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Calorie Counter -FDDB Ext. Pro 1.6
Malte Voigt
Caution:You must installboth,Freeand Pro Version, to use full functionality!FDDB Extender Pro offers you theseadditionalpowerfulfeatures:• No Ads!• Widgets• Detailed Weekly Report of Calories, Micro-andMacronutritionconsumption• Calorie Planner (Set calorie goals for each dayoftheweek)• Nutrition Planner (Set nutrition goals for each dayoftheweek)• Unlimited amount of Quickys (Free Version only offersyoutocreate 3 Quickys!)• Add custom nutrition meals (dummy amountsofCarbohydrates,Fat and Protein)Features:Giant product database• Search food/products by text or barcode• Integrated Barcode-Scanner - find productsfastandeasy• Add products to your favorites• Detailed nutrition information (macro- and micronutritionandmuchmore)Free Food Diary• Grouping by meals (6 separators) or time ofday(3separators)• Quickys (Shortcuts) - Save time while addingproductstoyour diary• Add custom nutrition meals (Pro-Version only!)- Add dummy amounts of Carbohydrates, Fat and Proteintoyourdiary• Create your own lists/recipes• Detailed day summary for calories, activities,macro-andmicronutritionPlan your week!• Calorie Planner - Set calorie goals for each day oftheweek(Pro-Version only!)• Nutrition Planner - Set nutrition goals for each dayoftheweek (Pro-Version only!)• Weekly Report - Detailed analysis andevaluationofGoal-Consumption-Performance (Pro-Version only!)Diet Report• Shown as diagram or as tabular view• Trend of your weight loss/gain on the DashboardGoogle Fit Integration• Calories Expended (from Third-Party-Apps like Nike Running)• Weight entries (from Third-Party-Apps like FatSecret)Notice: You need a freeFDDB-Accounttosynchronize/store your data online. If youtrouble with yourlogininformation please contact the