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Hungama Bollywood Video Maker 2.1.7
Become the next Bollywood music video starwith MatchCut: the fastest & easiest video-editing app forAndroid. Make your own 30 or 15-second Bollywood music videosfeaturing the songs from the hottest Bollywood stars (e.g. ShreyaGhoshal, Sonu Nigam, Babbu Maan, Kailash Kher, and Benny Dayal) andBollywood films (e.g. Kick, Singham Returns, 2 States, Creature 3D,and Bhoothnath Returns). With MatchCut, you can be the star of yourown 30/15-second videos and share your mini-movies with the world.How to create fun & easy Bollywood music videos withMatchCut:1. Record videos and/or select previously filmed clips from yourAndroid gallery.2. Choose your favorite song from dozens of popular free and fullylicensed music tracks (see Bollywood music artists below).3. Watch as MatchCut’s video editor automatically edits your videosperfectly timed with the music.4. Share your MatchCut videos with friends by sharing on Facebook,YouTube, and email/text.Features:• Fastest & simplest video-editing app for Android. And when wesay fast, we mean fast!• Music! MatchCut comes bundled with over 50 royalty-free music foryour MatchCut videos, allowing you to set the perfect mood andtheme for your movies. Plenty more songs will be coming soon!• Choose from MatchCut’s catalogue of Hollywood-style music or ourBollywood music playlist.• Share with friends: MatchCut makes it very simple for you toupload your movies onto YouTube and share on your favorite socialnetworks.• Export or share: Some of us don’t like to share our videos withthe public. MatchCut allows you to export your videos to yourgallery, if you choose to.• Browse through our real-time Explore feed to see the top trendingMatchCuts.• Like what you hear? Purchase full songs from within the app.--------------------------------------------------------------------Visit the MatchCut YouTube page to see some of the latestMatchCuts created by us!http://www.youtube.com/MatchCutMoviesMusic from Bollywood Songs & Hindi Music app!Includes music from top Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil andTelugu artists, as well as from these Bollywood films:Aashiqui 2, Agent Vinod, Blue Eyes, Bodyguard, Boss, Dabangg 2,Desi Boyz, Desi Kalakaar, Ek Villain, Excuse Me Girl, The Xpose,Yaariyan, Hate Story 2, Highway, & Heropanti.
Phases of the Moon Free
Love the Moon? Get this 3-D simulation, withAtlas, Monthly Calendar, Live Wallpaper, Widget and more!Hold the Moon in your hand with this 3-D simulation of Moon phaseswith data updated in real time. Swipe back and forth to movethrough the phases of the Moon. This app has all the data you needincluding moon rise and set times, moon illumination, phase name,zodiac location and the distance to the Moon, all in a beautiful,elegant app that's fun to use. It's even got a monthly calendar soyou can see what the Moon will look like over time.Key Features:- Track all cycles of the moon (including full moon, newmoon, waning gibbous, waxing crescent, first quarter, and more)through live moon wallpaper or through moon phase calendarapp.- See the current lunar phase with a 3-D simulation made by NASAdata: You can even see the shadows change. Includes a LiveLunar Wallpaper and a Widget so you don't need to enter the app toalways know what phase it is.- Moon rise and moon set times: View for today or look intothe past or future for updated times.- Find the next Full Moon or New Moon: You can click abutton to take you to the next Full Moon or New Moon.Interactive and informative free moon app: Smoothly drag theMoon phase back and forth with your finger, or even "spin it" toquickly advance forwards or backwards. - See the current date,distance, phase name, zodiac location and moon illuminationpercentage: updated in real time. GPS detection of your hemisphereand location to make sure the Moon looks right for you.- See the Moon's libration (wobble) as it completes an orbitaround the Earth.- View craters and moon landing sites: Pinch-zoom the Moonto see a full lunar atlas with spacecraft landing sites, mare andlarge craters- Share with friends: Share your images on all the popularsocial networksDeveloped by M2Catalyst. Please email us if you have any questionsor if there are any problems with your specific version of Android.We'd also love to hear your feature ideas.Moon images created by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center ScientificVisualization StudioPlease, support developers of this app and buy the ad-free versionhere:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.universetoday.moon.phases
Battery Widget+ StylePack 1.2.2
Battery Widget+ StylePack is a theme pluginfor Battery Widget+. StylePack provides 6 more styles of batterylevel indicators now, and there will be more to come. Please let meknow if you have any ideas about a new style.It requires Battery Widget+ v1.0.0 or above to work.
