M3Technologies Apps

Surah Yasin Dan Terjemahan 1.0.1
This application provide Surah Yasin withArabic text for recitation along with its Malay translation forunderstanding the Holy verses of Surah Yasin.Surah Yasin ini mengandungi terjemahan Bahasa Melayu pada setiapayat. Semoga kita dapat menghayati setiap maksud ayat-ayat SurahYasin dan semoga mendapat keberkatan.
Doa Harian 1.0.3
Applikasi ini menggunakan tulisan Arab untuk mengekalkan bacaannyadan terdapat terjemahan di dalam Bahasa Melayu.Doa adalah satu ibadah dan merupakan salah satu tanda kerendahandiri hamba terhadap Tuhannya. Ia boleh dilakukan secara individuatau berkumpulan.
GEO Manager V2 2.0.4
GPRS New Version! Now with GPRS Tracking Functions!GEO manager is the application that can be used only in accordanceto the approved tracking device (Geo P008 Tracker) provided by M3Asia Sdn Bhd. This apps will provide the user an easy interface totrack/manage the tracking device just in one click. Provide thebasic and easy interface. User doesn't have to memorize all thecommand line to do the tracking.*Please consult your local telco operators for sms and data chargesthat may incur during your usage.
Indonesia - iGO NextGen App
Join the millions of users who have alreadychosen iGO navigation all over the world.After downloading the iGO primo application you CAN START TO USE ITIMMEDIATELY. IT WORKS IN OFFLINE MODE, there are NO ROAMING FEES.Your Android phone becomes a FULL VALUE NAVIGATION device, justlike any dedicated satellite navigation device. The maps are partof the application (see details of the coverage below).°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°HIGHLIGHTS- Fast, short, easy-to-follow, and green routes- Automatic route recalculation- Multipoint-route support- Get social! Share your routes on Facebook!- Navigate to GPS-coordinates, pictures- Local/POI search: find businesses or anything else you needaround your position- Country specific lane guidance & signposts (whereapplicable)- 3D junctions (where applicable)- Smart keyboard&history- Customizable quick menu & vehicle profile- Try out the Customer Support Centre: read tips&tricks, send afeedback.°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°COUNTRIES COVEREDIndonesia°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°IMPORTANT TECHNICAL INFORMATIONContinued use of GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecrease battery life. Background navigation has to be turned onwhile using the application;The maps are part of the application, no roaming fees,: no needfor cellular network coverage, no surprises. Map updates aresubject to availability and may come as part of softwareupdates.
WayHome 1.0.1
Allone is a smart remote control which canconnect to Internet and control IR home appliances from APP insmart phone.Smart phone can remote control all lights by combiningsmart switch. You can remote control light by connecting to smartstation also just by finger touching to switch on/off.
Forever Lifestyle 2.2
One stop information center for FBO’s toreceive updates from Forever Living Products Malaysia. Content:Gaya Hidup (Weekly Articles) E-newsletter (Bi-weeklynewsletter)
M3 Asia Geo Tracker 2.2.0
M3Asia Geo Tracker is reliable apps foryourGPS tracking devices , it will help you :- Find or locate your vehicle- Show history of your vehicle movement- Turn off/on your vehicle- Set speed limit for your vehicle- Geofencing- SOS panic button- Alert you when somebody cut off the GPS tracker fromcarbattery- Set interval to sent location dataIf you get any problem please report to us [email protected]
Mother's Day Greetings Card 1.0.1
Create Mother's Day Greeting Cards on thego!This application provides you with a wide selection oftemplatesand frames which can be customized to your liking. Besideschoosingfrom our library of frames and templates, you can also useexistingpictures from your photo album or capture that candidmoment withyour camera.This application is for Mother's DayApplication is Free To DownloadApplication consist of add in purchaseAllow user to have a friendly greeting card to share on thiscomingMother's Day with their loved one .20 options of templates (10 Free and 10 to Purchase )
Kad Raya 2.0
Kad Raya memudahkan anda menghantar ucapanSelamat Hari Raya kepada yang tersayang.- Susun atur applikasi yang mesra-pengguna- Lebih daripada 20 pilihan templat yang cantik dan unik- Aksesori ikon tanpa had- Pelbagai jenis tulisan dan warna- Pilihan gambar terus dari kamera atau dari album foto- Kongsi Kad Raya bersama yang tersayang melalui Facebook, emailatau MMS.- Simpan Kad Raya di dalam album dan kad raya ini boleh digunakansebagai Wallpaper atau dikongsi menggunakan applikasi lain.Semoga Applikasi Kad Raya ini dapat menambah seri Aidilfitri danmengeratkan silaturrahim antara kita semua. Selamat HariRaya!
M3Shoppe 2.01
M3Shoppe.com is your one-stop shoppinghaventhat brings online shopping to a whole new level! Dedicatedtoproviding you with secure, affordable and fantastic deals,wepromise to deliver our excellent services and utmost qualitytoeach and everyone of you with your peace of mind being ourtoppriority. Prepare yourself for the best shopping experienceyou'llever have!
Deepavali Card 1.0.2
DescriptionHighlighted features:- User-friendly layout- More than 20 options of beautiful and unique templates- Unlimited accessories icon- Various types of font and color- Choice of pictures directly from camera or from aphotoalbum- Share Deepavali Card with a loved one through Facebook, emailorMMS.- Save Deepavali Card in our album, so it can be used asWallpapersor shared with other applications.Greetings made easy! Wish your friends and family thisDeepavaliwith our Deepavali Card App! Our app features a whole newlayoutwith new icons and features that will help you create thatuniqueDeepavali greeting. Choose from a selection of beautifullydesignedframes and add in an unlimited number of icons this timearound formaximum customization of your card. Add in a personalizedgreetingwith our text editor with customizable fonts, text size andcolors.Greetings get more personal with the option of including aphotoeither from your photo album or snapshots fresh from thecameraapp! Move the photo around to find that perfect fit withyourselected frame and icons. Mix and match photos and frames,addingtext, unlimited icons, all this can be done with just a touchand aswipe of your fingers!Sharing your card with the world is easy. Our app’sintegrationwith Facebook allows users to quickly share theircreation on theirFacebook wall. Just save your greeting card inyour photo album andshare it with your loved ones through e-mailand MMS! Have afun-filled Deepavali with our Deepavali CardApp!
Xmas Greetings 1.0.4
This application is forChristmasGreetingsApplication is Free To DownloadApplication consist of add in purchaseAllow user to have a friendly greeting card to share onChristmaswith their loved one .20 options of templates (10 Free and 10 to Purchase )
Butik Dukomsel 1.2
BUTIK DUKOMSEL adalah Toko yang menjualHandphone jenis AMPS juga diikuti dengan jenis Handphone GSM yangmulai beredar di Indonesia.Fitur:1. Katalog Handphone & Tablet2. Info Spesifikasi3. Promosi & Penawaran Menari
Piyanas Group develop its owncapabilitiescontinuously. Until today Piyanas Group has beenrecognized bydomestic and overseas retail store audio as thelargest inThailand. With a wide range of items All needs of sound.From thebeginning to the Super Hiend. You can experience the joythat wasinvaluable. The quality of products and professionalservices teamPiyanas. Because we understand that a really soundlikeanything.
M3Asia Indonesia 1.1
M3Asia Indonesia adalah DistributorEksklusifuntuk merek Papago!, WayWay, Hyper, Arkon, CleanZ &iShieldz.Temukan beragam produk GPS, DVR, Personal Tracker,ExternalBattery, Wireless Charger, Mobile Mounting Solution,Cleaning Kits,Screen Protectors.Features:1. Info Produk2. Info Dealer3. Info Pameran4. Info Support5. Dan info lainnya
AidilAdha Greetings 1.0.3
Greetings made easy! Wish your familyandfriends this Eid-Adha with out AidilAdha Greetings App! Ourappfeatures a whole new layout with new icons and features thatwillhelp you create an unique Eid-Adha greetings. Choose fromaselection of creatively designed frames and add in thecuteiconsfor maximum customization of your card. You may addinpersonalised greetings with our fun text editor –customizablefonts, text size and colors. Greetings get morepersonal withtheoption of including a photoeither from your photoalbum orsnapshots fresh from the camera app. Move the photo aroundto findthe perfect fit with your selected frames & icon.Share your creative & fully customize greetings withfamily& friends using our app's intergration with Facebook oremailthem with just a click! Not to forget, you may share yourcreationby saving it to your album & MMS to your lovedones!
Crazy Coconuts 2.0
Aplikasi Crazy Coconut (CraCo) sebagaibentukpenghargaan kepada loyal customer CRAZY COCONUTS Cafe &Resto.Kumpulkan stampsnya, dan tukarkan dengan hadiah-hadiahmenarik yangdisediakan. Dapatkan informasi mengenai promosi, produkdan layananCRAZY COCO
Car TV 1.0
AVT / Oris is a car audio product of PTIntersis Sejahtera AbadiPT Intersis Sejahtera Abadi is an exclusive importer anddistributor for various brands of in-car entertainment productssuch as TV, DVD, amplifiers, speakers, cables, and installationcomplement accessories.Our Mission is to offer trendsetting, high quality Audio-VisualEntertainment Systems to meet the demands of mobileapplication.
MPC Concept Store 1.0
This application is to allow user to reviewtheproduct catalogue, promotions, location of the store and priceofthe product. It also allowed user to make a productregistrationfrom its application. The idea of this application isto easy blastpromotion messages to various of user and to allow thestore tokeep track the product warranty length from each of theuser.
Israk Mikraj 1.1
Israk mikraj is the history about thejourneyof Rasulullah from Makkah to Aqsa that call Israk and Aqsato Arasythat call Mikraj with Buraq. The story of Israk and Mikrajthathappened at the time of Rasulullah S.A.W. The reasonthisapplication was done because it’s remind us about storythatalready forgotten by some people and also as dakwah forotherpeople about the story.
