Live Wallpaper HD Apps

Shark Aquarium HD 1.3
This is real high definition footage taken from inside of a realshark aquarium. These are not computer generated graphics like usedin anipet apps. Multiple blacktip sharks cruise around looking forfood.Even change the speed in the settings to slow them down or speedthem up!This application will let you have these aggressive sensationalcreatures swimming around the background of your Android phone.This is a live video background. It is NOT a slideshow ofpictures. Real video. Real aquarium. Real sharks! HD!To install, from the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, livewallpapers and then select Shark Aquarium HD.**Make sure to visit the settings while previewing the wallpaperto optimize for your device!**Has known issues with some Galaxy, Xperia, and Captivatedevices.Tested on an HTC Evo 3D.Enjoy!tags, great white, shark, week, black, tip, fish, whale, water,ocean, marine, wildlife, biology
Real Shark Aquarium LWP 1.1
*Known issues with Captivate and Xperiadevices*Real Shark Aquarium is a beautiful display of sea life. This isa pure oceanic masterpiece and certainly one of the bestmarine-life apps on the market.This tank has whale sharks, sting rays, fish, and other signs ofwildlife. It is an HD display of the 2nd biggest aquarium in theworld. This is real life and not a 3D OpenGL render of fish likeothers such as aniPet.This is a live wallpaper. To install, go to the Home screen,press Menu, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper.**Be sure to visit the settings to optimize for yourdevice***Known issues with Captivate and Xperia devices!*
Shrooms Live Wallpaper HD 1.3
This is one of the most trippy live videobackgrounds available on the market to date. The colors glow like arave, move and blend together and the magic mushrooms make you feellike you are on an lsd lucid acid experience! You'll be trippinout! A blast from the 70's in current ultra high definitionanimated graphics. This app is also perfect for any weed ormarijuana fan! Great for any festival.Adjust the speed to match the music!This is a live wallpaper and requires Android 2.1 or later.To install: home, menu, wallpaper, live wallpapers, selectShrooms Live Wallpaper HD. Preview and click settings to optimizeit for your device!*Known issues with some Xperia, Galaxy, and Captivatedevices!*
Real Sharks HD Live Wallpaper 1.3
This live wallpaper is by far the best realshark HD footage made into a live video background for your Androidphone. These sharks are not in aquariums, they are live and in thewild blue ocean.Some of the sharks are shown feeding, others are cruising thereef or at the top of the water in the sun light.We do not use OpenGL, we use real HD footage. If you are lookingfor a more cheesy computer generated background please trysomething else!No sharks or wildlife were hurt in the creating of this app.*This app does not work on all devices.*Known issues with:CaptivateXperiaGalaxyThis is a live wallpaper and not a game.To install it, from the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, livewallpaper, and select Real Sharks HD.**Be sure to change the settings to optimize for yourdevice!**Please report problems and devices to [email protected]: black tip, great white, sea snake, coral reef, nurse,tiger, bull
Real Basketball HD 1
 -Real Basketball HD-Does NOT work onCaptivateXperiaSome Galaxy devicesExperience basketball in high-definition on the background ofyour Android device.Control the speed in the settings!tags- national, league, nba, champion, playoff, hoop, basket,swish, foul, tournament, ncaa, college, pro, professional, eastern,conference, championship, fan, club, women, wnbaProfessional team names associated with this great sport:Atlanta HawksBoston CelticsCharlotte BobcatsChicago BullsCleveland CavaliersDallas MavericksDenver NuggetsDetroit PistonsGolden State WarriorsHouston RocketsIndiana PacersLA ClippersLA LakersMemphis GrizzliesMiami HeatMilwaukee BucksMinnesota TimberwolvesNew Jersey NetsNew Orleans HornetsNew York KnicksOklahoma City ThunderOrlando MagicPhiladelphia SixersPhoenix SunsPortland Trail BlazersSacramento KingsSan Antonio SpursToronto RaptorsUtah JazzWashington Wizards------------------------------This is a live wallpaper. This is not a game.Installation instructions:From the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper,select Real Basketball HD.Press preview and then settings to optimize for your device!Enjoy and check out our other apps!
