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Karaoke - 70s 80s 90s Music
Karaoke app to Sing with great detail 70s mixtapes, 80s oldies and90s hits!
Free Karaoke with pop music, rock, classical and latin songs
Funny Videos 2020 3.1.1
Funny Videos is the best and the biggest collection of fun andshort videos that you can enjoy on your android phone. In thishumor application for Android (4.0+) you can have the funniestvideos to share free viral videos for whatsapp. Do you want towatch funny videos to laugh? Are you looking for hilarious videosfrom youtube? Within this fun and short videos application you canenjoy the best videos compilation to laugh. You will find all kindof free funny videos for Whatsapp to share: spicy humor videos,funny babies pranks, laughs videos, karaoke fails, birthday videos,short jokes ... all of them are funny videos to share. Are youready to have in your mobile phone the best free funny videos? Doyou like some humor for whatsapp? Don't doubt this is your app,please share our viral videos in all the social networks (Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus among others). Find all kinds of free funnyvideos: - Spicy Humor. If you like spicy videos in this app youwill find sexy models falling to the ground. - Funny Babies. Youwill enjoy the funniest babies and children laughing. Birthdayfunny moments. The best Adorable babies and funny kids. - Funnyanimals. If you like the crazy animals videos about stupid cats,cute dogs or screaming goats, you will enjoy our app! - VintageVideos. You will find here the best 2018, 2019 and 2020 fun andshort Internet videos in these ages. - Tones of laughs with singersfailures and soccer fails. Enjoy the terror Humor of fear andfrights, we also include jokes for Halloween and scary costumes!!!- Fails and clumsy girls. Even sexy bikini girls get topless! manyother free hilarious videos and more spicy humor. - Viral Videos.The best funny viral videos 2021! The best hilarious videos toshare on WhatsApp! A huge collection, all for free! DISCLAIMER: Allthe videos included in the app are public and they are hosted onYouTube. Funny Videos for Whatsapp only allows video streaming andto share YouTube links. We don't allow to download any content.
Karaoke - Popular Songs 3.1.1
Do you like to sing? Nothing better than Karaoke - Popular Songs!It is a free app with which you can sing the most popular songs inkaraoke format! Live a karaoke party for all the ages with songsthat will let it go your imagination. Enjoy a free popular songskaraoke. You will try to get better and to show the voice to otherpeople! If you want to enjoy your time with friends or family,enjoy singing karaoke popular songs and let it go... is good tosing! improve the voice with this free karaoke about popular songs.You will not regret. Laughs are guaranteed!
Rock Music 3.1.1
With this free rock music app find your plan of fun with yourfamily and friends, you can organize your party only with yourmobile or tablet, listen and sing free rock music. There are a lotof rock songs from different musical styles with the best free rockmusic. You can find all kinds of free rock songs in theapplication. Note that this free rock music application is totallyfree and you can share it by Whatsapp and Facebook with yourfriends, you just have to download it from Google Play. Send toyour friends your favourite rock songs by whatsapp free! 70s 80s90s music and songs of all time. After download Free Rock Music donot forget to rate it with 5 stars, writing about what you like andwhat you miss on the app. Your opinion is important to improve ourwork. And enjoy the best genres: Rock, Rock n 'Roll, Hard Rock,Classic Rock, Blues, Grunge, Punk, R & B, Soul and Metal,Christian music and alternative music. - The application isconstantly updated. - Do not allow music downloading, offers anonline music service only to listen rock. You will be able to see -Official videoclips - Concert videos - Rock videos - The best rocksongs - Songs of all time, 70s 80s 90s music and current. -Alternative music, Christian music and ultimately a great fan ofrock music. To tell us what you like or want us to add free rocksongs, click on the menu and give us feedback. The best free rockmusic and audio of the highest quality! Access to the largestcollection of free music with rock and enjoy all this great varietyof rock songs.
Magic Tricks Tutorials
How to do magic tricks with the best magic DIY tutorialscompilation