Toni&Guy Karachi Pakistan 2.3
Toni&Guy Karachi Pakistan provides itsusers a new dimension of interacting with the Toni&Guy FlagshipSalon (The World's Largest). It gives users complete informationabout Toni&Guy Karachi's: - Services - Price Lists - Products -Promotions - VIP Cards - Hair Spa - Salon Locations - Directions -Salon Email - Website - Contact Number - Facebook Check In -Facebook and Instagram Links - Shows Best of all it gives users theopportunity to Book Appointments through the application andreceive confirmations through the application itself. All aboveinformation is for Toni&Guy Flagship and EssensualsSalon.
OMA Online Shop 2.2
Men's Grooming Product dan Pancake DurianJasa : Insurance Consultant : Fire | Marine Cargo |PersonalAccident | Engineering | Cash | Liability | Travel Guard |MotorVehicleSilakan merapat ke OMA OLS sekalian bisa jajan pancakedurianyang pastinya yummy banget.Pancake Durian yang "lekker en heerlijk" adalah salah satukueyang unik dengan durian sebagai bahan utamanya yang dibalutdenganadonan tepung dan krim yang dibuat sedemikian rupa.Makan Pancake Durian adalah salah satu cara ternikmatuntukmenikmati daging durian. Lidah Anda akan lebih bicarauntukmembuktikannya. Berani coba?Menerima Pesanan : Pancake Durian, Daging Durian Medan danDurianKupasFor order :Jakarta - Bogor - Depok - Tangerang - Bekasi - CibuburWA: 085691727788BBM: 2B666921SMS: 085106389911FB: www.facebook.com/OmaPandurBukalapak : https://www.bukalapak.com/mhwidTwitter: @OmaPandurIG: @mhwidCOD (siang)Wilayah Harmoni - Kota - Mangga Dua - Pangeran Jayakarta -ManggaBesar - Thamrin - Sudirman - Kuningan - Tanah Abang - Cideng-Tomang - Kelapa Gading - Sunter.Di luar itu barang dikirim via Tikindo.Cibubur : OMA OLS - Pannenkoek Durian van Oma - RafflesHills(Saturday, 07.30 - 15.00). COD : Family Mart RafflesHills.Tangerang : COD Seputaran Balekota Mall Tangerang (15.00 -18.00)- SMS +6282298011073 BB 239268BDBekasi : Anggrek Pet Shop (Wednesday - Monday, 09.00 - 18.00):Ruko Harapan Indah Blok A 3 No. 10, JL Bulevard Hijau Raya,HarapanIndah, Bekasi - SMS +6285101250737Solo : Kidoki Lie - SMS +628112636609 WA +628982274486BB7ECEECD9Demi kelancaran kiriman Anda, mohon lengkapi alamatAnda,cantumkan Nama, Nama Jalan, No Rumah/Kantor, Kelurahan,Kecamatan,Kota/Kabupaten, No. Telpon dan Kode Pos.
SPKG 1.1
A Real time GPS Tracker for your bikesafety.SPKG allow you track, locate your bike live with SPKG App.Toprevent hijack, SPKG also allow you control the speed andenginestart stop.
HighScope 1.2
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia is anational-plusschool based in Jakarta, Indonesia, established in1996 by AntarinaS.F. Amir. The school is based on the HighScopeResearch FoundationDevelopment curriculum, of which the instituteitself is located inYpsilanti, Michigan. Sekolah HighScopeIndonesia's first locationis located in Pondok Indah, SouthJakarta. At first, the schoolonly included the early childhoodprogram, and during its firstdays of operation, HighScope Indonesiaonly had 8 students. Asecond campus is located on the Aston Jakartahotel, locatedsomewhere in Kuningan, South Jakarta. A third campus,now closed,had previously occupied a house that was only a walkaway fromPondok Indah Mall. In 2000, High/Scope Indonesia openedtheElementary program, which was previously located in a houseinCilandak, South Jakarta. They started with only oneclassroom,which doubled to three classrooms prior to moving to anew campusin Jl. TB Simatupang, South Jakarta, in June 2002. In2005, theMiddle School program was opened, allowing 5th gradestudents topromote to 6th grade, without even having to leave theschool. Thelatest was the High School program, located on the 5thfloor on thesecond building of the campus.Features:1. Academic Programs1. Curriculums2. HighScope Units4. News5. About HighScope
Alfa Accessories 1.0
Merupakan spesialis dalam penyediaanaksesorismobil seperti kaca film, stabilizer mobil, bantalanpengganjal per,kulit jok mobil serta filter udara untukmobil.
wayLED Home 1.1
Allone is a smart remote control whichcanconnect to Internet and control IR home appliances from APPinsmart phone.Smart phone can remote control all lights bycombiningsmart switch. You can remote control light by connectingto smartstation also just by finger touching to switchon/off.