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PhoneWatcher - Mobile Tracker
PhoneWatcher is a powerful tracking appequipped with a strong set of features that allow users to keep acheck on the cell phone activities of their kids other familymembers or employees in order to avoid any unwanted behavior or forsafety purposes.THE APPLICATION ALLOWS YOU TO:• SMS TrackingThe built in SMS tracker lets you read all SMS messages sent orreceived. Even if the message is deleted from your child's phone,you can still read it as a copy is sent to your control panel. Aswell as reading the text message itself, you will also be able tosee who it is from/to and when it was sent.• Monitor Cell Phone Call LogsThis amazing tracking app allows you to look at call logs for bothincoming and outgoing calls. You can see who your child has beencalling, the time and date of the call, the duration of the callsand how many times your child makes calls to that number.• GPS Location MonitoringIf you have concerns about where your child is going when theyleave the house, then you are going to love the GPS tracker that isincluded with this phone monitoring app. You can see theirmovements in real time or check out a historical map showing wherethey have been. Not only does this let you know where they arehanging out, but in the event that your child ever went missing itcould help to locate them very quickly.• Access to Complete Browsing HistoryThe internet can be a scary place at times! While it is fantasticfor finding information and communicating with others, we all knowit has a darker side too. The browser history feature of Cell PhoneTracker allows you to see which sites your child is browsing.• Photo & Video InterceptionCell Phone Tracker intercepts every single photo or video that istaken using your child's cell phone. This allows you to see if yourchild is making inappropriate images. There is a worrying trendamong teens right now for 'sexting' which involves sharing risquéimages with each other. This app lets you make sure that this isnot happening with your child.Note: this software must be installed only by phone owner or attheir consent!