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McAfee EMM
The McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) solution simplifies connecting a user's Android device toexisting enterprise IT services such as email, VPN and Wi-Fiaccess.
McAfee Heartbleed Detector
What does McAfee Heartbleed Detector do?This app determines if your device or any apps installed on yourdevice are affected by the Heartbleed bug.What is Heartbleed?Heartbleed isn’t a virus, it’s a mistake in OpenSSL — a securitystandard that encrypts communications between you, the user, andthe servers provided by online services and websites. This mistakelets hackers extract user names, passwords and other sensitiveinformation stored in these online service databases.Will this app fix the Heartbleed bug?No. The Heartbleed bug can only be fixed with a software updatefrom your device manufacturer or app vendor. You can use this appto see if your device or apps need to be updated.What do I need to do if I’m affected?If your device or an installed app is impacted, you should wait tohear from the manufacturer or app vendor that an update isavailable. After you update your device software or app, only thenshould you change any affected passwords.How do I check my websites?This app can tell you if your device or apps are affected, but itwon’t tell you if any of the websites you visit are vulnerable. Todo that, you’ll need to use McAfee’s free Heartbleed Checker.Just visit: more informationTo get more info on the Heartbleed bug and additional online safetytips visit:
Intel Security File Protect
Dear Valued User,We would like to inform you that Intel® SecurityFileProtectappwill be shutting down as of November 10, 2016andwillnolonger offer technical support and product updates. Ifyouareacurrent File Protect user or you have used FileProtectinthepast, please update the File Protect app and thenexportanyfilesyou wish to keep - from your vault to yourmobiledevice.Thesefiles will be decrypted automatically. You mustexportyourfilesbefore November 10th or you risk losing accesstothem.Werecommend you uninstall the app from your mobiledeviceonlyAFTERyou have exported all of your File Protectfiles.CURRENT USERS - please read the followingcarefullybeforetakingany actions:• Do not uninstall this app before exporting yourFileProtectfilesas you will risk losing them permanently• Once exporting your File Protect files, they arenolongerprotectedby File Protect• Make sure there is enough space on your device tostoreyourFileProtect files• Need help exporting your File Protect Files? [email protected] you for the great feedback we have receivedfromyou.Thisdifficult decision is part of any product lifecyclethathelpstodrive better user experiences. We will implementwhatwehavelearned from File Protect in thedevelopmentoffutureproducts.We sincerely apologize for any inconveniencethismayhavecaused.Kind regards,Intel® Security File Protect Team
Pledge 3.0.11
McAfee Pledge is a software token that makes your device an easy touse and cost-effective authentication token. With Pledge you cangenerate one-time password without Internet connection enabling youto authenticate to protected corporate remote access services,virtual desktop environments, bring your own device services, webapplications, and cloud services.Pledge supports multiple tokens (Pledge profiles), customerbranding, protection with PIN codes, easy-to-use copy and pastefunction for the OTP, self-enrollment of tokens (Pledge profile)and many more functions.To start using Pledge, contact your service provider or systemadministrator to get instructions how to enroll your device.Pledge is a part of McAfee One Time Password.
McAfee VPN Client
McAfee® VPN Client provides a secure remoteconnection to your company network. Strong encryption preventseavesdropping and modification of the traffic. McAfee VPN Clientenables easy and secure remote access to private networkswhere McAfee® Next Generation Firewall is used as a VPN gateway.Benefits• Easy to get started – you only need the gateway contactinformation, user name, and password• Intuitive and user-friendly interface• Secure access to private networks from any locationHow it worksMcAfee VPN Client connects to the internal network of the company.The VPN gateway in the company network authenticates the user andestablishes an encrypted SSL VPN tunnel. All the communication isstrongly encrypted and the user gets access to private networkresources as if the user was directly connected to the companynetwork from the office.Technical details• Requires Android 4.0 or later• Requires McAfee® Next Generation Firewall as the VPNgateway• Supports one-time passwords such as McAfee Pledge, SMS textmessages, and static passwords for user authentication• Enables the use of any IPv4-based applications through the SSLVPN tunnelAdditional informationTo complete the VPN settings with your company-specific details,contact your McAfee Next Generation Firewall administrator.
