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Signal to the Stars
Young alien explorer Signal has been strandedon Earth! Solve 120 mind-bending puzzles and overcome lots ofquirky obstacles to help him return to his mothership by sending aSignal to the Stars!Help Signal write a giant SOS message visible from space, bycovering Earth’s fields in intricate crop circles. Figure out howto draw a single, continuous line of alien patterns to fill eachfield, without crossing your path or bumping into any trees, whiledealing with a variety of weird and wonderful obstacles thatcomplicate your path.Beam up numbered abductees in the right order and take them to yourleader, dematerialize trees to fly through them, use your tractorbeam to lift lazy cows out of your way, and stay out of sight ofangry farmers trying to protect their crops from your alienartwork.Can you overcome all these challenges and help Signal gethome?Features:• 120 puzzles to solve across 4 different environments• Fill each field with crop circles to send your SOS signal• Face quirky obstacles, from lazy cows to angry farmers• Use the hint system for a helping hand if you get stuckLike us at to keep up to datewith all the latest news and features!
The Game of Life
Hit the road for a life of adventure in this version of the classicboardgame!
SCRABBLE Word Companion 1.0.0
The official companion app for themulti-touch,multi-user version of SCRABBLE for All-in-One PC'swith Intel inside® enables players to connect to the game vialocal wifi connectionand browse and rearrange their letter tilesdiscretely without usingthe Hot Corners feature on the main gameboardUse your mobile device as a tile rackBrowse useful SCRABBLE strategy tips to improve yourperformanceand become a SCRABBLE Master!Useful stats on the current game in play at your fingertips
The Official Hasbro Family Board Game
A Relaxing Family Board Game
BATTLESHIP - Multiplayer Game 1.4.0
The official version of the classic Hasbro boardgame is nowavailable on mobile.
Battle Grid Companion 1.1.5
Keep your fleet hidden with the official Local MultiplayerCompanion App!
The Game of Life 2 0.4.13
Play the sequel to Hasbro's classic family board game THE GAME OFLIFE on mobile
Clue: Classic Edition 2.9.26
Detective! There are six suspects, six weapons & nine rooms butonly one answer!
Monopoly Sudoku 0.1.41
Play head to head puzzles and championships, for beginners toadvanced players!
Cluesheet Companion 2.9.12
Keep your Clue Sheet hidden with the Official Local MultiplayerCompanion App!
Jigsaw Video Party - play toge 1.2.0
Video chat with friends and complete amazing jigsaw puzzlestogether!
JUMANJI: The Curse Returns 0.0.30
Become the movie heroes in the latest official Jumanji game!
Six suspects, one murder - Pre-register now and unlock anEliteToken on launch!
Ticket to Ride 1.0.12
Embark on an epic train adventure that started a new era ofmodernboard games!