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iMonster Classic - Hero Adventure 1.4.1
Game Description iMonster is a Roguelike-RPG adventure game. Youstart the game being a monster who was summoned to save the DevilKing who has been captured by evil humans in the Ruling Tower.During your exciting adventure, you will gradually realize theconspiracy of evil humans and realize the truth behind truth... Bea powerful monster hero by gene change, magic learning, forgingequipment, and saving the monster friends! The story is all aboutgrowth, collection, exploration, adventure, strategy, fighting, anddiscovery. Please survive in the darkest dungeon and enjoy theroguelike RPG. Background Story The Floating Island, a majesticfloating island created by humans, is now floating on the top ofthe ruling tower. It’s the vanguard of civilization on thecontinent with large consumption of energy. While the constructionof the Floating Island is in full swing, an economic war betweenhumans and monsters broke up beneath the island. It’s said that theDevil King was captured by the human in the Ruling Tower afternegotiation. To save the Devil King and fight against the ruthlesseconomy exploitation from the human. The monsters have gatheredtogether under the call of “The Association of Monster’s Right” tooccupy the ruling tower. However, the action failed and manymonsters lost their life or being captured. The surviving monstersfled into the forest and set up a temporary camp to recuperate. KeyFeatures • Play in the perspective of monsters • Classic Roguelikegame -- Random maps and struggle to survive • Customize your ownmonster & find fashion costume • Equipment System -- Collect,Inlay and Forge • Gene Tree Skill System – Unlimited skillscombination • Defeat Dangerous Bosses and find the truthCommunities Facebook Fans Page:https://www.facebook.com/iMonsterClassic Follow our Brand Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame Discord:https://discord.gg/wQwtHqW
Animal Spa - Lovely Relaxing Game 1.61
Game Description Welcome to Animal Spa. “Animal Spa” is an idlemanagement simulation casual game. “Animal Spa” is located in avalley with the best scenery and natural spas. Animals usually goto the spa when they want to get relax. The spa has already becomethe most popular spot among animals. The animal spa is ran by cutecats and you need to pay fish for the spa. Key Features • Easy andsimple gameplay that anyone can enjoy • Cute animals as yourguests, unlock hidden guests • Multiple choice of spas &landscape to build your unique spa hotel • Auto harvest and automerge system • Unlock new lobbies and doorplate to get more income• Idle & relaxing game ever, a game to cure you How to Play •Build new spas, merge spas to level up spas • Invite animals to thespas • Satisfy the different needs of animals • Collect the fishand build more spas Feedback & Communication Facebook FansPage: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalSpaHotSpring/ Follow our BrandFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame Discord:https://discord.gg/4zTugqp
Space Core: Galaxy Shooting 1.1.6
Game Description: Space Core: Galaxy Shooting is a specialspacearcade shooting game. Unlike other space shooting game withaspaceship, you are a Sacred Core born from the universe todiscovernew planet and seek more dimensional power to purify theuniversein Space Core: Galaxy Shooting. You need to defeat theevilgeometries in your journey. The simplest geometry createsthecosmic aesthetics of the game and tell us the basic compositionofthe universe. That’s what we try to express in the game. If youarea lover of barrage shooting, bullet curtain, and manicshooter,just try it. The evil geometries are coming, defeat themand savethe universe! Key Features: • Perfect shooting experience•Challenging battles & Boss fight • Various weapons toequip& upgrade • Stunning weapon & skill effects •Survivalmode: challenge your best records! • Discover unknown inthe space• Retro arcade game music • Offline Benefits: make theevolutioneasier! How to Play: • Slide to control your core anddodge enemy'sbullets. • Upgrade and evolve your weapons • Upgradeyour core andget skills • Accumulate rage and use critical skills!Community: Ifyou have any feedback, tells us via via the belowways: FacebookFans Page:https://www.facebook.com/SacredCoreShooting BrandFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame DiscordGroup:https://discord.gg/3FF5SEKYoutube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmKu9MLcCC0vt_FYUOaK2Mw
Stickman Fighting: Lost City
