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GPS Navigation Live Map 1.1.2
GPS Navigation Live Map - Driving Direction Guide designed fortourists and trips with GPS Map to find accurate & shortestway. GPS route finder live maps is one the best powerful app forall android users over the world. Trip planner or GPS navigationlive map for car help you to find GPS map finder and improvedriving direction. GPS route planner and route assistant offer youthe easiest way and the live locate on map view of the world streetmap. Find the shortest way easily and get live places with GPSlocation on route map. Free GPS map app is easy route finding appto find route mapping and shortest path anywhere. Free GPSnavigator system or GPS Internet is the map locator to find nearbyplaces and current location of GPS route finder user. GPSNavigation Route or Route Map provide map direction and GPSnavigation finder for driving direction route finder. GPS map orRoad Map location also measure the current mobile location. GPS& Navigation or Driving Directions save your location and allowto bookmark any GPS location map direction. GPS navigation live mapor path finder is used to find the emergency area location likehospitals rescue services police fire brigade hotel school or anyother department. Free Navigation App have the following features:• Location map Route • GPS Voice Assistant • GPS Weather • NavigateDriving route. • Road Map Traffic locator • Route map Navigator. •GPS Area calculator • Area History • Voice Translator • Emergency •Book Mark • Compass Driving directions free explore public placesthat matter to you such as Discover local hotels, restaurant andhistorical places quickly. Route planner app allow the user tosearch police station Hospital Gas station Fire station Pharmacyand car repairing shops in emergency situations. GPS navigationfree helps the user to know trending and latest places like mallsthat are open in your surroundings. By Trip planner app user mustreview different places that you are visited and also create listin bookmark and share with friends for activities and events. Freenavigation app provide voice guided with spoken street names andalso precise directions. GPS navigation allow millions ofinteresting places according to your desired. Live GPS Navigation& Driving Directions Guide is the route map driving to find mapaddress and map location of GPS map address. Navigation System orDriving Navigation provide you the accurate driving direction andmap address of your target place. Search anything directly go onsearch bar from voice speaking or voice assistant option. GPS routemap navigation locate friends through map navigation exploreraddress app. GPS Navigator live map or Direction App also measurethe distance from start point to end point. Voice Assistant orDirections app is a modern GPS voice route finder feature todirectly search any address, location or meaning directly oninternet search option and secure time. Voice speaking address andvoice map navigator app to detect voice and provide target fromvoice assistant map app. Location Navigator or GPS Map willtranslate and offer you the real meaning of your searched word.User can travel any country and talk to them having all languagetranslator. Free Compass app or GPS Route Finder Live Maps showeasy direction from free compass magnetic field and also showaltitude speed. Free Compass or route planner help to find accurateQibla direction. Compass will guide you at night and provide theaccurate direction to travel and reach at destination. GPS MapsNavigation & Direction feature of Live GPS route finder showreal compass & weather update report. GPS route planner or freeTraffic maps is the live distance measuring maps navigation. VoiceGPS driving direction easily find direction and also find mylocation.
Dictionary - Translate App 1.1.5
The live dictionary translate app is much beyond a simpledictionary. you must be able to translate texts, pictures, andconversations into more than a hundred languages. Voice dictionaryapp is a very useful tool that meets your all translation needssuch as studying, working, and traveling abroad. Dictionarytranslator is a dynamic mobile application for all android userswho frequently need translation and meaning of all language'swords. As we know that English is an international language, youcan translate the English language to all other languages easily.Translate dictionary definition is all-in-one tool that provideshigh-quality translation and word meaning that helps you to improveyour languages skills. There are many different features of thetranslate dictionary - speaking translator app that can be foundbelow. Speak & Translate - All Languages Voice Translator Themain purpose of this online dictionary app is that it provides thefacility of translation of every language of the word from anylanguage in the world. That's is way dictionary translation will behelpful to communicate with anyone in the world quickly. TranslateDictionary - Speech to text app Speak and translate voicetranslator app is efficient to recognize your voice correctly andtranslate it into your desired language. In the voice translatorapp, many notable features and options are available. TranslateDictionary - Speaking translator app Users can speak and translatetheir text in all languages by English to all Languages converter.Translate dictionary is a very useful app during conversations withforeign people and overcomes the language barrier. Dictionarylanguage translator is specially designed to learn multiplelanguages. Supported languages & dialects for translation Allmajor languages are included in this app, you can translate Englishto Chinese, English to Spanish, English to German, English toArabic, English to Hindi, English to Bengali, English toPortuguese, English to Persian, English to Russian, English toJapanese, English to Korean, English to Punjabi, English to Frenchand English to Urdu. Words meaning and vocabulary builderDictionary apps provide the definition, synonyms, and examples bysearching the meaning of that word. Vocabulary builder improvesyour vocabulary in multiple languages for better conversation.Voice to voice translator and dictionary Users can use thesauruseverywhere for education travel and business also live to translateyour text. You can search words by voice and the user can listen tothe result text invoice. Supported languages Afrikaans, Amharic,Arabic (العربية), Albanian, Armenian (հայը) and Azerbaijani.Belarusian, Basque, Bulgarian (българинът), Bosnian and Bengali.Corsican and Chinese Traditional (中國傳統的Croatian, Catalan, Czech,Chichewa Chinese, Cebuano and Simplified (简体中文). Dutch (Nederlands)and Danish. English, Esperanto, and Estonian. French (français),Frisian Finnishs and Filipino. Georgian, Greek (Grec), German(Allemand), and Gujarati. Hmong and Hindi, Haitian, Hungarian,Creole, Hebrew, Hausa. Icelandic, Igbo, (bahasa Indonesia),Indonesian Irish, and Italian. Japanese (日本語) and Javanese. Khmer,Korean, Kinyarwanda, Kyrgyz, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kannada, andKazakh. Lithuanian, Lao, Luxembourgish, Latin, and Latvian.Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Macedonian, Maori Malagasy, Maltese,Malay (Bahasa Melayu), and Marathi. Nepali and Norwegian. Odia(Oriya). Persian, Portuguese, Polish, Pashto, and Punjabi. Romanian(Română) and Russian (русский). Spanish (Español), Sinhala, Slovak,Swahili, Scots Gaelic, Sindhi, Sundanese, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona,Swedish, Samoan, Slovenian, and Somali. Telugu Turkmen Tajik, Thai(ไทย), ประเทศไทย, Tatar (Türkmenler), Turkish (Türk), and Tamil.Uzbek, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Uyghur. Vietnamese (người việt nam),Yoruba, Yiddish and Zulu, Welsh, and Xhosa.
Compass : Direction Compass 1.2
Compass - directions compass for all android devices will makeyourtrip easier. You can easily find your direction and know whereyouare. Smart compass & digital compass free app has a simpleandcomfortable user interface. The direction finder app iscompletelyaccurate and can operate anywhere in the world. Mycompass free apphas a multi-feature that provides usefulinformation like currentlocation and weather updates. There is noneed for any type ofgadget when you have a real free compass app.Highlights of smartcompass - directions compass: Sunset & riseinformationLatitude & longitude location feature Magneticcompassnavigation can be used for the current location Cameracompass Lockthe user screen & stop your screen from vibratingLive maps& locations for satellites and street view Support100+languages Torchlight support Qibla direction finderSpeedometerswill measure the speed Standard compass & telescopecompassDirections compass Free directions compass can useanytimeespecially, when you traveling, hiking, saving yourlocation, carparking, and hotel, etc. Smart compass free apprequired a magneticsensor for more accurate results. GPS tool is anexcellent toolthat displays four main directions (North, South,East & west).The digital compass app for android to find yourexact locationusing GPS tools navigator and determine alldirections. My compass& free direction compass app hasdifferent modes like day &night mode, zoom in/zoom out etc. Thegraphical interface of thisfree compass app is so cool andattractive. Take a picture and saveyour trip memories by using thecamera compass free. More than 100+languages are available in mycompass, you can set your nativelanguage. Digital compass &Smart compass Smart compass free& digital compass app hasmultiple themes. When you go to toursor mountain places if you faceany difficulty then install thiscompass free app, compassnavigation & smart compass app offersyou to pin your startingpoint then you can discover the placeswithout fearing loss of theway. Qibla finder compass The advanceQibla finder compass appprovides the most accurate direction ofMecca anywhere in the world.Qibla compass finder is using yourcurrent location to find out theaccurate Qibla direction with GPSlocation. Makkah direction - findMacca app shows you the nearestmosque to using your GPS toolslocation. Weather Compass AccurateWeather App provides your localweather report like rain time, windstorm and snow ice report. Theweather app easily finds winddirections and wind speed in km/h.Plan your daily work tasksaccording to the upcoming weather climatereport. Get weatherupdates and atmospheric pressure with dew effectfor upcomingweather climate.