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Avakin Poker - 3D Social Club 2.003.005
PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of safety for all of our users,Avakin requires you to be at least 18 years old to register andplayCard shark or new fish? Avakin Poker caters to poker players of allabilities, so pull up a chair and go all in on the excitement ofTexas Hold ‘em absolutely FREE. Join players from across the worldfor a high stakes games, play against friends or dive in for aquick game against strangers. Friend stuck behind a PC while you’reon a tablet? Don’t worry – Avakin Poker allows cross-device play onany device that supports Avakin Poker.Show off your personality at the poker table with a custom chair –Avakin Poker has chairs to intimidate, impress and distract.They’ll have a hard time noticing you’re bluffing if you’re sittingon a sheep…..Low on chips? Ask a friend to gift you more. You can always returnthe favour once you get back on that winning streak.• FREE TO PLAY: Free chips to get you started• PLAY TO WIN: Climb the leaderboards• EVOLVING: Frequent updates• ENGAGING: Fully realised 3D graphics• SOCIALISE: Hang out in the Social Room and chat to old friendsand new• CUSTOMISE: Use your fully customised avatar from the sisterapplication, Avakin• MULTI-PURPOSE: Manage all your activity from the AvakinDashboard• MULTI-LINGUAL: Supports English, French, German, Spanish andItalian
Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World
Meet people and chat with friends in the virtual world of AvakinLife
Avakin Starstyle 1.001.000
PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of safety for all of our users,Avakinrequires you to be at least 17 years old to register and playGetready to strut your stuff on the catwalk and turn your passionforfashion into prestige and rewards! Style your Avakin toperfectlyembody the competition theme then turn them loose againstotherAvakin fashionistas. When you've had your fill of dressingtoimpress, run your practised eye over the competitors andturnjudge, voting on who should win or lose. Competition themesmayrequire you to demonstrate your flair for a particular style(eg.Luxury Evening Wear), or convey a concept via the mediumofclothing (eg. Romance). Consider every aspect of yourAvakin'sappearance from hairstyle to animation if you want to comeout ontop. Win rewards by placing in the top three, or being aregularjudge. Try for a place on the Leaderboards, or just takepleasurein watching your Avakin blossom as a model by trackingyourstatistics. After a hard day's judging or modelling, youcancelebrate or commiserate in the Starstyle Afterparty Space,AvakinLife's dedicated Starstyle location. It's the ideal spot tomeet upwith like-minded friends or make new ones. • COMPETE: Enterfashioncompetitions • CREATE: Select your category, clothes,hairstyle andanimations • INTERACT: Judge competition entrants •IMPROVE: Trackwins and entries in your statistics • ACHIEVE: Topleaderboards formost wins, votes and best dressed • RECEIVE:Rewards for winnersand frequent voters • ENGAGING: Socialise withfriends in theStarstyle Afterparty Space • EVOLVING: Frequentupdates toanimations and competition categories • MULTI-PURPOSE:Manage allyour activity from the Avakin Dashboard • SINGLE ACCOUNT:OneAvakin account is all you need
Avakin - 3D Avatar Creator 2.003.005
PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of safety for all of our users,Avakinrequires you to be at least 17 years old to register andplayChoose an outfit in your wardrobe, communicate with friends,beatchallenges and change your look to suit your mood. REALLYchangeit! Avakin offers a wide range of customisation options foryouravatar’s body, face, hair and clothing. Make a replica ofyourself,or your total opposite – let your creativity run free!Avakin is aunique social avatar platform offering one accountshared acrossmultiple applications – move between dressing up andplaying gameswith ease. Make new friends – find like-minded soulsby reviewingpeople’s interests in their profiles. Completemilestone challengesand reap the rewards – explore all Avakin hasto offer and receiveFREE Gems to spend on more clothes, hairstylesand features foryour avatar. Got a question or a suggestion? Headto Avakin’sforums to talk to the developers and the community.Avakin is aworld shaped by its users. Be part of the evolution! •CONSTANTLYEVOLVING: Frequent updates • CONSTANTLY EXPANDING:Frequentadditions to clothing catalogue • SOCIAL: Send gifts andmessagesto friends • BEAUTIFUL: Fully realised 3D graphics •MULTI-PURPOSE:Manage all your activity from the Dashboard •MULTI-LINGUAL:Supports English, French, German, Spanish and Italian• FREE TOPLAY