Real Baseball HD 1
Does NOT work with:Xperia devicesCaptivate devicesSome Galaxy devicesThis was designed for every baseball fan out there. If you lovethis all-time american sport, dress up your Android device withthis live video background and show it off.tags- mlb, pitcher, catcher, homerun, derby, bat, batter,america, league, national, espn, yankees, red sox, boston,phillies, white, cubs, chicago*This is not a game.*List of Professional Baseball teams:Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimOakland AthleticsTexas RangersSeattle MarinersChicago White SoxCleveland IndiansKansas City RoyalsMinnesota TwinsDetroit TigersBoston Red SoxNY YankeesToronto Blue JaysBaltimore OriolesTampa Bay RaysChicago CubsSt. Louis CardinalsMilwaukee BrewersPittsburgh PiratesHouston AstrosCincinnati RedsSan Diego PadresArizona DiamondbacksLos Angeles DodgersSan Francisco GiantsColorado RockiesAtlanta BravesWashington NationalsNew York MetsPhiladelphia PhilliesFlorida Marlins
Getaway Live Wallpaper 1
Does NOT work onCaptivate devicesXperia devicesSome Galaxy devicesSome tabletsThis very blissful relaxing vacation atmosphere allows you tofeel like your getting away even when you are not.The graphics are in high-definition (HD) and you get to controlthe speed of the animation as well as the screensize.This is a live wallpaper, not a game.To install:From the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper, andselect Get Away. **Be sure to visit the settings**Control the speed of the clouds and planes in the settings!Enjoy!tags- aviation, trip, sky, sun, palm, tree, sunset, sunrise,aerospace, video, background, moving, best, new, vacay, plane,airline, flight, island, life, clouds, travel, ocean, getaway,relax, resort
Hollywood Film Live Wallpaper 1
This is a great live wallpaper for theentertainment industry. Anyone involved in the production orfilming of any movies, shorts, comedies, or the like can appreciatethis design.Also, if you just enjoy watching movies or tmz or even skim thepages of US Weekly then this might fit your satisfaction needs anddesires as well!Does NOT work on:CaptivateXperiaSome Galaxy devicesThis is a live wallpaper.To Install:From the home screen press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper,select Hollywood Film.Visit the settings to control the speed of the film and reels aswell as adjusting the screen resolution to your device.Enjoy!tags- movies, film, animation, industry, entertainment, student,graphics, kodak, nikon, canon, hd, high, def, video, background,celebrity
Electric Blue Live Wallpaper 1
 This does NOT work on:CaptivateXperiaSome Galaxy devicesEnjoy this smooth seamless loop of electricity flowing from sideto side on your Android device.This is a live wallpaper.To install:From the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper,select Blue Electric.**Visit the SETTINGS to change the speed of the electric as wellas screen resolution settings!**tags-blue, electric, hd, high, def, energy, abstract, cool,soothing, relax, custom, video, background
Abstract HD Live Wallpaper 1
Does NOT work with:Xperia devicesCaptivate devicesSome Galaxy devicesVery high def. You control the speed. This abstract wallpaperwill accent your Android to stand out from the rest. Don't be likeeveryone else, abstract yourself.This is a live wallpaper.To install:From the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper,then select Abstract HD.**Check out the settings to optimize for your device!**tags- art, artist, beauty, beautiful, moving, video, background,cube, 3d, 4d, red, white, lwp
Sunshower HD 1.1
We are very proud to release this livebackground to the market. The sun is incredible and the rain wethought was a brilliant addition. The speed of the rain can becontrolled in the settings!This is a live wallpaper background and requires Android 2.1 orlater.To install...From the Home screen, press Menu, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper,Sunshower HD.*Known issues with Captivate and Xperia devices!Works on most devices including new phones like the HTC Evo 3Dand tablets.We hope you enjoy!Check out our other apps like Real Aquarium, Real Fire, RealRain and many more!tags- sun, shower, rain, real, high-def, best, lwp, thunder,storm, lightning, meteorology, hurricane, tropical, shine,sunshine, rainbow, drizzle, aquarium
Wintery Day HD Live Wallpaper 1
A beautiful serene snow scene with realfalling snow. This video background plays smooth, lets you controlthe speed of the snow, and is very realistic and in ultrahigh-definition.Issues reported for the following devices:CaptivateXperiaSome Galaxy devices.To install this live wallpaper:From the home screen, press Menu, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper,select Wintery Day.**Be sure to adjust the settings to optimize for yourdevice!**tags- snowfall, winter, season, blizzard, cold, north,christmas, holidays
Weed HD Live Wallpaper 1.3
Weed HD is a video background inspired by therasta lifestyle and way of life. This marijuana leaf is simulatedto appear it is blowing due to the smoke pumes. If you enjoy budand you are constantly checking the time to see when 4:20 (420) isthen this app is for you. It's time to put some chronic on yourphone not just for aesthetics but to also show that you think thisplant should be legalized!*Known issues with some Galaxy, Xperia, and Captivatedevices*To install:Home, Menu, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper, Weed HD Live Wallpaper.**Visit the settings to optimize for your device**Toke it up!
Aquarium Life HD LWP 1.1
This beautiful coral reef scenedisplaysbrilliant oceanic fish in their natural habitat. Thequality is HDin these seas of wonder and look amazing in this livewallpaper foryour Android device.This is not an OpenGL render of fish like seen inotherapplications.This is a live wallpaper and requires Android 2.1 or later.To install, go to the Home screen, press Menu, Wallpaper,Livewallpaper, then select Aquarium Life HD.**Change the Settings to optimize for your device***Known issues with Captivate, Galaxy, and Xperia devices!*
Joseph Kony 2012 1.0
This is just one other tool to help raisetheawareness of the murderer and child abducter Joseph Kony totheglobal community. The invisible children need your help. Youcanread much more by visiting their website.This is a free app and we will not be taking any donationsontheir behalf. To donate, visit their*Beware of other Kony apps on the market that are paid appsandcontribute 0% of the money to this cause.*This is a live wallpaper.To install it, from the home screen press menu, wallpaper,livewallpaper. Select Joseph Kony 2012.*Adjust the settings to optimize for your device.*This was tested using an HTC Evo 3d. It may not becompatiblewith all Android devices.Known devices with problems:Some Xperia, Galaxy, Captivate devices have been having issues.Share and Stop Kony 2012!