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LED FlashLight 1.0
LED Flashlight widget turns your smart-phone into a flashlight withrear led. a 1x1 Desktop widget can be placed by you. Features: -Super Bright. - Switch On/Off the light by click in app or widget.
Volume Control Widget 1.1
The volume control is a desktop widget for Android. Size is 4x1. itcan control volume of music, ring, notifications, system sound. italso can switch device between mute, normal, vibrate mode.Lightweight, no advertising. 100% FREE.
Lucky Clock Pro 2 1.9.10
Mark App Design
Beautiful desktop widget clock with second hand. pro version is Noany ads. if you want free version, you can download free versionbut it has ads. Total 7 clock type: BlackJ, Camouflage gray,Hairline, Wood.... all clock have second hand . Colorful Clockbring you a lucky day. Lightweight Clock widget and it can be puton Desktop. it doesn't waste system resources on your device. Clickthe clock will go to android Alarm Setting page. Afterinstallation, you need to add it by yourself in desktop via widgetselected page. (After installation, if you can't find this widgetin widget selected page in some phones. it is android system issueand need reboot and try again.)
Scottish Fold Cat Wallpaper 2.0
Scottish Fold Cat Wallpapers can be set as wallpaper ... My name isMi. I born in Taiwan and I am a Scottish Fold cat, five years oldthis year. Especially like to roll with cute ... My personality isvery tame. Often slept on the computer and then do not payattention so fall. the height is not very high, so I not hurt .....there are 55 cute photographs of me in the app.
Flowers Wallpaper 1.2
Taiwan I-lan Renshan Botanical Garden. 24 pcs plants and flowers HDWallpapers. Renshan - Botanical Garden, located in the northern tipof Taiwan's Central Mountains, altitude of about 50 to 500 meters,an area of ​​about 102 hectares. Botanical Garden was formerly areforestation nursery, primary production and promotion of earlyplanting seedlings, as people began to attach importance toenvironmental greening, the function gradually transformed into anurturing environment to promote greening seedling nurseries.
Green Island Wallpapers 1.4
Green Island. There are 64 photos in this app. Photo take by Mark.Green Island, located in the south-east of Taiwan, need take is deer's hometown ... When you is in a bad mood, Green Islandis a place to relax. there is not very big, you can walk around inone hour. A green hiking trail in the middle island, you can climbit. also If you want to see the ocean, snorkeling, there is nopollution of the ocean, Rich coral reefs and fish, Clownfish is themaster here. Deer is everywhere in Green Island but please becareful not to eat it. Night you can enjoy the fireflies, You canalso look into the mountains pavilion pug and Sleeping Beauty. Needto take the ferry to Green Island, it can make you relax. Asahi HotSprings is one of only three sea hot springs on earth, Watching thesea and sunrise with hot springs. it is one of life's greatestpleasures. Green island also has a pure heart(tea station),7-11 andfamilymart. Don't worry about eating and drinking problems. justprepare a little more money to play. You can spend a little moneyto go fishing tubules in night, there always a ship can take you toplay. If you are really in Green island... please remember to senda email with photo and blessing to Mark when you're in the greenisland.
House for Rent 2.16.47
There are many homes out there. Let's find the one that's perfectfor you. use your phone to search and Use your smartphone to searchand find rent property, home, apartment, house, condo, office, roomand townhouse for rent nearby you. -Free to post item, free to viewitem, make every tenant to contact you quickly. -One Steps toBecoming a Landlord. you can rent Your Rental Property quickly. -Doyou have a room or house want to rent? We need you(landlord) topublish it in app for many tenant. -If you are looking for houserentals. Start your house rental search right now. app feature:-use GPS feature to find rental house nearby you. -for landlord:add your rental house add/modify/delete for youritems. -upload photo from your phone quickly. -login does notrequire to create a new account.
Hong Kong Subway Route Map 1.11.29
Hong Kong subway offline map, light rail, Hong Kong attractionsmap. Quick view, you can view it without internet. it is veryconvenient for people who need to take the subway every day andthose who are not familiar with the subway. Hong Kong subway isHong Kong's largest railway transportation system. The appincludes: 1. Hong Kong subway route map, light rail, Hong Kongattractions map. 2. For the convenience of frequent travel toShenzhen, especially including Shenzhen, Guangzhou subway map. 3.Quick start. Save memory, do not occupy resources. Offline can beused. 4. Hong Kong Traffic News and Travel News 5. Combine the mapand quickly find 100 nearby businesses. PS: This app is not anofficial app of each subway company. If you need to check theticket or other train information, please install the official APPof subway.