Game Description Stickman Planet, the once prosperous place, wasnowdeprived of all its vitality. As the resources on the planetarerunning out, people are escaping. The planet gradually fallsinto adesperate atmosphere. The whole society was on the brink offallingapart. Stickmen are fighting for the remaining resourcesandstrength is left to be the only thing... Game Modes • StageMode -Life is an adventure, you must fight till the last second!Clearstages! • Ranked Match- 2 vs 2 fight! Get scores and reachhigherranks! The Winner is King! • Scuffle Mode - 6 stickmen inthe arena!Only the winner can eat chicken! • Fierce Mode - ShortCD time andless skill consumption! More exciting! • Survival Mode- Extremechallenge mode! See who can survive longer! Game Features• Simplecontrol with joypad on screen • Space-like zero gravityfight! •Multiple game modes to choose! • Total 10 stickmencharacters withrespective career skills! • Collect wings to be thecooleststickman! • Stickman enforcement system! Be the supremestickmansurvivor on the planet! Download the game to start yourlegend!Feedback Facebook FansPage:https://www.facebook.com/Stickman-Fighting-Lost-City-108732824293635/Followour Brand Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame
iMonster-Roguelike RPG Legends,Dark Dungeon 1.2.13
iMonster is a Roguelike-RPG game. You start off being a monster,going through exciting adventures. Fighting against evil humans,learning magics, and saving monsters friends that's in prison cagedby humans It's all about collecting, exploring, adventures,strategy's, devloping, fighting and how to pass through stages.Those efforts are made for a better RPG game experience. Features:●Classic Roguelike game--Random maps generated, receive a wholebrand new experience everytime! ●Various Character Avatars--Createyour own special Monster, and be the special one! ●The EquipmentSystem--Collect Equipments, inlay gems, and be the strongest one!●Special Skill Tree System--Allowing to choose various of multiplespecial skills to become much stronger. ●DangerousBosses--Mysterious and powerful bosses are awaiting for challenges.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iMonsterClassic/
Learning Master - High School Girl Puzzle 1.1.0
Game Description Learning Master - High School Girl Puzzle is asimulator of being a hard-working high school girl. The schoolgirljust enters the senior high school and start the learning. Sheneeds to learn many lessons including the main subjects, sciencelessons, liberal art lessons, and skill lessons. Learning is noteasy. Your learning rank will be upgraded gradually as yourlearning points gradually grow after time. Be a learning master andpass all the exams! How to Play • Collect knowledge points andupgrade your learning level • Attend culture class for subjectsstudy • Unlock and take skill lessons • Pass exams to increase yourability Game Features • Study Simulator: Get knowledge and upgrade• Take Lessons: Culture lessons, skill lessons, and advancedlessons! • Talent Upgrade: Be an ultimate learner! • Costume: Getfashionable looks! • Scenes: Study in many scenes • Quiz: Funnyquiz time! • Bookstore: Read books to get knowledge • Classmates:Learn with your weird classmates Information Facebook Fans Page:https://www.facebook.com/Learning-Master-High-School-Girl-Puzzle-101240808438636Follow our Brand Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGameLoongcheer Game Discord: https://discord.gg/4zTugqp
Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD
Story of the Game The Kingdom of Foods, led by the King of theCake,was peaceful before until the day when the devils who foughtagainstthe heroes for a long time found the gateway to the Kingdomof Food.The devils found that the Foods in the Kingdom of Foodscan greatlyimprove their power and launched the invasion… GameFeatures • TheFoods are the Towers: Multiple characteristic towerswithspecialization; • Heroes are Your Ally To fight against thedevil,you need to get help from heroes; • Cast Magic Spell You cancastelemental magic the help the Kingdom of Foods • TowerResearchInstitution Upgrade your research to strengthen the towers• PortalGate Jump through time to save the Kingdom of Food withallefforts! Feedback Facebook FansPage:https://www.facebook.com/Burger-Legend-Idle-Hero-TD-111738710688688Followour Brand Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGameDiscord:https://discord.gg/4zTugqp
Business Monopoly - Idle Dice Board Game
About the Game Business Monopoly - Idle Dice Board Game isamonopoly game with animated cards. You can quickly startsamonopoly dice game and have fun. In the game, players will rolltwodices to move. When you move to an empty land, just buy it.It’sthe classic monopoly gameplay. When your opponents come toyourland, they need to pay you. Buy and upgrade more ofyourproperties. Bankrupt all your opponents. How to Play -Quicklystarts your dice game and enjoy it anytime. - Buy andupgrade yourproperties. - Use skills at the right time. - Bankruptall youropponents - Collect animated girl portrait cards - Buy theCity!
