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Glory of War - Mobile Rivals 8.0.0
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Glory of War is a military-themed free-to-play mobilemultiplayerwhich is the return of online strategy war game , Ittakes place inthe early history that Allied Forces battle anaggressive SovietUnion to control over the European mainland,andyou will dominateyour enemy with Commanders from the Global DefenseInitiative andBrotherhood of Nod. You will take the position as theleadcommander to build your war base, train the armies, upgradeyourgenerals and call reinforcements from your alliance. Therearethree types of modern military services including navy, army,andair force. A total of 16 types of troops will follow yourcommand.Call your elite troops of duty to fight against enemies ontheglobal rivals with real-time strategic gameplay!Features:-Military Base Construct and upgrade tons of buildings foryourtroops, resources, and defenses. Deploy the weapon of modernwarfrom EM Pulse to Nuke. Design your perfect troop fromapocalypsetanks, Kirov airship, longbow helicopters and more.Research newtechnology for cutting-edge tactics and weapons. Supplyyourcommander with superior resources and power. - Alliance Corpsonrivals Chat with world with global commanders in realtimecommunication. Battle in corps war with up to millionsotherplayers as your alliance fights for control of the world.Share andexpand territory for exclusive bonuses! You can callothers of dutyin the battlefield to dominate the action. -Join orbuild analliance Join an alliance where you can get help frommembers, andobtain exclusive gifts -Confrontational arena Engulfother lords’base as you expand your territory. Sweep thebattlefield in hugereal-time PVP matches! You will get the supremehonor in arena andworld map. -Strategic Deploy and Massive gameplayDiscovercountless strategies and diplomatic choices. Beat enemieswithvariety of strategies for the rewards, Massive PVP,PVE andGVGwars, destroy and grab the resources of the enemy and capturetheOil Rig. -Unstoppable game experience ✪Epic Story! Freshimmersivestoryline packed with terrifying Invaders and stunning 3Dgraphicswith real environment in World War II ✪Wage epic war ontheinteractive world map. All in-game action takes place on asingle,enormous map inhabited by players and NPC characters.✪Fastcontinual battles will keep you awake 24*7 Fighting forworlddomination now in a 3D mobile interactive strategy game !FacebookPage: