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Internet Speed Monitor PRO Key 1.2.3
Lufesu Inc.
Function of the Internet Speed Monitor will be available. - Detectapp that occurring traffic function. - Remove ad function
Swipe Launcher 0.1.4
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Swipe Launcher is an overlay-based launcher application. Youcanquickly launch your favorite applications and shortcuts atanytime. Because it is operating with overlay, it is possibletoswitch applications immediately when watching browsers, SNS,andmovies. You can also check the time and battery level. It helpstoconfirm when playing the game on the full screen. There is noneedto install an application on the home screen, the home screenwillbe cleaned up.
Data Usage Monitor 1.17.1981
Lufesu Inc.
“Data Usage Monitor" is a user-friendly app for you to manage yourdata usage. “Data Usage Monitor" helps you to accurately measureyour daily data traffic, and analyze the data in a way easy tounderstand. It also pops up warnings when you are reaching the datatraffic limit, which protects you from data overuse. Please try“Data Usage Monitor" to manage your data usage and plan the bestway to control your data traffic! ・ Automatic Data TrafficMeasurement – Once you launch the app, it will then measure yourdata traffic automatically. Whenever you are concerned about yourdata usage, simply launch the app to check! ・ Precise Measurementon the Data Usage – It measures precisely the data usage of yoursmart phone. Don’t worry! This app can accurately measure betweenany time intervals. For Wi-Fi data usage, it is sorted by SSID! ・Easy-to-read Statistics Interface – Measured usage is separated interms of Wi-Fi and Mobile displayed in graphs that are easy toread. What’s more, you can sort by app data usage, so you knowwhich apps are the most data-consuming! ・Premium Features – Premiumusers can enjoy features such as the display of data traffic on thehome screen by using our app widget!
Internet Speed Monitor
Lufesu Inc.
The Internet Speed Monitor is an application that specializes inthe internet speed display. It can always be displayed on thescreen and shows the internet speed in real time. The popularfunction of the Data Usage Monitor has been turned into an app.Flexible settings and high functionality. Free version features -Monitoring internet speed. - Add a variety of settings. PRO versionfeatures - Judgment function of the currently communicatingapplication. - Hide ads. ■About the permissions used by thisapplication [Read phone status and identity] To get the amount ofdata usage by app and to identify the communicating app [Wi-Ficonnection information] To determine the type of communication[Full network access] Show Network Connection. For advertisingdisplay. To collect information needed to improve the app, such aserror information. [Run at startup] In order to automatically startthe resident service when the terminal is started. [draw over otherapps] To display the internet speed monitor with an overlay.
Recent Notification History
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Have you ever felt annoyed by getting so many notifications everyday? Have you ever received a notification and checked yoursmartphone, only to be disappointed to find it was just filled withjunk? Norg will solve those problems! Let Norg control yournotifications, and provide you with a more pleasant notificationenvironment! [Benefits] • You will be alerted to only importantnotifications through sounds and vibrations. • All othernotifications will be automatically organized, leaving yournotification area clean and efficient. • You can always checknotifications that you've already read, anytime. • Since you won'thave to check your notifications as often anymore, it will helpimprove your concentration, and also allow you to reduce smartphoneaddiction. [Features] • Norg will manage your entire notificationhistory (you can always go back and check them anytime). • Unreadnotifications will be organized by app and displayed in compactnotification form. • You will be alerted to only importantnotifications through sounds and vibrations (will remain in yournotification area). • All other notifications will be silenced andlogged by Norg (will not remain in your notification area). • Thenotification icon will alert you to how many unread notificationsyou have. • Only your important notifications will remain, so yournotification area will be kept clean and efficient. • Flexiblefiltering options, by individual app, notification group, andkeyword. • Although normally not possible, now you can hide Ongoingnotification from being displayed. • Search function for pastnotifications. [How to use] • After installing, allow notificationaccess. (at a minimum, this is the only setting you need!) • Checkthe notifications you receive with Norg. When you tap thenotification, you can open up your app as you always do.[Convenient usage] # Basic After installing and allowing access tonotifications, the initial setup is complete. You can tell if youare getting notifications by the icon in the status bar, so checkthe notification history log when you have time. # ImportantNotification Set only the notifications that you need to checkimmediately as important notifications. (Some apps are set toimportant notifications by default). The more notifications youhave set as important, the less effective it will be in clearing upthe notification area. # Music Apps Music apps such as YoutubeMusic and Spotify may record a large number of notifications inNorg because they show the media player in the notification area.You can still use the music apps by setting them as importantnotifications while setting them as notifications to block. #Already read notifications All the notifications you have checkedcan be viewed from the list of read notifications. You can checkthem by date or by app, so you can easily look back and see yournotifications later. # Display settings for ongoing notificationsYou can change the display settings of ongoing notifications, whichnormally cannot be removed from the notification field. Use thisoption when you want to use a running service, but do not want toshow the notification icon. (Hiding the ongoing notifications mayreduce the stability of that service.) [Paid Features] - Removal ofads - Expanded functionality - Read all button in notifications(you can read all notifications at once from notification box) -Unlimited notification history log of read notifications (freeversion allows you to see 3 days of notifications) - Dark theme[Caution] - Internet communications are used to displayadvertisements and to collect usage data such as crash information.- The messages contained in the notifications are only recorded inyour device and are not collected. - This app can interfere withother notification management apps, so please try to avoid using ittogether. - Some devices may not be able to cut the sound andvibration of notifications.
Swipe Launcher Pro Key 1.0.3
Lufesu Inc.
It is a ProKey app that can use all functions of SwipeLauncher.ProKey features: - Expansion of the number of panel grids.- Hideads.