Rainbow Clock with second hand 3.9.43
This is a clock desktop widget. Beautiful colorful Clock DesktopWidget with many colorful clock type brings you lucky day. Thereare totally multi-clock type you can select: rainbow, blue, blackand yellow, standard 24-color color,Olive...Green,Vermilion,rainbowdot. Lightweight widget, low power and can display seconds in theapp. Click on clock will go to Alarm Setting page. if you selectthe clock type in standard 24-color card. Tap it will show thestandard 24-color card pattern image for you to test the LCD color.After installation, you need to add it by yourself in widget page.Install notice: devices are coming with more security for batterypower consumption. By default devices keep almost all apps in powersaving mode. It means in some devices your background work won'twork as soon as you come out from the app. Go to the Battery =>Power => App battery Saver => select your app and choose Norestrictions (for Background settings), then Allow clock running.
新版食物中毒圖解50+ 1.7.10
新版有益有害食物圖解50+ 食物相剋中毒圖解 養生茶譜 腳底反射區 12星座 星座分類大解密 鑽石顏色分級 生日石 塑膠類別表地震震度分級表 地震震度分級表2 綜合所得稅級距表 國人十大死因 家犬年齡換算表 家貓年齡換算表 家犬十大死亡原因 家貓十大死亡原因家犬健康 家貓健康 化學元素週期表 1 化學元素週期表 2 現代人易患的疾病 眼皮跳
Taiwan Dengue Fever 5.7.51
Taiwan dengue epidemic situation news. Quick to know the epidemicsituation through map. Purple: very serious, the epidemic isspreading. Red: Critical level. Orange: under spreading. Yellow: becareful, gradually spread, Green: warning, there are some cases ofthe disease in the area. The vector mosquito began to appear,please strengthen the environment clean. App can quick search thequalified hospital in Taiwan via map to see the address andtelephone of hospital for navigation. please update data by clickupdate button in menu. Data source provided by Centers for DiseaseControl, Taiwan.
台灣流浪動物,寵物認領養Taiwan stray animals, Pet Adoption 4.7.53
台灣流浪動物認養:包括全台動物收容所,所有可領養動物之最新資訊, 使用行政院農委會OpenData官方資料.滑手機,尋有緣人.有照片! app sample video: Taiwan Animal Adoption.充滿愛心的你/妳,快來救一救他們吧~ 他們渴望從牢籠裡出來,只有有緣的主人可解救他們. 有愛心的你/妳,快來救一救他們吧~如果找不到主人,沒多久, 動物的悲歌...將再次響起.App按照動物之分類,例如貓或狗來篩選,可解省飼主之時間,有些飼主家中不能養狗,但可養貓,此時若給他看太多狗的資料,不僅會心生厭倦,也會大大降低認養意願.本app取得opendata資料後,會先做一簡單之分析,也可依照動物收容所之所在地來分類,使用者可根據此來查看任一間收容所之動物,因為根據研究,動物收容所如果就在自己縣市附近,對使用者來說可節省舟車勞頓的辛苦,也大大提高飼主對動物的認養率.當點擊任一個item後,會進入到分頁模式. 分頁模式會顯示照片,user可快速查看動物之照片.透過左右滑動來切換.如果看到飼主喜歡的動物,可馬上去認養. 1.可自動播放. 2.翻頁式快速查看. 3.照片特大.資料包括:動物的流水編號、動物的區域編號、動物所屬縣市代碼、動物所屬收容所代碼、動物的實際所在地、動物的類型、動物性別、動物體型、動物毛色、動物年紀、是否絕育、是否施打狂犬病疫苗、動物尋獲地、動物網頁標題、動物狀態、資料備註、其他說明、開放認養(起迄)、動物所屬收容所名稱等資訊。
伊索寓言大全(朗讀版) 1.6.7
精選400多篇寓言故事.圖文並茂,是大人與小朋友的最佳夥伴. 支援TTS自動朗讀. 故事內容由馬克親自維護,經過整理.伊索寓言大都篇輻短小,卻能闡述大道理,深具哲理, 是世界上流傳廣泛的經典作品.角色大多是擬人化的動物,如鷹和夜鶯或龜和兔或螞蟻和蚱蜢,也有人類與季節.,它們用人的方式來表現行為舉止,形象化地說出某種思想、道德觀或生活經驗。這些故事有的教導人們要正直、勤勉; 有的告誡人不要驕傲、不要說謊; 也有的說明辦事要按照規律,量力而為;還有不少反映了強者雖然兇殘但卻常被弱者戰勝以及各種寓意深刻的人生道理。內含對社會不平等的抨擊;諷刺懦弱、懶惰,讚美勇敢鬥爭,教人如何處事,辨別是非好壞。
台灣旅館民宿大全 3.4.26
本app會自動搜尋全台灣9200多家各縣市飯店旅館民宿. 也可選擇縣市來篩選. 也透過手機GPS,可快速幫助您找到附近的旅館民宿...台灣合法旅館必須經過政府核准設立,不可私自營運, 您可透過本app查詢您住的旅館是否為合法設立之旅館.簡介內可查詢電話,照片,也可直接連到旅館網站, 並透過導航直接帶你去. 資料來源:交通部觀光局旅館民宿官方資料庫.
Find Nearby 2.10.22
use the GPS, to Search nearby businesses, To find: bakery, cafe,restaurant amusement park,bar,gym,movie theater,spa,stadium,zooshopping: convenience store,bicycle store,aquarium,art gallery.airport. dentist,doctor,hospital,physiotherapist.
Golden Scottish Cat Wallpaper 1.6
Golden Scottish Fold Cat Wallpapers with 30 cute andhigh-resolution wallpaper.
Singapore MRT Route Map 1.8.13
Singapore Subway/MRT,LRT/Subway Route offline Map. Find nearbyplaces Quick to Start to show map. Memory saving. High resolution.
台鐵火車時刻表,快速查列車時刻表,訂票 1.9.13
台鐵火車時刻表+訂票+查詢: -快速查詢火車時刻表. -地圖定位:可透過gps知道自己離下一站有多遠. -訂票/查詢.-專門為手機使用者而設計. -提供90天內台鐵各車次時刻查詢。若你是搭乘火車上下班或是學生通勤族朋友,還在索取台鐵時刻表小本子來搭乘火車嗎?在智慧型手機的時代,使用app來查詢已是現代人必備的技能. 火車時刻表是每個異鄉遊子行囊中不可或缺的.搭火車最重要的就是要掌握火車的班次時間,才能做好最佳的旅途時間安排. 快安裝來使用看看. 資料來源: 交通部台灣鐵路管理局.交通部公共運輸整合資訊流通服務平臺Public Transport Data eXchange(PTX)
Taiwan HutoushanPark Wallpaper 1.1.2
App include 44 wallpaper. How fortunate of Taoyuan to possesssuchwonderful getaway so close to the city. Hutoushan Parkoffershistorical trip, natural getaway, picnic, barbecue, and oneof thebest night views in Taoyuan.
台灣交通罰鍰查詢(個人) 1.6.7
USA Offline Map 1.4.22
USA Play Map (50 states + 9 = 59 ) A offline Map Collection ofTheUnited States of America (USA). This app can be used indisasterrelief or travel. In the usual case, there is no network,offlinemaps are very important. The maps within this app can beusedwithout a network.
Money/Billing Calculator 3.8.34
This app is a Money, Bills, Fee, life Expenses, Travel Expensescalculator. it also is your money manager. To manage your assets ormoney/cash/stock value. To help you to calculate monthlycredit-card or payment. for Bill: Automatically calculate theamount in your list. support backup and load data,Import and exportdata from local or cloud for backup proposal. Automaticallycalculate the amount of your living expenses, travel expenses.Support to draw a pie chart with data. This money calculator letyou know how much you spend each month. To become a rich men. thefirst step in financial is to manage your debt and money. It isimportant to know how much you spend each month via this app.
澎湖吉貝風景桌布 1.1.2
台灣車輛失竊查詢 1.3.7
台灣車輛失竊查詢 車輛竊盜、車牌失竊(含計程車)資料查詢牌照種類:汽車、重機車、輕機車、動力機械車。輸入牌照號碼後直接向內政部警政署查詢.需要網路連線.注意事項:失車查詢結果以回傳該查詢時間有效,失車查詢結果會依現況隨時做資料更新.本app資料僅供參考,請以警察單位相關公文資料為準。
Cast2TV 1.1.2
Use chrome-cast devices to play videos, and the videos is onyourphone. you can use this app to demo your video to everybody.likefamily video,your life video. app only support and play mp4video.and app not support static image/photo. you need buy achrome-castdevices like: any brand android TV, smart TV withandroid systemsupport or buy a simple chromecast device.
