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Malaeb ملاعب 3.0.5
• As seen on Entrepreneur Middle East “Bahrain-based footballcommunity app” • As seen on The National “modernizing how matchesare organized in the GCC” • World Economic Forum – Arab startupsthat are shaping the fourth industrial revolution Want to book afield and get instant confirmation? Over 450,000 bookings have beenmade through our platform hassle and worry free! Malaeb makes iteasy for you to browse the fields in your area and easily find theone that’s right for you with more than 350 fields across the GCC.You can also join pick up games happening in your area. Bookings:View the fields nearby your location and check the availabletimings. You can also view the facilities provided at each stadium.Matches: Join matches happening around you and make some newfriends playing your favorite sport. Missing some players for thenext game you’re organizing? Add your match to the page and havethe community join you. Customer Support: Our customer happinessteam is happy to assist you with any help you need, whenever youneed it. Our team typically responds to your inquires in under 5minutes!