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Jellipop Match-Decorate your dream island!
Welcome to the world of Jellipop Match! Build this fun-filledtropical island into your very own paradise, and explore a storyfilled with surprises while you grow alongside a cast of fun andcharming characters! Play match-3 levels and renovate your islandvilla. Use your wits to help the wizard Bingo solve his problems asyou meet new friends and build the island paradise of your dreams!Features ◆Unique match-3 gameplay with more than 3,000 challenginglevels. Collect all sorts of delicious dishes and find cuteanimals! ◆Explore a fun-filled tropical island and discover itssecrets. ◆Design your very own tropical island getaway, completewith private pool, open-air dining room, a luxurious wardrobe, andso much more! ◆Build your own waterpark complete with water slide -the perfect way to get away from the summer heat! ◆Befriend thesci-fi buff Robin and explore the seas to discover the secret of amysterious pirate ship! ◆Play with your pets and explore mines fortreasure! ____________ Subscribe on social media for the latestupdates: https://www.facebook.com/JellipopMatch/ We are alwaysworking to deliver great gaming experience possible. Contact us ifyou encounter any issues or have comments for us:[email protected]
Munchkin Match: Magic Home Building 2.21.0
Do you love candy crushing casual puzzle games with thousandsoflevels that keep you immersed for hours on end? Do you alsoloveinterior design games that let you spread your creative wings?Ifyou like the sound of those two things, look no furtherthanMunchkin Match: Magic Home Building. Lemi, who is a clumsybutwarm-hearted wizard, lives in a sweet magical world filledwithcandy, donuts and all kinds of furry toys. His home is abeautifulmagic airship. But one day, the evil ice dragon Winklehawklootedall his candy and trashed the airship. How sad! Luckily,Lemi'suncle Hogarth, a powerful wizard, sent him some help: sixmagicalmonsters called munchkins. They set off on a journey torebuild theairship home and defeat the ice dragons. The munchkinsare talentedin building home, but their magic power comes fromstars. Lemi andthe munchkins need your help to earn stars fromsolving puzzles andpicking the best design for everything in thehome from chairs tocurtains. But the fun doesn't stop there! WatchLemi and the littlemunchkins banter and bond with one another asthey embark on theiradventure. Follow the story to also discoverLemi's family legacy.Munchkin Match: Magic Home Building is filledwith beautiful 3Dgraphics, relaxing music, rewarding gameplay andfunny stories. Ithas received tens thousands of 5-star reviews fromour players andit is sure to put a smile on your face. Come joinmillions ofplayers to blast away any boredom or stress! Already afan ofMunchkin Match? Like us on Facebook for giveaways, contests,thelatest news, and more! https://www.facebook.com/MunchkinMatch/Needany help? Contact us directly at [email protected]
Bonbon Blast 1.3.1
The amazing match-3 game for everybody has arrived! Enjoy arelaxingjourney of love and gourmet food with smart "Chris Cat",wise "RubbyRabbit" and trustworthy "Bob Bar"! Six cute Candy Elfinwill alsohelp you to defeat the big bad "Wacky Wolf"! Trust me,this is thebest game for stress relief. You will love it!Features: - Very easyto play, but still takes skills to master! -Beautiful and lovelygraphics. - Lively & lovely characters! -Over 10 modesavailable. Enjoy donuts, cherry chocolates, stars,lotuses and a lotmore interesting elements! - Get fantasticrewards from variousevents. - Fantastic events waiting for you. -Indulge yourself withgenerous rewards.
Merge County
Give Newburyton a makeover! Return to your childhood home, andhelpthe community enter the 21st century! Merge crafting materials,andother items to support the growth of the town! Assistthedowntrodden folk of Newburyton with character specific tasksandproblems. And don’t forget, a happy town is a thriving town!So,let’s get merging! Newburyton Returning to your boringchildhoodhome is never fun, so why not restore the whole thing?Re-build itfrom the ground up! Exciting Exclusive Characters Meetthetownsfolk, and help them with fun, and sometimes strange tasks,tohelp improve their homes, as well as their way of life.ExplorationUnlock new areas of the town as you level up, and gainaccess tonew characters, and new merging opportunities.