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Join the leading brain training program with over 10 millionmembers worldwide and give your cognitive skills a boost! New!Unwind with our all-new audio relaxation stories and exercises anddaily tips! It's time to give yourself a break! A stronger brainleads to a better life. Improve your memory, concentration,reaction, logic and mathematical skills with 14 fun and challengingmind games over 420 levels. Track your statistical progress as youplay your way towards a sharper mind! PRESS TechCrunch: "I’llconfess, I’ve recently become hooked on so-called brain traininggames" OUR FEATURES - Over 420 levels within 14 games to trainmemory, logic, concentration, reaction and mathematical skill -100+meditative audio sessions calm your mind - Stunning graphicscoupled with easy usability - Personalized daily workouts that areconfigured according to your wishes - Regular scientific tests willtrack your progress over time - Statistics to show your strongareas and the potential for improvement - And more! SCIENCE BEHINDMEMORADO Memorado is at the forefront of neuroscience. Our in-houseteam of neuroscientists has created games to train memory,concentration and much more. Based on the science ofneuroplasticity, studies have shown that brain training can improveworking memory and increase fluid intelligence. OUR BRAIN Astronger working memory enables quicker learning and an improvementin brain connectivity. Scientists have found that strong brainconnectivity is an important component of human intelligence andmemory and may slow down dementia. They have concluded that yourmind and brain can be trained like you train your body. MEMORADOPREMIUM Memorado is completely free to use for you. However, if youwant to improve 74% faster (on average), we recommend to upgrade toMemorado Premium. It offers truly personalized workouts, which arebeing updated on a daily basis and optimized for maximum trainingbenefit for the duration of your membership. Furthermore, MemoradoPremium grants unlimited access to all games and statistics. Formore information: Terms of Use - Privacy Policy - We want to THANK all ourusers who are already playing Memorado! DOWNLOAD it now and see howmuch progress you can make!