McAfee SafeKey 2.0.19
Never forget your passwords again with McAfeeSafeKey password manager.NOTE: McAfee SafeKey is only for users who have alreadydownloaded and purchased McAfee LiveSafe or McAfee All Access. Ifyou’re interested, please you should use it• Simply, log in to your sites with just one click• Safely, generate secure passwords for all your onlineaccounts• Securely, manage your passwords on all your devicesHow it Works• Get started by creating an account on your mobile device orPC/Mac• Install McAfee SafeKey on your PCs, Macs, smartphones, andtablets• Confidently, save all of your passwords to your McAfee SafeKeyaccount• McAfee SafeKey securely stores your usernames and passwords toyour favorite sites, and logs in for you— with just one clickWhat McAfee SafeKey supports• This version supports Android 2.3 or higherDevelopers website
Parental Control | Safe Family 1.4
Early Release Limited Time Offer – FREETRIALIntel Security Safe Family is the simpler, smarter and moreengaging way to keep your family safe on the go.• Unlimited cross-device protection – Protect your family’sPCs, smartphones, and tablets• Family activity feed – See what your kid's up to at aglance• Parental controls – Set boundaries for a safe connectedworld• Family requests – Collaborate with your kids to adjustaccess• Family map – Know where your kid is at all timesLooking for support? Give us feedback on Safe Family at: Visit for more information.FeaturesFAMILY ACTIVITY FEED• View detailed summary of time spent on specific apps andwebsites, your child’s location, and check-ins. Even see attemptedaccess to blocked apps and websites.• Learn more about the apps your kids are using and make smartdecisions about what apps your kids can use directly from thefeedPARENTAL CONTROLS• Quickly get set up with pre-defined age-based rules that applyacross both websites and Android apps• Block websites by category or by specific URLs• Block Apps by category or by specific titles• Balance time spent on apps and devices with time controls:o App timer limits time spent on a specific appo Screen timer manages the total time spent on alldeviceso Time-of-day scheduler controls device access by time ofday• App controls on iOS devices - Restrict apps using age-based appratings, prevent your child from making in-app purchases, and blockdownloads of new appsFAMILY REQUESTS• Children can ask for permission to blocked apps or websites anddynamically change rules based on that request• Approve or deny app requests for a specified amount of timeFAMILY MAP• Locate the people that matter the most on an interactivemap• Your child can "check-in" when they have made it to theirdestination safely• Automatically receive alerts when your child has arrived or lefta known place, like school, park, or libraryLanguage SupportAvailable in English, Español, Française, Português do Brasil,Italiano, Deutsch, 日本語Learn more about Intel Security Safe FamilyPlease visit our website to learn moreabout us!Follow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at
McAfee Dialer Protection 1.1
McAfee Dialer Protection keeps you safe from a known vulnerabilitythat could potentially wipe your entire mobile device back tofactory default settings, meaning your settings, contacts, photos,videos, apps will be lost.The operating system your smartphone is running may bevulnerable to potential misuse of USSD commands that could wipeyour entire phone. Tapping on a link to a cleverly coded web pagecould order your phone to reset itself to factory settings anddisintegrate all your private data with it. Simply opening amalicious website, either directly or by a link, could instigate adialer exploit that instantly orders your phone to take unwantedactions, potentially including a factory reset (wiping out all yourpersonal settings, data and apps) or destruction of your SIMcard.Any Android phone running Phone.apk v 4.1 or lower is at risk andthat's the broader base of them. Install McAfee Dialer Protectionto protect against such attacks. Now, when you tap on an exploitinglink, McAfee will intercept and block the USSD command.For more information regarding this threat, go to dialer, dialer protection, wipe, wipe attack, ussd, ussdcode, ussd check, android ussd, url, security, McAfee, McAfeeMobile Security
Personal Safety - Panic Alarm
McAfee Personal Safety helps you staysafe in everyday situations by sharing your location with those youtrust so they can keep an eye out for you. Your Safety Network cansee where you are on a live map and is notified when you’ve arrivedsafely at your destination. You’re always in control of yourprivacy and can turn off location sharing at any time. If you feelunsafe, quickly trigger an alarm to alert people nearby – yourSafety Network will also be notified with your location details.Our “Priority Call” technology ensures a panic call makes itthrough to your Safety Network, even if their phone is set on aquiet or do-not-disturb mode. To further ensure your call getstheir attention, Personal Safety also sends your location detailsso your Safety Network knows it’s urgent.Have you ever felt unsafe or anxious when you arealone?• Walking or driving home late at night• Traveling in a taxi or on public transportation in an unfamiliarplace• Feeling physically threatened• Are you trying to reach your loved ones but cannot because theirphone is on silent or do-not-disturb?Do your loved ones worry about your safety?• Did you arrive at your destination safely – when you aretraveling alone or in an unfamiliar place?McAfee Personal Safety is your daily guardian to protect youin every-day situations – never feel alone again!KEY FEATURESGROUPS (SAFETY NETWORK): Create groups to stay in touch withdifferent friends and family members. Share your location, exchangephotos, and communicate privately with certain groups.PLACE SAFETY ALERTS: lets your friends, roommates,colleagues, family members or entire group know that you are safewhen you arrive at home or work , without having to call them everytime you safely arrive at your destination. Also create safe placesfor each member in your family so you know they are safe aswell.CHECK-IN: You can pre-configure your destination and the appsends a reassuring message to your family and friends automaticallywhen you reach the destination.PANIC ALARM: Avoid potentially unsafe situations with apanic alarm button that alerts others around you and automaticallymakes a Priority Call to your trusted contacts. They will get twourgent messages - one with your location details, and one with yourShadow Me message.PRIORITY CALL: Got a flat tire? Lost your family member in acrowd? Trying to reach your spouse or parents, but can’t getthrough? Priority Call temporarily overrides any pre-set callsettings. As long as their phone is on and has a signal, your callwill get through.SHADOW ME: Headed to an unfamiliar place alone? Family andfriends can see your current location, planned route and progressin real-time on a map so they can be sure that you are safe.