Idle Defense II: Garden War 1.6
About the Game Idle Defense II: Garden War is a casual andadventure game. Here you can create the plant towers with yourmysterious energy and defeat the monsters who want to take yourfoods away. Story The intern wizard has been busying to guard theforest. However and has no time to pay attention to the situationat home for a long time. What he didn't expect was that themonsters hiding in the dark were salivating over the tempting foodsin the garden. There was not much time left for him while themonsters are approaching the garden. This time he needs more demonsand towers to protect the backyard and forest at the same time...Game Features ◆ 10+ Types of towers with different functions. ◆Cute towers design, play the game in a good mood. ◆ Merge to maketowers more powerful and various evolution. ◆ Assistant battlesystem: Summon ancient demons to help you ◆ Upgrade technology& Magic Skills Information Facebook Fans Page:https://www.facebook.com/IdleDefense2 Follow our Brand Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame Discord:https://discord.gg/7EQEAdwkPa
Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes
About the Game Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes is a roguelikecardgame. The story begins from the dream and you will be thewarriorto challenge enemies in your fantasy dream. Story Is thedreampurely a dream? Is reality still the reality? I doubt it.Everytime I fall asleep in the so-called reality, I enter the worldofdreams and fight enemies as a hero. I thought it was my dream,butI found out that reality had been connected with the dream.GameFeatures - Turn-based rogue-like strategy deck game - More than6careers with the related skill system - 4 difficulties and 3gamemodes - More than 500 cards to use - Random relics andequipment -Unlock talent map to proceed with the game - Random mapandInteresting random event Information Facebook Fans Page: FollowourBrand Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame
Stickman Master II: Dark Earldom
Stickman Master II: Dark Earldom Introduction Stickman Master: DarkEarldom is a rogue-like stickman shooting & fighting game. Thestory of Stickman Master 2 - Dark Earldom starts from the end ofChapter 7 in Stickman Master: Archer Legends. After the defeat ofthe Black Dragon, Stickman Master stored his power into crystals.People who got the crystals can command the great power of StickmanMaster. However, hundreds of years later, the demons stole thecrystals and resurrect the Black Dragon… How to play • Slide thescreen to shoot your enemies. • Adjust your power and angle. •Slide to attack, tap to defense. • Long-press to charge power. KeyFeatures • Greatly improved graphic! • Easy control & addictivegameplay • Multiple skill choices & genre building • Defense& Charge mechanisms • Gear sets with unique gear effects •Talent upgrade system • New role: Summoner! Community: FacebookFans Page: https://www.facebook.com/StickmanMasterII LoongcheerGame Twitter: https://twitter.com/loongcheer Discord:https://discord.gg/KFXMTJGdWQ
Rush Knight: Legends of Hero
Introduction Rush Knight: Legends of Hero is the most easy-to-startroguelike action game. Sword Knight, the noblest title for thestrongest swordsman, is the dream for every swordsman. You startthe game as a newbie swordsman dreaming to be the sword knight. Youneed to defeat all the enemies ahead of you! How to play • Pushleft & right to move. • Attack automatically when moving. •Release ultra skill at the best moment. Key Features • Super easyand exciting control, just rush forward & backward! • Acquireand choose skills. The skills are stack-able! • Accumulate anger& release ultra skill at the best moment. • Collect equipmentpieces & upgrade equipment! • Upgrade and strengthen yourselfwith star-souls. • Raise and strengthen your pet as it’s your bestpartner.
