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Pool - Photo Sharing Assistant 1.2.3
We’ve all heard this before...“Say cheese!”“Can you send that to me?”Hanging out with friends, at a family get together or maybe aromantic trip for two. As we go home, everyone has the picturesthey took on their phone but nobody has ALL the pictures.Thank goodness we all have Pool.Pool is like a personal assistant for your photos! It groupsyour event photos together and reminds you to share them withfriends and family.Pool makes it super easy to privately share photos with yourfriends with one swipe. You’re in charge; you decide which photosto share. And it does the same for your friends and family at theevent.When you share photos through Pool, they're privately sent directlyto your contacts. When you receive photos through Pool, you choosewhich ones to save in your photo library. They'll appear rightwhere they should.Invite your friends to install Pool and they'll be reminded topool their pictures with you too!Pool is not another cloud storage app. It just handles thesuggesting and the sending. Store your photos on Google Photos,MediaFire, Dropbox, or wherever you like. There's no need to storeyour photos in YET ANOTHER place!• Keeps your photos private - Pool will never share photos publiclyor without your permission• Sends photos to friends in your phone's contact list• Saves original quality photos to your phone's camera roll• Send and save multiple photos at once• Works with all types of phones• Reminds you to share photos with the people who were withyou• Keeps track of the photos you share and receiveYour photos are the story of your life. Don’t let your phone limityour story. Bring your memories together by Pooling your photoswith friends and see the whole story!
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