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Logical Defense 1.5.1
Steel yourselves, and begin to defend your mind from the languageused against you by the sophists of the world. They are many, weare few, but with the Logical Defense app, we now have an extratool in our box of rationality. Use this app to quickly look-up thelogical fallacies we face when debating against the irrational.Call out those who are logically flawed and help to build a morerational society. Honesty is the first virtue, so let's bepainfully honest towards those who attempt to use language as aform of mental abuse. Never accept a logical fallacy, attack theattacker, and spread logic and reason to those you love. Ok, enoughrambling. This is an app that displays a list of the logicalfallacies that haunt every rationalists' mind. Some features: -Left drawer that houses categories. - Share function -> Longpress a fallacy to share it. - Nice about screen. - Languageselection function. This is a fully open-source project (GNU v2),and the source is hosted on GitHub so feel free to fork me :)GitHub Repo: Feelfree to leave your comments/suggestions. Thank you for downloading!UPDATE: 28 Nov 2016 -> Thanks very much to everyone who hasdownloaded the app, I have seen an incredible uptake in users overthe past few weeks. I will soon be on leave, and I hope to add somenew features soon :)