Idle Defense: Dark Forest 1.1.28
「Story of the Game」 Because of a major mistake, the internwizardburned down half of the wizard school. Nobody can forgivethis hugeerror. He was banished from school and returned home.Misfortunesnever come single. The amethyst of ancestral seal wassmashed intopieces, and the monsters come swarming from seal stone.The wholeworld descended into chaos. His father left him alone withonly onecopy named “Turret Engineering. “Aren’t the papers for mytears? “,he thought. Although he burned the school by accident, heis soconfident of his spell. For protecting the muggles of village,forsaving his lovely home and for maintaining the peace of theworld,he stands up and starts to deploy the defense of dark forest.「GameFeatures」 ◆ 10+ Types of tower with different functions:Arrow,Magic, Stone, Poison and so on. ◆ Upgrade and evolve towers:levelup to gain great power. ◆ Use elemental skills to hit themonsters:Lightning, Frost Freeze, Breeze Wind and so on. ◆ Researchsystemto improve tower power: more than 10+ researches. ◆ Summonancientdemons to help you: now 16 demons and more in the future!◆Resurrection and get more resources: you will never be defeated!◆Well-designed task system: easy to get many resources.「Community」Follow Facebook Fans Page to get Game guides andCode:https://www.facebook.com/IdleDefense Loongcheer GameTwitter:https://twitter.com/loongcheer Discord:https://discord.gg/GkCBKpQ
Island Fantasy - Idle Tower Defense 1.0.6
Game Description The Dark Legion is now invading our land,thefantasy island. Build towers and merge towers for evolutiontodefense the island and the crystal! Island Fantasy - IdleTowerDefense is a td game with many new unique features. Combinethetowers to level up them and collect cards to evolve. Theidlegameplay allows you to collect rich resources when you’re AFK.GameFeatures • TOWER - Four basic towers, each branch can evolvetofour forms • MERGE - Easy to level up towers, click andmergetowers • CARDS - Collect cards and star-rise towers • IDLE-Offline benefit includes parts and tower cards • MAGIC - Youcanrelease powerful magic when the rage is full • RUNES -Collect& equip runes to greatly enhance the tower power • HALL-Upgrade City hall to get stronger turret power • NOBILITY–Nobility is not only your title but also the power FacebookFansPage:https://www.facebook.com/Island-Fantasy-Idle-Tower-Defense-224230152345342Followour Brand Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGameLoongcheer Game Twitter:https://twitter.com/loongcheer
Hero Summoner - AFK Idle Game 2.9.4
Back Ground Story Odin crossed through the misty forest to see theprophet Mimir, paying the price of his right eye for the chance toglimpse into the future by drinking from “The Fountain of Wisdom”.Upon seeing it, he learned that the days of the gods' domain overthe earth and heavens would soon come to an end. In order to find away of overcoming this damning fate that lay before him, Odin builtthe hall of heroes——Valhalla. He recruited countless souls of bravewarriors, providing them with food, drink and rigorous training.Fighting against those who posed a threat to him as he waited forRagnarok to befall the world…… Game Features • More than 100+Heroes, each hero has 2-4 skills • 6 Elements with restrictions toeach others • Latest talent system: let your heroes have moreskills • Idle mode, AFK mode: auto-battle and time-saving •Strategies gameplay: optimize your team and win! • Global arenabattle - duel with global players • Challenge various dungeons andget rewards • Guild system and real-time in-game chat CommunitiesFacebook Fans Page: https://www.facebook.com/HeroSummonerIdleGame/Loongcheer Game Twitter: https://twitter.com/loongcheer Discord:https://discord.gg/3rNsB4y
Wizard Legend: Fighting Master
About the Game Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a Roguelikeactiongame. Compare to other Roguelike action games, little wizardfightwith magic skills. There are more than 50 magic skills in thegameand 5 magic elements. The different combinations of magicskillswill create different battle styles. Besides, the mass amountofartifacts with various effects will make the battleunlimited.Story The favorite food of the little wizard is all kindsofdesserts. During the studies of magic, he found thattheconsumption of magic can be recovered by eatinghigh-sugardesserts. What’s more, the little wizard never worriesabout beingfat. However, the so-called Dessert Company emergedsuddenly andbegan the Non-Vital Activation Experiments, turning allthedesserts into offensive monsters. The little wizard was veryangryand decided to enter the Dessert Company to eliminate allthemutated desserts and found out the reason for the mutation.GameFeatures - Roguelike game with magic skills, start theadventure asa wizard. - More than 50 skills with 5 elements, createyour uniquecombination. - Find random skills on the floors and keepthe bestin your magic book. - Collect and wait for a great chancetorelease powerful magic runes. - More than 100 magic artifactswithdifferent functions. - Challenging boss fight and rank withglory.- Collect various magic cloak and magic book to defeatdifferentenemies. - Infinite challenge mode, Endless mode and DailyBosschallenge. Information Facebook FansPage:https://www.facebook.com/WizardLegendRoguelike Follow ourBrandFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame LoongcheerGameTwitter: https://twitter.com/loongcheerDiscord:https://discord.gg/ugja8ZFBYD TapTap:https://www.tap.io/app/205274
Stickman Master: Archer Legends 2.2.3
Introduction Stickman Master: Archer Legends is arogue-likestickman shooting & fighting game. The StickmanKingdom is nowsuffering from the pollution of evil power. Manystickmen have beenturned into the evil puppets. You are the princeof the stickmankingdom and you need to defeat the evil power andsave yourkingdom. Let's start the fight and defeat the evil powers!Shootall of your evil enemies and defeat the evil boss! How to play•Slide the screen to shoot your enemies. • Adjust your powerandangle. • Combine multiple skills. • Collect gear sets. •Upgradeyour talents. Key Features • Easy control & addictivegameplay• Random and stackable skills. • Many gear sets withdifferentstats. • Talent pool to increase initial power. • Battlepasssystem with many welfares. Be the strongest stickman!😝Community: •Facebook Fans Page:https://www.facebook.com/StickmanArcherMaster •Discord:https://discord.gg/4zTugqp • Loongcheer GameFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame • Loongcheer GameTwitter:https://twitter.com/loongcheer
Idle Defense: Dark Forest Classic 1.1.9
Idle Defense: Dark Forest Classic Version Story of the GameBecauseof a major mistake, the intern wizard burned down half ofthewizard school. Nobody can forgive this huge error. He wasbanishedfrom school and returned home. Misfortunes never comesingle. Theamethyst of ancestral seal was smashed into pieces, andthemonsters come swarming from seal stone. The whole worlddescendedinto chaos. His father left him alone with only one copynamed“Turret Engineering. “Aren’t the papers for my tears? “,hethought. Although he burned the school by accident, he issoconfident of his spell. For protecting the muggles of village,forsaving his lovely home and for maintaining the peace of theworld,he stands up and starts to deploy the defense of dark forest.GameFeatures ◆ 10+ Types of tower with different functions:Arrow,Magic, Stone, Poison and so on. ◆ Upgrade and evolve towers:levelup to gain great power. ◆ Use elemental skills to hit themonsters:Lightning, Frost Freeze, Breeze Wind and so on. ◆ Researchsystemto improve tower power: more than 10+ researches. ◆ Summondemonsto help you: now 16 demons and more in the future! ◆Resurrectionand get more resources: you will never be defeated! ◆Well-designedtask system: easy to get many resources. ClassicVersion Features◆Gets demons easier ◆New demon upgrade system◆Unlock turretswithout level limit ◆Offline battles: fight when youare offline◆Richer in-game welfare ◆Many other optimizationsCommunityFacebook Fans Page:https://www.facebook.com/IdleDefenseClassicLoongcheer Game Twitter:https://twitter.com/loongcheer LoongcheerGame Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LoongcheerGame
Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