Fake ID Detector
Fake ID is an Android vulnerability that allows applications toimpersonate other applications by copying their identity that canthen be used for malicious purposes.Allows for malicious apps to impersonate other applications bycopying their identity – their digital certificate(s) used tocryptographically sign the application package (APK file) – andcombining it with their own signature making a chain whereby theparent signature (also known as the “issuer”) can be used to verifythe child signatures.The Fake ID vulnerability, is present in most Android versions2.1 and above. Depending on the hardware manufacturer and theversion of Android running on your device you may be vulnerable toone or more of more privileged attack vectors as described byBlueBox who discovered the vulnerability and of course, given thisproblem relates to chains of certificates, a hacker could chose toinclude many certificates to cover all of these options, and more,in their specifically crafted malware.McAfee Fake ID Detector enables you to quickly discover if yourapplications contain the exploit.Privacy ProtectionMalicious
Intel Security FOCUS
The Intel Security FOCUS app is the officialinteractive mobile app for the FOCUS 15 - 8th Annual Intel SecurityConference, brought to you by Intel Security. Download it today andstart interacting with other like-minded security professionals.This mobile app will offer the following features:Agenda Builder with your personal agenda including speakers,sessions, sponsors, keynotes, meals, evening events etc.Adding and deleting of sessionsResponding to surveys and session evaluationsThe ability to rate sessions and speakersChronological list of all FOCUS sessionsReminders of upcoming eventsEvent community activity feed with “liking” and commentingAttendee networking and user-to-user messagingInteractive Expo Hall floor plans where you will find sponsor namesand logos, booth numbers, company descriptions, websites and socialmedia sitesDaily static venue maps so you can find your wayEvent news and social media updatesReceipt of push notifications to get the latest updatesCompetitions and prizesThe ability to update your profile with your name, profile photo,title and companyLeaderboard so you can see how you rank in terms of points earnedfor check-ins, liking, commenting, ratings, etc.And more….Enjoy the app and being part of McAfee’s FOCUS Conference.
McAfee SpyLocker Remover 1.0.6
McAfee SpyLocker Remover for Androidhelpsdetect and remove SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware. To stayprotectedfrom a variety of mobile malware, including SpyLocker,download theMcAfee Mobile Security App: is SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware?SpyLocker (SpyAgent) is a new Android threat that collectsdataon your device and sends it to a server. It targets customersoflarge banks in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. Thisbankingmalware steals login credentials from 20 mobile banking appsusingfake login screens. This information is sent to a commandandcontrol server to be used at a later time for profit.How does SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware work?1. SpyLocker (SpyAgent) generates an overlay to coverthelaunched banking application login screen, which can’t beskippedunless you enter your mobile banking credentials.2. If you enter your banking credentials, your information willberecorded and passed to the server of cybercriminals.3. SpyLocker can even bypass two-step authentication byinterceptingall texts (SMS) from the bank and immediately removethem from theclient device, so as not to attract anysuspicion.4. If you attempt to delete the fake Flash Player, a falseoverlaymessage will claim that the “Administrator will bedeactivated”.This false warning blocks access to deactivate thedeviceadministrator privilege so you will not be able to completetheuninstall.Note: In addition to targeting mobile banking apps,SpyLockeralso tries to obtain your Google, Skype, eBay, and PayPalaccountcredentials.Will McAfee SpyLocker Remover fix theSpyLockervulnerability?Yes, the McAfee SpyLocker Remover is designed to scanyourAndroid device and remove SpyLocker malware if detected. Here’showit works:1. If the fake Flash Player is found, you will be redirected totheDevice Administrators privilege where you will see FlashPlayerlisted.2. McAfee SpyLocker Remover will prevent the malware fromblockingaccess to the Device Administration list.3. Once you successfully deactivate the malware from the list,youcan uninstall the malware via Settings >App/ApplicationManager > Flash Player > Uninstall.How do I know whether or not my Android device isinfectedwith SpyLocker malware?There are few ways to confirm if your Android device isinfectedwith SpyLocker malware:1. Download McAfee SpyLocker Remover and initiate a device scan.Thescan will alert you if your device is infected.2. Check Device Administrators found under Settings >Security>Device Administrators and look for Flash Player.If youcan’t remove it from the administrators list and you areblocked byan overlay screen, your device is infected.How do I prevent SpyLocker malware from attacking myAndroiddevice?SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware is only available fromuntrustedthird party sources. Avoid installing apps from anyunknownsources, especially those seeking device administrationprivileges.For real-time safeguard of your device, McAfee MobileSecurityprovides proactive protection to SpyLocker malware,alerting you ifyou need to remove the malware.Do I need to install this app if I am currently aMcAfeeMobile Security user?McAfee Mobile Security provides real-time protection todetectmalware and its variants and alerts you if you need to removethemalware. If your device is not affected by SpyLockermalware,McAfee Mobile Security is all you need to keep you freefrommalware. However, if your device is already infected, you willneedto download and install McAfee SpyLocker Remover in order toremovethe malware.Learn More about SpyLocker:►Download McAfee Mobile Security:►Like us on Facebook:►Follow us on Twitter: