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Phasmodex Phasmophobia helper 1.0.22
Marcel Schwarz
Inofficial helper app for the video game Phasmophobia. Mobile AppFeatures: * Add (short tap) or exclude (long tap) evidence toidentify ghosts * Estimate your team sanity and track setup time *Audio/popup alerts when your low team sanity might make a ghostattack * Separate early alert for demons if they are not ruled outyet * Keep Screen Always awake * Track optional objectives * Saveghost name and characteristics
Minigame Solver for Cyberpunk 2077 1.0.2
Minigame Solver for Cyberpunk 2077 uses image recognitiontechnologyto automatically find solutions to minigames in theCyberpunk 2077video game by using a picture you take. It thensolves it for youand in a matter of seconds you know exactly howto get the maximumscore. First setup your buffer if you have abuffer bigger than 4(max: 8). Then hit the photo button.Don't zoomin too much, bettertry to take a picture of the whole screen,including the targetsequences so those get detected as well.Checkif everything has beenrecognized correctly, if not you canmanually correct it by tappingon the codes. Once the code matrixand targets are correct, hitsolve and wait a few seconds and theapp will give you a solution tothe puzzle."