Where is the Gold 2.2
"Where's the Gold" is a Healing skit game. if you always winwhichmeans that you are so lucky. if you always lost which meansthatyou may currently not lucky, try to take a break. it has 1/2ratioto win or lose but why AI user always Winner? who known. thegamecan recall your happy memories when you are children. In thegame,every minute will automatically increase 1 gold(max 10 gold)if youlose all gold, you need to wait a minute. Hear the crispsound ofgold will bring you good luck.
Think Java: book (for Learning) 1.1
Think Java is a free textbook by Allen B. Downey and ChrisMayfield.available under the CreativeCommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.This appis for study Java and for personal only. app provides acomfortablereading interface and add index to easy read and study.Since thebeginning, this book has under a license that allows userstocopy,distribute and modify the book. Readers can download thebookin a variety of formats and read it on screen or print it.Teachersare free to print as many copies as they need. And anyoneis freeto customize the book for their needs. Data are retrievedfrom
C# Book 1.3
C# Book. 1.Basics 2.Classes 3.Advanced Topics 4.The .NETFrameworkall data are from
Taiwan 3+3 ZIP Postal code,Post office/MailBox 2.2.22
To improve mail processing efficiency, (Taiwan) Chunghwa Postrelease a new 3+3 postal code system from March 2020. The first 3codes "Administrative Region Code" remain unchanged, The last 3yards "delivery section code" increased from the original 2characterto 3. To improve the efficiency of mail sorting, andimprove the accuracy of delivery. Therefore, everyone in Taiwanshould start using the 3+3 postal code/ZIP to send letters.This APPis specifically used to query 3+3 zip. Sometimes I have to senddocuments to my friends Or you want to get money from the ATM ofthe post office, but you can't find the ATM of the post office. Atthat time, you would be confusing. Turn on the GPS of the phone,quickly locate. To save your time. More than 7000 mailboxlocations, more than 1,300 post office locations, and more than2,000 post office ATM locations are built in Taiwan. You can findthe one closest to you immediately: -Location inquiry for letterbox (mailbox/post box) -Taiwan Post Office -Taiwan Post office ATM-ibox You can also query the old Taiwan 3+2 code postal code/zip.Data Source: Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) Opendata.
2020台灣汽機車駕照考照題庫最新版 2.0.12
台灣汽機車駕照考照必過寶典 超完整-無敵版 1.機車法規(是非) 2.機車法規(選擇) 3.機車標誌(是非)4.機車標誌(選擇)5.汽車法規(是非) 6.汽車法規(選擇) 7.汽車標誌(是非) 8.汽車標誌(選擇) 9.機械常識(是非)10.機械常識(選擇)11.機車情境題 資料取自交通部公路總局監理所官方資料.
Tomato Timer 1.2.4
The tomato app uses a timer to break down work intointervals,traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by shortbreaks.There are five steps in the tomato technique: 1.Decide onthe taskto be done. 2.Set the tomato timer (traditionally to 25minutes).3.Work on the task. 4.End work when the timer rings. takea shortbreak (5 minutes) 5.After four tomato timer, take a longerbreak(15 minutes) Tomato timer helps you increase productivity andfightprocrastination.
Taiwan Electricity Bill Calculator 3.1.25
Electricity Bill Calculator provide electricity bill Calculator,feature : Calculate price by electrical device powerconsumption(w). Calculate price based on Total Used Units in kWh ina mount. Calculate Total PC Power Consumption in Wattage. GlobalElectricity Prices list. Taiwan water bill calculations. Lightillumination standards. let you calculate the monthly electricitybill to avoid air conditioner fee too much.
Fire Clock 1.8.17
Beautiful desktop clock widget. fire will show or hide depend ontime. There are 7 clock type you can select: CamouflageGray,Camouflage Pink,Sapphire,Camouflage,Tiger Yellow,Wood.24Color.After installation, you need to add it by yourself in desktopwidget selected page. (After installation, if you can't find thiswidget in widget selected page. in some phones. it is androidsystem need reboot and try again)
Taiwan Play Map:Travel and Map 10.33.138
There are so many great places to travel in Taiwan. When planning atrip to Taiwan, there are often syndromes of choice. Therefore,once you decide to travel in Taiwan, you may need some app to helpyou. The app has Taipei and Kaohsiung MRT and Taoyuan Airport MRT +Keelung + Taoyuan + Taichung + Hsinchu's major city travel play map+ Taiwan 14 treasure maps + Taiwan impression maps + Taiwan seasonevent maps, and Special mysterious map that specially designed inthe app. some map can be used offline and can be viewed even whenthere is no Internet. -Taiwan Travel map and major MRT Road networkmap. -Taiwan travel guide and search. -Find nearby businesses.-Taiwan attractions book: Introduction and travel guide. -TaiwanPM2.5 information, environmental background radiation information.UVI. provide a reference before you travel in Taiwan. -TaiwanWeather, Taiwan rainfall map. When you take the Taipei MRT, youmust meet this situation, a station stop over but do not know whereis it and what is the attractions in here? with this app, you evendon't need to keep nervous and closer to the door to grab look theonly one and small MRT map. with this app, everyone eyes will focuson you. you just keep elegant and travel in the Taipei andKaohsiung. the app is designed for user without complex operation.PS: some map is chinese only. If you like it, please feel free toleave comment on google play.
100 Happiness 1.4.5
there are 100 method about happiness. This app is designedforpeople who want to happy, are you melancholy? App has 100happinessmethod. you can happy by implement these method. When youhavecompleted one of methods, check it on. If you can not completeit,do not check it on, This is a commitment to you. To findahappiness, it is very simple.
台灣警廣即時路況+電台+超速照相+找加油站+高速公路路況 6.5.68
為了方便查詢台灣警廣路況所設計. 路況資料是由民眾及政府單位提供給警察廣播電臺. 1.全台測速照相點偵測,即時路況資訊.2.地圖模式,有雷達功能,可縮小範圍 5km~50km,配合街景可看到當地環境. 3.列表模式可切換排序依照時間或距離.4.有全台交通新聞. 5.具語音播報功能,可以自動播放附近路況事件或測速照相點6.台灣警廣PBS各地電台廣播網路收音機Radio,可線上收聽,還有ICRT等電台可選擇: PBS台灣警廣-全國治安交通網PBS台灣警廣-臺北分臺 PBS台灣警廣-新竹分臺 PBS台灣警廣-臺中分臺 PBS台灣警廣-臺南分臺 PBS台灣警廣-高雄分臺PBS台灣警廣-宜蘭分臺 PBS台灣警廣-花蓮分臺 PBS台灣警廣-臺東分臺 飛揚調頻FlyradioICRT,CityFM92.9-流行,古典樂Classical MRadio全國廣播 福音talk,Phate Radio(日文)7.找附近CPC中油加油站 8.台灣衛星雲圖 9.高速公路攝影機 app經過特殊的程式最佳化,使用起來速度快,省記憶體.最大不同之處:APP可利用手機GPS,搜尋附近5KM,10KM,20KM,50KM或顯示全部路況. 幫助你在眾多資料中快速篩選出資訊.資料來源:內政部與國道高速公路局-政府開放官方資料.
Buddhist Fables 3.8.32
app only Simplified and Traditional Chinese support.. but inapp,you can press the transfer button to transfer to any languagebygoogle transfer feature and it can speck it with any language.Thisapp collect all the Buddhist Fables include a lot ofinteresting,meaningful Buddha's story. there are >460 stories inthe app.some unhappy things make my heart feel depressed. I turn TVon, Isee an old monk told me one of Buddha's story, it make mehappy andI think the Buddha's story that's so interesting. it cansolve anydoubts and troubles. a) articles can update. d) font sizecanchange.
China Subway Offline Map 3.8.37
When you take the subway and there is no internet connection,theapp can provide more convenient to view the subway mapofflinewithout internet connection. Many other apps neednetworkconnection. Including China's major metro systems:Shanghai,Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing,Chengdu,Shenyang, Wuhan, Suzhou, Kunming, Changchun, Xi'an,Hangzhou,Harbin, Dalian, Hong Kong, Shijiazhuang Metro, Hefei,Dongguan,Qingdao Metro, Nanchang Subway, Nanning Rail Transit,Xuzhou Metro,Urumqi Metro, Changzhou Metro, Shaoxing, Wuxi Metro,Guiyang,Xiamen Metro, Wenzhou, Fuzhou Metro, Jinan Metro, Lanzhou.- Startsquickly, does not take up resources, and automaticallyreleasememory when app end. - High resolution map, Offline viewavailable.- This app is not an official app of each subway company.If youneed to check the ticket or other train information, pleaseinstallthe official APP of each subway.
Korea Subway Map 1.6.7
Korea Subway Map, include: 1.Seoul Capital AreaMetro2.Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongnam Area Metro 3.Daegu Metro 4.DaejeonMetro5.Gwangju Metro 6.Incheon Subway. 7.KTX Trains map it can useinoffline mode, no internet environment.
Taiwan MRT Map 4.8.24
Taipei MRT, Taipei attractions map Taoyuan Airport MRTKaohsiungMRT, Kaohsiung attractions map Taiwan high-speed rail MapTaiwanTreasure Map Lightweight, fast-start, high-resolution andlessmemory. Multi-touch screen support: Swipe to zoom in/out. atouriststanding app. In order to facilitate the ride when we take alookat the MRT map, You can imagine, when a lot of people intheconfusion, I leisurely pick up this app, Calmly to show themap,there are a few stations will be calm to the calculation oftime .their eyes are concentrated in your hands.
Pocket TV: Globe TV Live channel
Pocket News TV gives you the latest news, music, world news,episodes all in one App! Download Now. ■Maintained by full-timeeditor to recommend good TV channels to you. video include News,cartoons, movies, music, drama, learning... and other are here, youdon't need to spend your time to search it. Using this app can saveyou time. ■News live TV channel in globe is changed very quickly,many of them are gone in short time. ■These channels are carefullyorganized by editor. if it is not good or not recommended, deadchannels will be removed, the feature is only this app has. let youreceive the latest news. ■ TV Channel in this App can watch by justin 3 steps. no complicated steps and there are no need anydangerous permissions, such as phone, contact, storage permissions.You can use it safely and Protect your privacy. ■ TV-Wall function,it is a very cool features. try it. ■ Due to performanceconsiderations, only good channel will be selected in this app. ■you can email me directly to tell me that you think the channel isgreat, I can add it in the future. ■ it's free! using this app towatch a lot of video channel in different country. (this Apporganizes video on the YouTube for easy viewing by all users. TheAPP creates win-win situation by helping media companies promotethe videos and helping users find the favorite more easily. ThisAPP does not provide storage of video. All video are sourced fromthe YouTube platform. Copyright usage also complies with theYouTube. If the user has any issue about the content of the videosuch as inappropriate content,please report through the officialreporting system of the YouTube platform.)
Club Saving Deposit Calculator 1.1
Club Savings Deposits / Installment Savings Features: youmakemonthly payments to the bank for a specific period of time.Thebank will pay an interest rate on your installment savingsaccountthat is typically higher than their best savings rate.TheCalculator can calculate the principal and interest ofInstallmentSavings. its formula is very complicated, if you not usethiscalculator will be very easy to miscalculate.
India Pin Code, Postal code 1.0.2
A Postal Index Number (PIN), or sometimes redundantly a PINcode,refers in India to a code in the post office numbering orpostalcode system used by India Post. The code is six digits long.Findout Pin Code or Postal Code list for Indian states andUnionTerritories. include 900,000 Pin code data. -Search by city.-Pincode reverse lookup. Note: The app contains 900,000 records ofPINdata, so your device's memory must be at least 4GB. Otherwise,youwill not be able to run this application. OOM errors may occur.
My Tarot 1.0.0
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck app. What is Tarot? Tarot doesn't justtellyou your future. It also can help you create your futurethroughknowledge, Empowering decisions, life-changing andenlightening.Just a few taps and you can get wise words for any ofyour issues.
China ZIP/Postal Code 1.0.1
Here are China zip codes (post code) for all cities To findthecorrect China zip code for your postal mails destination.Postalcodes in the People's Republic of China are used by ChinaPost forthe delivery of letters and goods within mainland China.Eachadministrative division maintains its own postal code formaildelivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential toyourmails delivery. App can do Post Code Lookup and reverse Lookup.
Internet Radio 2.0.6
This is an internet station radio app. Contains Internetradiostations such as the US, Britain, Taiwan PBS, ICRT and a lotofclassical music and so on. The list of internet radio stationsisconstantly being updated, If you have a favorite Internetradiostation, you can email it to me. After review, I will add itintoapp. Let hundreds of millions of listeners around the worldenjoybeautiful radio melody together.