App Monitor Performance Tool 2.1.4
Monitor your app performance, usage, and findbetter Android performing apps with new app recommendations!M2 App Monitor is a crowdsourced Android analytics tool thatprovides you with simple reporting to help you understand theperformance of your apps, your application usage, and helps youavoid bad apps that slow down your phone. It alerts you ofapplications that drain your battery, slow down your phone,increase your data usage, and more.------------------------------------------------------Features:• New Community Reports - See unique app reports from the M2 AppMonitor community to discover how your favorite apps performworldwide, and find new apps that interest you.• See quick application performance reports on an app's battery,data, CPU, and memory usage. See which apps have access toanalytics, permissions, and more.• Understand your apps' performance compared to other similar appsfrom the M2 App Monitor community. See what applications othersenjoy using the most.• It protects you: You’ll hardly know M2 App Monitor is there, butwhen you download an inefficient app, it will kindly alert you thatthe app, for example, will severely drain your battery or use upyour data.• High Performing App Recommendations: M2 App Monitor's "TrendingApps" feature recommends efficient and popular apps among the M2App Monitor community, allowing you to find great new apps thatwon't drain your battery or unreasonably consume resources.• Background Monitoring: Even when you’re not using your device,certain apps may be draining your battery, exhausting your dataplans and slowing down your phone. M2 App Monitor lets you seewhich of these apps are running in the background.------------------------------------------------------How it works:M2 App Monitor looks at all of the applications on your device,and compares that data to every other device in the world that hasM2 App Monitor installed. We care about your privacy and it’simportant to note that all data collected from your device isaggregated and completely anonymized.------------------------------------------------------Download it now and try it out – it’s a great way to see how anapp is slowing down your phone.We want to hear from you, so please leave a review and let usknow how we can help you! Thanks for your interest in M2 AppMonitor.------------------------------------------------------Let’s Connect!Join the Google+ Community for the best applications &monitoring news: https://plus.google.com/+M2appmonitor/Twitter: https://twitter.com/M2AppMonitorFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/M2AppMonitor
Game Time - Track & Find Games 1.2.0
Keep track of resources from all the gamesinstalled on your Android Device!GameTime is an Android Analytics Application that provides datafrom games that are installed on your Android device. Keep track ofthe time spent on each individual game, a sum of all time spent onyour games, as well as explore popular downloads from within thelarger m2 community!­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-------------------------------------------------------Features:● My Game Data: After the application is installed on yourdevice, you will be able to track and view all time spent ongames!● Look at resource consumption from individual games, or asummary of all your data.● Add Applications: Want to track some other applications otherthan games? You are ableto customize which apps you add so that you can personalize yourexperience!● Community: View games that are popular within the m2Community. Use this page tosee what everyone is playing and maybe something will spark yourinterest!­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-------------------------------------------------------How it works:GameTime uses an in­house algorithm that we developed to providedata about games that you play on your Android Device. With anumber of data points collected from users all around the world, weare able to provide some of the most accurate metrics.Our database stores tons of information which allows us to giveyou the best user experience. As we continue to grow, we promise tokeep delivering high quality metrics.W​e care about your privacy and it’s important to note thatall data collected from your device is aggregated and completelyanonymized. You can view the privacy statement at any time withinthe application.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-------------------------------------------------------Download it and try it out – it’s a great way to see how muchtime you really are spending on your games.
Battery Widget Pro 2.0.0
Save your battery life and discoverwhichapps are draining your battery with the FREE BatteryWidgetPro.Battery Widget Pro monitors app battery drain, batterychargespeed, and battery discharge speed to help improve yourbatterylife. In addition, Battery Widget Pro’s centralized devicesettingsmanager lets you adjust GPS, WiFi, screen brightness, and 8otherbattery consuming device settings. By anonymously sharingbatteryusage data with the Better App Community, you will helpappdevelopers improve their apps and help other Better AppCommunitymembers improve their battery life. Benefit instantly fromthepower of many by comparing your battery performance to BetterAppCommunity members similar to you.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Key Features• App Battery Usage History: Track how much batteryisconsumed by each of the apps on your device.• Analyze your apps’ battery usage by foreground, background,andoverall.• Sort by battery usage in the past hour, day, week, month, oralltime.• Device Toggles: Access and adjust toggles forscreenbrightness, screen time, WiFi, data, vibration, volume,Bluetooth,sync, screen rotation, airplane mode, and GPS.• Top Battery Draining Apps Widget: Available fromyourhomescreen, flip through the 5 apps that are draining the mostofyour battery.• Battery Percentage Widget: See what percentage ofbatteryis remaining on your device.• Remaining Battery Time: See how much time isremaininguntil your battery is fully charged or discharged.• Battery Drain Monitor: Receive notifications ifyourbattery is discharging faster than usual.• App Manager: Force close or uninstall high batterydrainapps from within Battery Widget Pro to save batterylife.• Join the Better App Community: Increase battery lifewiththe Better App Community. Benefit from the Better App Communitybyseeing how your battery charge and battery discharge comparestoothers with the same device and carrier network. With theBetterApp Community, we are improving battery life, together.• Better App Community Reports: Receiveweeklycommunity-powered battery reports that compare and analyzethebattery usage of popular apps such as Facebook andTwitter.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Battery Widget Pro utilizes necessary permissions to provideyouwith helpful information to help save battery better thaneverbefore. If you have any questions about the permissionsrequestedby Battery Widget Pro, please feel free to email usatsupport@m2appmonitor.com.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Install Battery Widget Pro today to save battery life.
Network Cell Info Lite & Wifi 6.7.4
Signal Strength, Mobile, Wifi, Speed Test, Bad Signals, Cellular,5G, LTE, 4G
Battery Widget & Signal Finder 7.4.3
Designed to help you achieve excellent battery performance!
Mobile Signal Finder 4.2.0
mobile coverage insights, signal history, signal finder
Network Cell Info & Wifi 6.7.2
Signal Strength, Mobile, Wifi, Speed Test, Bad Signals, Cellular,5G, LTE, 4G
Battery Widget % Level Plus 7.3.8
Live Battery Level Widget shows the battery percentage indicator ina 1x1 space.