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Mekorama VR 1.13
Martin Magni
Meet an endearing little robot, named B for its bumbling movementsand yellow black paint job. A mechanical failure leaves B strandedin a world of puzzling dioramas. Can you help the tiny robot findits way home? COLLECTIBLE LEVELS In addition to the game's 50levels, there are thousands more online. Use Mekorama's built-in QRcode scanner to collect new levels made by other players. Theircreativity is simply amazing! DIORAMA MAKER Or make your ownminiature VR worlds with the included level editor. Just placebuilding blocks, such as grass, stone, motors, and robots, andclick Play. Your level is automatically saved as a QR code that youcan share with friends or post online. (Mekorama VR requiresDaydream View. "QR code" is a registered trademark of Denso WaveInc.)
Martin Magni
Simple games. And lots of them! Unlock a world of mini-games, ormake your own?
Martin Magni
Help a tiny robot stumble home through 50 puzzling mechanicaldioramas.
Odd Bot Out
Martin Magni
Help Odd escape the robot factory using building blocks, physicsand electricity