About the Game Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes is a free CCG withthefeature of Roguelike. The game is transplanted from steam-Ellrland. Ellrland, the place Elon and his family live, isnamedafter Ellr, which represents all the children of humans andElf.Background "Daughter, where are you?" Elon screams. Aftersearchingfor a while, he realizes that his daughter must becaptured by thedemons based on the trace he found. It is said someancient magicalcreatures have appeared here in the forest recently."I must savemy daughter, and kill the demons! " To save Elon'sdaughter, hemust seize the day because the deeper the forest, themoredangerous it becomes. It's an emergency so no more hesitation!GameFeatures *Roguelike Adventure-Epic Features! *2Professions(Mageand Hunter), 170+ cards, build your own deck! *Petswith differentskills for you to bring with! *50+ Mysterious eventsawait for youto experience! *Excellent work of art! CommunityFacebook FansPage: https://www.facebook.com/EllrlandtalesDiscord:https://discord.gg/vnPjce2zfx
Gods Summoner: Free Idle RPG
About the Game An AFK and Idle RPG with characters base ontheglobal mythology systems. The paper-cut animation art style andthemodern interpretation of global gods. BackgroundAs usual, thegodsin charge of their respective jurisdictions enjoyed theirpeacefuland orderly life. The oriental gods are playing mahjong,while theWestern gods are chasing in the garden of Eden. Suddenly,thedivine realm trembles. Demons and monsters appeared in theworldagain. Some Humans became strong equal to gods. Everything isinshambles! Channels connecting the divine realms open, all thegodsshould unite together to fight against the evil forces. Youwill bethe master to call up heroes to reveal the unknown mystery.Ajourney of adventure awaits you... Game Features -Idle SystemBringidle heroes on your team, they will fight for youautomatically. Nomatter when and where, online or offline. -Summon,Collect andLevel up Over 80 heroes in five factions (Oriental,Greek, Nordic,Light, shadow). Summon heroes and upgrade them tobuild your ownstrongest team. -Rich Gameplays With Battlegroundsgalore andtrials, endless Maya tower... Explore the world with yourheroes toget more resources. -Strategy Battle Deploy yourlineupstrategically to overcome your enemies in battle. -WorldwideArenaand Cross-server Competition Line up your best heroes to dobattlein the ARENA. Watch them PK for glory! Climb the Leader boardforthe best rewards! Even challenge the players fromdifferentservers. -Goddess Blessing and Beasts Support Five holyGoddess andunique beasts with different attributes. Unlock Goddessand Datewith them to get blessings. Training Beasts to increaseattributesfor all your heroes. --Guild system Join the guild togrow fasterand play together with guild members to challenge theguild dungeonto receive luxurious rewards. Come and strive tobecome thestrongest camp in the world of gods.CommunityFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/godssummonerDiscord:https://discord.gg/x9xP8GPmun
Tiny Pixel Knight - Idle RPG Adventure Tales
About the Game Tiny Pixel Knight is an idle RPG adventure gamewiththe feature of pixel and Auto-Battle. You will be a knighttoexplore the pixel world to beat different monsters and to makethemonster index. Story For thousands of years, the pixel kingdomhasbeen harassed and invaded by monsters. As lands are occupiedbymonsters, the living zone of human beings is becoming smallerandsmaller. The tiny knight(You) think that the reason whyhumanscan’t defeat monsters is that they know nothing about themonsters!The adventure starts now and the goal for the tiny knightis toinvestigate all monsters and make an index. After finishingthegoal, maybe the lovely princess will... fall in love withyou?Eh... Game Features • Explore Pixel World - Idle gameandauto-fight - Unlock 10+ mysterious areas (Forest, relic,desert,island, dragon cave...) - Battle to unlock more hidden story•Cultivate Your Role - Train your heroes with a skill tree ofover200 skills - Rebirth to break the limit - Level up talents togrowpermanently • External Enhancement Systems - Forge and upgradeyourgears - Analyze scrolls to get scroll effects - Use the powerofthe spirits • Fulfill the Monster Index - Battle Hundredofmonsters to finish the index - Unlock the index to checktheirinteresting monster introduction • A Large Achievement System-Unlock achievements to gain resources - Complete alltheachievements! CommunityFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/Tiny-Pixel-Knight-105307311813380/Discord:https://discord.gg/7WhESc5yNz