Lucky Kat Studios Apps

Combo Critters 1.3.9
Combine to evolve your critters and conquer the universe
Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever 1.5.8
Grumpy Cat’s 1st official mobile game! It's theWORST-GAME-YOU-WILL-EVER-PLAY.
Cure Hunters 1.2.9
In the year 2078 a mysterious meteorite hit the surface oftheearth. The impact caused the meteorite to release a viruswhichinfected most of earth's population. General "Vaccinez"quicklyformed a squad of Cure Hunters who set out to find anantidote. Oneof the recruits, "Dr. Dellton", has been sent on amission to curean area of infected. And so the adventure begins.Will you save theearth? Features : * Awesome action-pacedplatformer * Collect avariety of characters with unique guns *Beautiful pixel artgraphics * Retro music by Moose
Beat Street 1.4.3
Side-scrolling beat 'em up with single touch controls
Kaiju Rush 1.3.1
Smash cities with one finger
Tombshaft 1.1.6
Descend to explore ancient tombs filled with dangerous creaturesandtraps. You are on a mission to find hidden treasures. Spot thegeniealong the way to give you mysterious powers. Collect as manycoinsas possible to unlock more characters with uniqueabilities!Features: * Retro styled scrolling arcade game * Randomlevelsevery time you play * Awesome 8-bit music * Unlockuniquecharacters
Go Slice 1.2.7
Cut paper to solve puzzles
Nom Cat 153
The cat arcade game featuring Grumpy Cat, Garfield, Nyan Cat andmany more!
Magic Finger 3D 1.3.12
Action at your fingertips!
Cut It Out 3D 1.1
Use your mighty saw and cut the bad guys out! Cut your waythroughwood, ice, or even the earth! Can you clear all thelevels?FEATURES: • Intuitive one-touch controls • Beautifulgraphics •Challenging gameplay!
Save the Date 1.3.0
Best dating sim game!
Grow Hammer 1.0.1
Hammer time! Grow a giant hammer and smash as many enemies asyoucan! Hitting your enemies gives you even more power and givesyou avery special spinning attack! Easy controls give youperfectcontrol of your growing hammer! * Grow a bigger and biggerhammer *Different hammers as you progress * Special attack to whackyourfoes Grow your hammer as big as possible and hit as manyenemies asyou can. After hitting enough enemies your power ischarged and youcan do a special attack by rotating your hammeraround you while itgrows decimating all enemies around you.
Nailed It 1.0.7
Save the civilians and defeat all the enemies. How many shots doyouneed to clear all the levels? FEATURES: • Intuitiveone-touchcontrols • Beautiful graphics • Challenging gameplay!
Fire Rescue 1.0.0
HELP! Fire! Put out the flames and rescue everyone out ofthebuilding. Play in countless different scenarios andenvironmentsand put out all the flames! FEATURES: • Intuitiveone-touchcontrols • Beautiful graphics • Challenging gameplay!
Ragdoll Hero 1.1.1
Ragdoll through your enemies!
Sport Switch 1.0.0
To finish first and overcome all the obstacles you need tochangefrom athlete to athlete. Running, swimming, boxing and muchmore!The faster you change and the better choices you make thebetterchange you have to beat the competition! * Easy one-touchcontrols* Unique switching gameplay * Fun visuals and upgrades tounlock
Armed & Dangerous 1.0.8
Armed & Dangerous is the ultimate ragdoll fighter. Choose yourweapon of choice and swap out your arms in this amazing ragdollfighter! Featuring customizable characters and countless weapons.Outsmart your opponents by combining weapons and arms! FEATURES: •Intuitive one-touch controls • Physic-based gameplay • Hilariousanimations!
Sword Flip Duel 1.2.0
Sword Flip Duel is the ultimate fight game. Flip your sword usingphysics to go into duels with your ragdoll fighter! Featuringcustomizable characters and countless weapons. Outsmart youropponents by flipping! Watch out for special bosses and otherplayers from all over the world. Beat them to get new cool weapons,such as new swords and axes. FEATURES: • Intuitive one-touchcontrols • Physic-based gameplay • Hilarious animations! * Coolenviroments
K-Run Challenge 3D 1.0.5
The Ultimate Survival Game
Unpack It! 1.0.1
Unpacking is a relaxing puzzle game about the familiar processofpulling possessions out of boxes and putting them into a newplace.In part block-fitting puzzle, part home decoration, you areinvitedto form a enjoyable living space while learning clues aboutthelife you’re unpacking.
Dashy Rush 1.0.0
In Dashy Rush is an action packed ragdoll game where you need togetto the finish by dashing! Avoid the obstacles and characterswho tryto slow you down. FEATURES: • Intuitive one-touch controls•Physic-based gameplay • Hilarious scenarios!
Game Master IQ
How Smart Are You?
Rail Craft 3D 1.0.1
Gather resources, craft amazing skate environments, build your ownskate park and discover new worlds! Very cool and satisfyingspecial sound effects! There are lots of various skate objects andmechanics to discover! From handrails, half-pipes, , funboxes, vertramps and stairsets to quarter pipes, ledges, spine transfers,pyramids, banked ramps, full pipes, pools, bowls and snake runs.
Hospital 1.0.0
In Hospital! you are in control of an emergency room!Thisdepartment gets a lot of patients and it is up you to decidewhichaction to take! What truly counts as an emergency? A brokenarm?What about a broken nail...? Save your patients with acutecare!FEATURES: • Intuitive one-touch controls • Decision-basedgameplay• Hilarious scenarios!
Gravity Run 1.0.0
Gravity Run is an amazing space game where you run throughspace!Avoid the gaps during your space walk to get to your spaceshipsafely. Use walls to rotate around in space. FEATURES: •Intuitiveone-touch controls • Physic-based gameplay • Amazing spacelevels!
Doggy Walk 1.0.0
In Doggy Walk you get to take care of your favorite puppy, takeitout for a walk and pet it! When walking your dog look outfortreats or hazards! FEATURES: • Intuitive one-touch controls•Multiple puppy's • Awesome animations
Panzerdogs 1.19.1
Online PVP Tank Brawler