McKinsey & Co. Apps

McKinsey Events 4.11.0
The McKinsey Events app is for McKinsey colleagues and their gueststo keep informed and interact with ongoing McKinsey & Companyevents.
McKinsey Academy
Help organizations and individuals realize their full potential.
McKinsey Onsite 1.1.0
The McKinsey Onsite app lets you view personal agendas,completesurveys, access materials, vote, submit questions, browsespeakerand participant profiles, follow presentations, and muchmore forour onsite programs.
McKinsey PS Practice Test 1.0
The McKinsey PS Practice app delivers three McKinsey problemsolving tests.
McKinsey Inspire 1.0.31
Inspire helps break down big organizational goals intobite-sizedbehaviors for everyone to pursue in their day-to-dayroutines.
McKinsey Accelerate 3.7.0
Unlock your potential with McKinsey. Prepare forreal-worldsituations through interactive learning, engaging contentandvideos, and scenario-based challenges designed bylearningscientists and industry experts. Collaborate and growyourknowledge with a select network of peers. Interact withcoaches,and receive feedback from McKinsey teaching assistants.