gained a worldwide popularity among Android-users."Easy"mode will help you to have fun, and "Hardcore" mode will makeyoureally rack your brains. We present you an updated version ofthepopular puzzle game. 2048 is not just an exciting and fungame,it’s a real test for your brain! The gameplay of the game 2048isvery simple. You only need to slide the tiles with numbers ontheplaying field of 4x4 cells. Once the tiles with same numberstouch,they are added together and merge into one tile. So, you mustreachthe number 2048. But the game doesn't stop – the more pointsyouearn, the more difficult and exciting play you get. 2048,4096,8192, 16384 – there is no limit! What you can find in thegame: -the whole screen is the playing field; - keep playing evenwhen youreach 2048; - 2 game modes - "hard" and "easy"; - thegameautomatically saves your records; - if you are tired of cats,justclick on the paw- icon and you’ll change them into the numbers!-you can share your progress with friends on social networks;-achieve maximum results in the game and collect all cats! Enjoythenew version of your favorite game and reach new heights!
Burn IT Workout Tabata Timer 1.2.0
Tabata timer for interval training, HIIT workout, crossfit,exercise or fitness!
Water Time Tracker & Reminder 15.2.0
Have you drunk enough water today? App sends reminders to drinkwater in time!
Pills Med Tracker & Reminder 3.8.5
Pharmacy assistant helps take pills in time, improve health &defeat disease
ZooEscape Runner Game🐅Escape from the Zoo!
New running game! Flee from the zoo, rush to freedom, be thefastest runner.